My Natural Makeup Look with Beautycounter makeup (+ a video tutorial)

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This makeup tutorial shows how to get a natural, polished work without spending a ton of time! I use almost all Beautycounter makeup in this review and shared what products I use, love and the one I don’t. 

For years, I tried dozens of different brands and products (spending hundreds of dollars in the process), but never had a makeup routine I liked. So, then I spent more money trying yet another product. All I wanted was to look natural and put together without being overdone. And it had to be easy.

All of those boxes are finally checked and it’s so nice to not waste money trying tons of different brands, hoping to find something I like. Now I just reorder when I run out of product since I seriously love everything I use now, and it’s almost all from Beautycounter because it works AND it’s clean beauty. (Well, except their mascara and eyeliner. I don’t like theirs so I have another brand I swear by for that!)

When I was pregnant, I very much appreciated that all of the makeup I use has been tested for safety. Did you know that many leading brands in the beauty industry contain harmful chemicals and scary levels of lead?? I also used all Beautycounter skincare products for my skincare routine while pregnant because of the company’s commitment to safety. They’re even a certified B Corp, a hard distinction to earn. I still use all of it now that I’m not pregnant too!

So, back to my makeup routine! Just how easy is it? It takes under 10 minutes and probably closer to 5 if you’re not talking in a video like I did. There’s a short video below with my natural makeup tutorial, showing the exact products I use. If my makeup routine took longer than 10 minutes I’d never have time to do it –– so simple and quick is really important to me.

Beautycounter makeup review

Beautycounter Makeup Review

My natural makeup tutorial using Beautycounter makeup

I first got hooked on Beautycounter makeup after trying their Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I’d never heard of the brand. But after learning more about it and how it’s different from other beauty brands, I started trying more of their products. I quickly got hooked on nearly everything and joined as a Beautycounter consultant.

Since I first started using Beautycounter makeup, they’ve added a lot more options they didn’t have much four years ago! Now they have powder blushes, highlighters, lipstick, liquid liner and brow gels. So, if you want to go beyond the basics, they definitely have options for it! (I’m a bit of a lipstick junkie now… you can see all the options they have and my favorite shades here.)

beautycounter makeup review

I honestly didn’t know much about makeup before diving into Beautycounter. I grew up with five brothers and my mom didn’t wear much makeup, so it wasn’t until my early 30s that I really started to learn some of the basics. So, if you feel clueless about makeup, you aren’t alone. I hope these tutorials help you feel more confident in applying makeup to highlight your natural beauty.

My top three tips for a natural makeup look are:
  • Start with a very small amount of product and only add more if needed
  • Have a solid skincare routine (if your skin is breaking out or not properly hydrated, your makeup won’t go on easily – here’s my routine). Make sure you MOISTURIZE. If you have super dry skin or you’re in the stage of life where you’re using anti-aging products, this night cream is the best EVER.
  • I use a detox mask every other week to help brighten my skin, remove impurities and tighten pores. Again, good skin helps make for an easy makeup look! I love this charcoal mask.
A note about skincare routines:

Clean skin that’s well taken care of makes ALL the difference in your makeup look. It’s important to learn your skin type. For example, is your skin aging? You probably need to use high performance anti-aging products! The right night cream will help reduce the appearance of those fine lines, and your makeup will look 10x better.

I have a free mini-course on skincare where I help you find your skincare type and get the right skincare regimen for you. Join here!

beautycounter makeup review

My everyday makeup used is listed below!

Some things have changed since I filmed those videos, so the makeup below is updated with the most current routine I use!

Here’s a before:

clean skincare products

Step 1

Dew Skin tinted moisturizer. I wear shade 2 in the winter, 3 in the summer. (Read my review here) as a prep step! Sometimes I skip this since I now use this daily face sunscreen.

Skin Twin Foundation. I wear shade 340.

    • This shade chart is handy for choosing the right foundation for your skin tone.
    • The video shows the previous version of their foundation, Tint Skin. Skin Twin is their newest version and SO GOOD. The bottle is pictured below. (Read my review here.)
    • And a quick note on brushes. I use both a foundation brush and a blender for applying foundation. For the blender, make sure it’s damp before using. For tinted moisturizer, I prefer to use my fingers. And for all my makeup brushes, I clean them once a month – here’s how.

With either a foundation brush or blender, apply just a small amount of product run the brush or blender over it (you can also apply right to the blender if you prefer) and lightly apply. With the brush, I use circular motions. Then with the blender, I tap it onto skin. If you find the foundation brush leaves lines (not uncommon), just use your fingers or the blender to press it and buff it in. You can apply another layer to build more cover if you like. I go for a lighter look in the summer months.

clean makeup brands | Beautycounter makeup review Beautycounter makeup review

natural makeup tutorial how to do natural makeup | Beautycounter makeup review

Step 2

Next, apply your concealer. I’ve switched to the new concealer  (shown in these photos but not in the videos) and I’m OBSESSED. My review here. Apply it to any dark spots, scars and breakouts that need a little more coverage. Then, use your ring finger — your weakest finger — to tap to blend. Don’t drag your finger or it won’t properly conceal. And that’s too rough on that gentle eye area.

