Tips to stay active as the seasons change (and the temperatures drop!)

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For having grown up in Utah, I have an irrational hatred of cold weather. I love fall and I love spring and I like summer, but I can’t even say that I like winter. But despite my aversion to cold-weather, I try to take the changing season in stride as the temperatures drop. I use it as a time to listen to my body. To press the reset button. And, to give my body a little rest too. As the seasons change, here are a few ways I stay active:

1. Switch to “maintenance mode.”

I typically build up my mileage a lot between spring and fall, but having maintenance periods is just as important as having amp up periods. And cold weather makes it a perfect time to switch to maintenance mode. A little less intensity (fewer miles, less speed in your workouts helps prevent mental burnout, prevent injuries and also allows time to focus on other workouts that often get de-prioritized when you’re training for a half marathon or full marathon.

2. Don’t let “maintenance mode” turn to “hibernation mode.”

When it’s cold and dreary outside and warm and toasty inside, it is super easy to talk yourself out of a workout. I have three tricks that help me avoid hibernation mode.

  • Sign up for AM classes. I won’t have time to cancel like I do with evening classes once I’ve talked myself out of it!
  • Go right from work to the gym. Don’t go home in between! If you do, I promise the couch and blanket and puppy dog eyes will talk you out of going back out.
  • Make plans with a friend. Whether it’s going for a run together or taking a class together, having a buddy is one of the best ways to stay accountable and stick to your workouts!

3. Sign up for a race!

There are many holiday themed races this time of year. I almost always do the Mistletoe Half Marathon in Winston-Salem, and a few years I’ve done night races that run through tons of holiday lights.

Mistletoe half marathon 21

I’ve even done a race that started at 11:30 PM on New Year’s Eve and you had to finish before midnight to earn your plaque! It was 10* and I couldn’t even smile for the picture because my face was so frozen. But it’s one of my favorite race memories. ha!

Beat the New Year

Be sure to check out my post with tips for running in cold weather (including how to dress for specific temperatures!) if you live in a chilly place.

I’m so glad Target® C9 asked to partner on this post with this specific topic because I can tell I’m going to need a game plan to stick to my workouts given the cold weather we’ve already had this year! Even though I know what helps, putting it in writing helps me practice what I preach!

How do you stay active when the season change?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9 all opinions are my own.

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    7 responses to “Tips to stay active as the seasons change (and the temperatures drop!)”

    1. Since I live in Florida, I actually look forward to the winter because it means I won’t be running in the scorching heat. While I was in college (at Wake), I HATED running in the winter because my hands would feel like they were falling off, so I would go to the gym. There were a row of ellipticals that looked out at the track, so I just planned my workouts around when the boys track team was practicing and I had no problem staying motivated haha!

    2. Fellow cold-hater here! Living in NH we get ridiculous cold and snow and there aren’t any sidewalks near my house so my winter workouts move indoors. The treadmill gets old so I get music, apps, and podcasts that I only allow myself to use at the gym.

    3. These are some great tips! This winter I’ve been trying to do the 2.5km walk to work more often. I’m a pretty fast walker and I don’t get too cold, even when it’s been -35C (-31F). I had to stash some face wipes and mascara at work though haha.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.