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Vibrant Body Bra Review

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If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I care about the products I put in and on my body. About 95% of my beauty and skincare is clean (I’ll make an exception if something is worth it), and I’d say my diet is 80% clean and healthy foods with 20% for fun and/or convenient foods. I really care about the health and wellness of myself and my family. But I also care about sustainable habits that I can stick to, hence the 80-20 approach with food ;).

One of the areas I’ve just started learning about is textiles: think fabrics, dyes, things you can touch, etc. About a year ago I swapped our mattress out for a clean brand after learning about how harmful some of the traditional chemicals are in regular mattresses (and you literally spend 50% of your life on those things, sooo…). And most recently, I’ve been learning about clothing. Specifically, bras and underwear, since they’re the first layer of clothing on your body. AND on some of your most porous areas of skin.

While it’s obviously not practical or sustainable to swap every item in my closet out for a clean brand, I can definitely swap out items like my bras and underwear. That’s how I discovered Vibrant Body Company, which I found last year even before all stories in the news about PFAS in undies and PFAS in workout clothes.

If you’re not familiar with Vibrant, which is probably most of you considering what a small company they are, I’m going to share more about them, their products, and my review of their EveryWear Bra. Let’s jump in!

Vibrant Body Bra Review

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Vibrant Body Bra Review

Before I dive headfirst into a review of Vibrant Body Company’s products, It’s important that we understand why clean materials matter for your first layer of clothing.

The reason that the materials matter in these textiles is because of off-gassing. Off-gassing is the release of a gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen, or absorbed in some material – and all that these materials need to begin off-gassing is heat and moisture. Just think about the parts of your body that your bra and underwear cover…there’s plenty of heat and moisture in those areas.

If your clothes, and specifically your first layer of clothes, contain toxic chemicals, then you’re essentially just sitting in those chemicals all day, without even noticing. I didn’t realize that so many of the chemicals I was fighting so hard to keep out of my skincare and beauty were also in my clothes. When I learned about Vibrant Body Company and tried on a few of their products, it was a complete no brainer to make the switch.

About Vibrant Body Company

Vibrant Body Company is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and the CEO is Ali Schwebel, who I happen to work with through Beautycounter! She’s such a lovely person and really cares about making amazingly comfortably and cleaner bras.

Vibrant Body Company creates insanely comfortable “first layers”– underwear, bras, and tanks– that are free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be unsafe for human health, but that can be commonly found in clothing. They spent seven years developing the technology for their bras so that they could be 100% wireless, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear all day. They’re Certified Clean which means they’re free from all pesticides, chlorine bleach, flame retardants, formaldehyde, heavy metals and carcinogenic and allergy-inducing dyes.

I’m all about a company that makes clean products. But in order for me to actually get on board they need to be effective AND comfortable. Vibrant Body Company hit it out of the park. They created 80 prototypes of their bra to get it perfect. And it’s SO good that it actually has its own Utility Patent. Let’s get into the details.

No Underwire

The most interesting part of the Vibrant Body EveryWear Bra is that it has no underwire. There are so many things (other than the discomfort) that make underwire a no-no: it restricts your lymphatic system, doesn’t allow for toxins to flow. Additionally, after breast reconstruction, women typically can’t wear underwire bras. So this is a good option for many,

I LOVE the concept of nothing digging into the sides of my breasts near my armpit. But I always thought the wire was necessary because it would create the shape I was looking for. What Vibrant Body did was perfect the shape of the cups for their bra so that you don’t need underwire at all. You still get the lift and separation you love without the discomfort. There’s a thick seam at the bottom that almost looks like underwire, but there’s no wire at all.

Vibrant Body Company Bra

Cup shape

The way that Vibrant Body Company designed their bra cups is BRILLIANT. The cup is actually checkmark-shaped. And it extends all the way underneath your armpit to collect and pull your breasts in. Most traditional bras have U-shaped cups and the underwire stops right near your armpit, giving you what we all know as “side-boob”. What I didn’t realize is that your “side-boob” is actually just your regular breast tissue. But regular bras push whatever doesn’t fit in the underwire, out. There’s no adjusting needed with The Vibrant Body EveryWear Bra.

