Why I Skipped the Mistletoe Half Marathon

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I’ve run the Mistletoe Half Marathon four times in the six years I’ve lived in Winston-Salem. It’s a great race (well organized!) through some beautiful neighborhoods, and I especially love that I live close enough to jog to the start line. I registered a month or so ago…without realizing that I would be doing a lot of traveling the week of the race. I had 6 flights in one week, flying to Utah and then flying to San Francisco for few busy days of work and then back to North Carolina. My body didn’t really know what time it was until I came back to NC – and then it hated the time.

I was exhausted when I got home late Wednesday night and didn’t really start to feel human until Friday morning. My IT band has been bothering me a bit too (I need yoga! It’s one of my keys to preventing running injuries), and a grumpy IT band always makes me uneasy about racing and messing it up further since I know myself well enough to know I won’t stop. And then I got invited to a holiday party on Friday night that I really wanted to go to and I wanted to have fun and not worry about getting home early to go to bed. So, I made the decision to not run. I picked up my packet just in case I woke up and felt like getting out the door, but wasn’t planning on it.

I had a blast at the party. And it was so fun to dress up! The women at Bevello in Thruway were SO great and helped me find a dress I absolutely loved. The pictures don’t really show it, but the front had a sheer v-neck and the back was sheer too. It was super comfortable (I’m all about stretchy fabrics) so I could easily dance, and I like that it had subtle details that made it something more than just a little black dress. If they add the dress to their online store, I’ll share the link! I’d definitely recommend it as a closet staple.

IMG 9843

(Sorry for the weird look on my face! I just snapped a quick picture to send to my mom and then never took another one. I was definitely excited! haha.)

I woke up around 7:30 the next day and had plenty of time to make it to the race, but I just wasn’t feeling it after a late night and tons of dancing and a few drinks (which I pre-planned per my holiday party survival guide). So I skipped the race. And I don’t regret my decision one bit. Life is too short to take racing too seriously all the time. Unless your Kara or Meb. Then you should take it too seriously. 😉

In the morning, instead of racing, I did some stuff around the house (I always feel like a million to-do’s pile up when I’m out of town) and finally made it out for a run later in the morning. It was chilly and drizzly, but I still had a great run. I pushed extra hard, probably motivated by the fact I skipped the race. I averaged an 6:48 pace; I still get so giddy when I see my pace in the 6’s. I say this all the time, but seriously, I NEVER thought I could run that fast. (Here’s my post on how I increased my speed. I’ve been working on my speed consistently for almost 4 years; I used to run 9-10 minute miles, maaaaybe in the 8s on a good day.)

IMG 9858

I took Maizey for a short jog afterwards to cool down and get her some exercise. It was more of a run/stop and sniff.IMG 9862

She was a BIT dramatic afterwards. Sheesh Maizey.SAM_1308

This was the first time I’ve ever registered for a race that I skipped that wasn’t due to a really frustrating injury. And I’m seriously so happy with the choice I made. I don’t regret paying for the registration and not running; it’s a sunk cost regardless. And the fact that the race registration benefits the fight against childhood obesity makes me feel even more okay with it. I definitely can take running too seriously and be too hard on myself, so I’m happy to see that maybe I’m getting a little wiser and a little kinder to myself — and maybe a little more fun too. 😉

Have you ever skipped a race after registering? Why? Did you regret it?

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    13 responses to “Why I Skipped the Mistletoe Half Marathon”

    1. You made a good decision! It’s better to not risk making an injury worse – plus the organization received your race registration $ so it’s helping a great cause either way:)

    2. After never taking econ (for shame!) I just finally learned about sunk(en?) costs, and I love that you just brought that up!!

      It’s so easy to force yourself to do something because it’s paid for – I love that you shared this post because you are such an up an at’em type, and I’m always inspired by how much you’re doing, so it’s nice to remember that we all can choose to “not do” sometimes….

    3. I had pre-registered for a race over the summer but was unable to run it because of issues I was having with my shoulder and collarbone and my doctor said I shouldn’t run for a while 🙁 But I don’t regret not running it! The race benefits children with special needs in the Indy area so I felt good that at least the money was going towards something important 🙂

      • Yeah, it’s so much easier to give up a race registration when the money goes to a good cause! So sorry to hear about your shoulder and collarbone – I hope it’s all healed up now!

    4. I have signed up for a ton of races in the last year and not run thanks to the never ending injury I just call it a donation and let it go

    5. well i just love it. haha. i’m pro skipping a race if a)your body isn’t up to it 100% and b)you have party plans. hahah. love the dress! definitely checking out your indulging link bc lord knows i’m having trouble during the holidays. happy sunday!

    6. Good call! (Also, this is encouraging to me, as a new runner who gets super excited about mile times in the “8’s.”)

    7. We signed up for the Ugly Sweater Race the Sat. after Thxgiving last yr, & the temps were in the single digits that day, not to mention the route wound around the river, which would make it even windier & colder. I had no desire to be miserable cold & my bf has a hard time w/ his breathing when he runs in the cold so we skipped it & never looked back! Like you, I was happy to contribute to a good cause whether we ran or not. I was amazed at the great turnout they had regardless of the temp, but I didn’t regret our decision one bit!

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