Beautycounter makeup review Beautycounter makeup review Beautycounter makeup tutorial natural makeup how-to

Step 3

Next I do eyeshadow. The pallet I’m using here is unavailable, so I’d recommend this one for similar shades. Tarte isn’t as clean as Beautycounter makeup, but I personally feel comfortable with it.

Pick three shades – light, medium, slightly darker. Apply the medium all over your lid, and again, tap the brush to apply. Next, apply the darker color in your crease, focusing on the outer edge to help open eyes. Finally, apply the light color on your inner eye and brow bone. Using a clean brush, blend it all well!

summer makeup tutorial | Beautycounter makeup review natural summer makeup tutorial | Beautycounter makeup review

Step 4

Now I curl my eyelashes. I use this eyelash curler! 

curling eyelashes

Step 5

Recently I’ve been using this eyeliner in Empire and love it with my green eyes. That goes on next. Always apply liner after curling so your curler doesn’t take it off!

Empire eyeliner review

Pull your eyelid taut when applying liner to get a straight line. I focus on the outer edge and never line the entire lid!

best eyeliner brand natural makeup look

Then, blend for a softer look. The liner I use has a built in blender, which I love, but you can also use your ring finger.

how to do a natural makeup look

Step 6

Next is my blush. I use the Color Pinch cream blush in shade caramel – it’s a bronze color which is perfect for summer. For more of a pink pop, use their hibiscus shade. Here’s my tutorial for the cream blush.

Color Pinch cream blush in shade caramel Color Pinch cream blush Color Pinch cream blush review

Smile and tap the color along your cheekbones that pop when you smile! Makes for a perfect template!

how to apply cream blush how to apply cream blush | Beautycounter makeup review

Then, use your fingers to tap it in to blend.

 Beautycounter makeup review | applying cream blush
natural makeup video

Then sometimes I’ll go over it with a powder blush for an extra pop. I use shade Nectar.

natural makeup tutorial video

I use a big fluffy brush to blend

And I use a big fluffy brush to blend blend blend.

I use a big fluffy brush to blend blusherBeautycounter makeup review

Step 7

Next I apply Tarte Lash Primer before I add mascara. This makes my lashes much thicker and appear much longer.

Tarte Lash Primer Tarte Lash Primer review

Step 8

While I let the primer set, I fill in my brows. I first fill in any sparse spots with the Color Define Brow Pencil and then go over it with the Brow Gel (I use Dark in both). Filling in my brows is a MUST MUST MUST!!!! Notice how my makeup and eyes start to pop once that’s done.

Color Define Brow Pencil Color Define Brow Pencil review

using Color Define Brow Pencil

Step 9

Next is my favorite mascara. I LOVE this Thrive Mascara since it is completely smudge-roof but not waterproof (which is hard to get off, so I don’t like those). Wiggle it back and forth as you sweep upwards. That helps get all the tiny lashes for a thicker lash look.

Thrive Mascara review using Thrive Mascara review using Thrive Mascara review

Step 10

And then I finish with lipstick! I’m wearing Petal below. If you want a lip balm without any color, I LOVE Beautycounter’s lip conditioner.

Beautycounter lip conditioner Beautycounter lip conditioner review finished makeup look

All done! Here’s the finished look:

finished natural makeup look

Fresh and natural for summer!

Beautycounter makeup review

Here’s another look with bolder colors!

beautycounter makeup review

My Brushes & Sponges

If you don’t clean your brushes regularly, make that a new habit! There is a disgusting amount of bacteria on your brushes and sponges, and a lot of times, this can cause breakouts. Think about it: we clean our skin, put great serums and moisturizers on it, and then take a dirty brush (full of old crusty makeup) and put it right on top. Yeah, pretty nasty. I started using this charcoal bar to wash my brushes and it’s made a huge difference. See how I clean my makeup brushes in 5 minutes here.


  • If you’re looking to overhaul your makeup, the this set is a good starting point for a discount. The only downside is that I don’t like the Beautycounter mascara and instead use Thrive Mascara.
  • Knowing what’s in your beauty products and personal care products (even body wash) matters. Not only for people with sensitive skin, but everyone. Beautycounter has a very long list of ingredients they never use. Find that list here!
  • See more Beautycounter reviews here.

Make sure to check out this post on Beautycounter promo codes and how to save money on your orders.

Happy makeup-ing! 🙂

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      Also groin sprain :(. Any experience with those? Running Friday and it happened. The worst.

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