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My Favorite Sandals from Amazon

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Sandals have always been something that I’ve struggled to spend a lot of money on, even though I live in them as soon as the weather warms up. Thankfully, since the selection of Amazon fashion has grown so much in recent years, it’s much easier to find affordable sandals that are still cute and comfortable.

I’ve included a handful of Amazon sandals that I own and love (and can wholeheartedly recommend), and then a few that I found online while writing this post. I haven’t ordered them myself, but I’m sharing them based on their reviews and ratings. As always, I try to recommend only the very best, but if I haven’t ordered it myself, I can’t necessarily promise that it’s perfect. That’s just how sourcing fashion items goes sometimes. Thankfully, Amazon returns are easy peasy. If you order any, leave a comment and share what you think – it helps others too!

Okay, here we go!

My Favorite Summer Sandals from Amazon

Dolce Vita Braided Indy Flat Sandal

This pair of brown braided sandals is my #1 pick for an everyday summer sandal for this year. I ordered them a month or so ago, and I’ve probably worn them 25 times since! They aren’t made by an Amazon brand, but I’m happy to order my Dolce Vita from Amazon since I can use Prime Shipping! The pair I have is the Caramel Stella color, and I got them in my true size 6.5. These come in SO many colors, and the price is just lovely. They’re simple and go with everything, but more elevated than a plain leather strap.

I will note that the footbed get slicks if they get wet (i.e. your toddler sprays you with the hose) or if your feet sweat, so just keep that in mind. It doesn’t bother me enough to not wear them!

Braided Low Block Heeled Sandal

I actually ordered this green pair of sandals just to compare them to the Dolce Vita pair above, and I ended up keeping both because I loved them so much! This (even more) affordable pair of braided sandals has slightly thinner braids, a tiny little block heel, and they’re a little more cushioned. I likely wouldn’t have kept this pair if I had gotten the same color as the pair above since I like the higher quality feel of the Dolce Vita pair, but the green just sold me. I wear them SO often! They’re cute with dresses too.

I got my true size 6.5 in these!

Transparent Two Strap Acrylic Heels

I had been seeing the clear heel style going around on social media and loved the concept. But I wasn’t ready to invest in a super expensive pair since this feels like a trend that won’t stick forever. I decided to get an affordable pair from Amazon, and I just LOVE these. I had no idea how often I’d actually wear them, but they go with everything since they’re clear, and I find them super flattering! These fit true to size and are comfortable right out of the box.

Freedom Moses Two Band Slides

I ended up getting these hot pink slides during the ShopBop sale a few weeks ago, but Amazon has them too (did you know that ShopBop is owned by Amazon, so you get prime shipping there too? Here’s a post I wrote about ShopBop, if it’s new to you). I LOVE these things. The reviews weren’t very good because people complained that they’re WAY brighter in person than they looked online, but I think the color is super fun. These will be my pool slides for the summer and they’ll also be cute with my favorite denim shorts and the best white tee ever. (Here are Amazon swimsuits if you need some to go with your pool slides!)

Sam Edelman Bay Slide Sandal

The Bay Slides by Sam Edelman were my most worn sandals last year. They’re such a high quality, classic pair of sandals and they don’t have the slick footbed problem like the Dolce Vita ones above. I also found that they were super easy to dress up and down. They’re pricier than the other sandals I’ve included in this post so far, but the quality is 10/10 (the upper is real leather). They still look brand new. I get my true size in this style!

The Drop Ida Bow Flat Sandal Slippers

I don’t own this pair of Amazon slides, but I’m planning to order them. I LOVE the simple knotted top and the Doe Tan colorway they have. I’ve had really great experiences with The Drop, which is one of Amazon’s in-house brands. Everything I’ve ordered from them has been true to size, so I plan to order a 6.5 in this pair of sandals too.

Square Open Toe Slide Sandals

This is another pair of slides I’m eyeing! I love the square shape of the toe box, the braided upper, and the price. They have great reviews, but a few of them mention that the slides are somewhat narrow (and I have a slightly wider foot), so we’ll have to see.

Platform Espadrille Wedges

Summer screams espadrilles to me! I was really excited to find this pair of wedges since they look identical to the (much more expensive) Castaner pair that I see around! I actually don’t own a pair of espadrille wedges, but my content manager wears hers all the time and raves about the comfort. If you’re looking for a comfortable sandal to wear with dresses this summer, this is the pair for you. The natural materials make these feel casual even though they’re heels!

Slip On Clear Straps Espadrille Wedge Heel Sandals

This pair of Amazon heels is a perfect combo of the clear heels I linked above, and espadrille wedges. SO chic! I’d likely get more wear out of this pair than the lace up espadrilles above, if we’re being honest. This pair of heels would look perfect with any dresses this summer, and the reviews make it sound like they’re super comfortable!

The Drop Samantha Flat Strappy Lace-Up Sandal

Okay, I have to be totally honest about this pair of sandals. I ordered them a month or so ago, didn’t love them, and returned. But then I saw someone else wearing them and she absolutely loves them, so I’ve decided to make another go at them! My first impression was that they were a little bit cheap (and I’m just meh about fake leather in general), but I’ve grown to appreciate a pair of cheaper sandals as the years have gone by since I end up wanting a different pair the next year anyway. If you’re looking for a trendy, lace up sandal option for this year, try these and let me know what you think. SO many people love them, I just don’t know if they’re my favorites.

I do have these lace-up sandals with a small heel and absolutely LOVE them, but they’re obviously not as budget friendly. But they’re stunning and comfortable – see them on me here. They’re from Revolve, which is known for higher-priced items. (More about Revolve here.)

Avery Square Toe Two Strap High Heeled Sandal

I have this pair of two strap heels sitting in my cart right now and have every intention of buying them. I used to have a pair of cork heels and they were such a good neutral for summer. A block heel like this is a closet staple, and the cork colorway is perfect for almost every occasion. They’re just slightly more casual than a leather pair, which is perfect if you’re looking for some heels for dinners out, but don’t want to feel TOO dressy. These would be perfect for church or the office.

Pim Knit Platform Sandal with Memory Foam

I added these sandals to my cart because they look SO comfortable (my friend owns them and says they truly are). One of the shopping requests I got when I shared on my Instagram account that I was drafting this post was for casual platform sandals, and I think these hit the mark just perfectly. Not only are the simple and casual, but the platform is a fun way to feel pulled together and on-trend. These would look great with jean shorts and casual dresses.

That’s all I’ve got for today, but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled and continue to add to this post as I find more styles. Happy shopping!

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