The cup itself helps with the lift and support of the bra. And on the side of the bra there’s flexible side boning to move the breast tissue forward.

True sizing

Here’s another surprising thing I learned, but now makes 100% sense to me. You know when your girlfriend tells you their bra size is a DD but you can tell just by looking that there’s no way? They are likely wearing a DD in order to get their side boob to fit into the bra cup, but not actually filling up the cup in its entirely. That’s part of why 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

I’m typically a 32C but since they are a small company, they don’t yet have 32 band sizes. So, I ordered a 34C but then had to exchange it for a 32B since the EveryWear Bra already pulls the sides of your breast tissue into the cup and factors that into their sizing. (Other bras you have to size up because they don’t account for the side breast tissue.)

So, you may wear a smaller size than you thought from this brand because of that. If the bra doesn’t feel PERFECT when you get it, I’d exchange it or request a request a bra fitting (more on that below) since it’s probably just the wrong size.

Virtual Bra Fitting

Before you get weirded out, you do not get naked for this!! The (free) virtual bra fitting with Master Bra Designer Heidi Lehmann is one of the most unique and helpful part of the Vibrant Body Company. You can schedule a virtual call with Heidi, and she’ll walk you through how to measure correctly while also taking into account your body size and shape over the camera. There are a few nuances that she explained that were incredibly helpful for finding my correct size.

I was SO pleasantly surprised by how helpful this call was and my size was perfect when it arrived. (Fun fact: Heidi and I had an instant connection because she used to live in Winston-Salem, NC where Hanes Brand is located where she worked for years! She told me she LOVES getting to work with a smaller company like Vibrant now and truly getting to make the best bras for women.)


Since it’s 100% wire-free, it’s an incredibly comfortable bra.

The straps are wider than normal and padded so there’s no digging in.

The back strap is super padded too.

All of the issues you have with a normal bra have been considered with this bra. The fabric almost feels like a silk blend, but it’s nylon, spandex, PU Foam, blue foam, and cotton.

See how it looks on me below:

honest bra review
Vibrant Body fitting
bra fitting

Vibrant Body Products

There is just one bra option available from Vibrant Body Company but I’m really hoping they come out with a strapless and/or sports bra soon. They also have a few other great products too, and every product is made with their Certified Clean First Layer ™ fabric which is seriously so soft. All of their products are free of pesticides, chlorine bleach, flame retardants, formaldehyde, heavy metals, carcinogenic dyes and other harmful substances.

The EveryWear Bra

Your traditional, full coverage everyday bra. Looks great under a t-shirt. I’m wearing it here.

The Shelfie Tank Top

The Shelfie Tank can be worn alone and has a hidden bralette for subtle support. It’s fitted, but not too tight. This is soooooo soft and perfect for layering.

The Spaghetti Top

The Spaghetti tank is a basic camisole with no bra built in.

The Tank Top 

This is the most basic tank. There’s no bra built-in, but the straps are thick enough to hide bra straps.

The Boy Short

The Boy Short is cheeky, buttery soft,  and never digs in or rides up.

The Hikini Short

The Hikini has a more traditional bikini cut with the same feel as the Boy Short.

The Thong

I’m am a thong snob and have tried multiple high-end thongs (and amazon and target ones). THIS IS THE BEST THONG EVER, THE END. I won’t show you a picture of this. 😉

My Honest Review

I truly cannot say enough positive about my EveryWear Vibrant Body Bra. It’s the most comfortable bra I own, it’s flattering with all of my tops and dresses, it’s the right color nude that I don’t see it underneath white tops, and I feel good wearing it, knowing it’s not made with toxic chemicals.

While I’ve been a ThirdLove bra fan for years, and I still really like their bras, I find myself reaching for my Vibrant bra more often. It’s certainly not the cutest bra but for comfort and shape, it can’t be beat.

Use code TERILYN20 for 20% off your purchase! 

The EveryWear Bra Review
no underwire bra
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