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I am strangely passionate about my cookware and bakeware. Maybe that’s showing my age, but it’s the truth. I’ve loved cooking for decades, and over the last few years I’ve discovered a brand of cookware that puts my Le Creuset and All Clad to shame. I discovered Caraway Home a few years ago, and since trying their non-toxic cookware, I’ve become a loyal fan. In fact, I bought a full second set of Caraway for our vacation home in Boone, because I didn’t want to cook or bake without it when I’m there.

And before you laugh, I do get asked about my cookware fairly often, so it’s not just me who feels passionately ;).

Today I’m sharing a general review of my Caraway Home cookware, my favorite pots and pans, and then answering some frequently asked questions below. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful if you’re shopping for new cookware or if your a new Caraway owner!

Let’s jump in!

Caraway Pans Review

Caraway Pans Review

In general, I love Caraway Home cookware because it’s non-toxic AND non-stick and it’s just plain GORGEOUS. It’s priced fairly well too, for high quality cookware. I love that they come in sets which save you money or you can purchase pieces individually. And I love that they’re really easy to cook with (as opposed to stainless cookware that can be difficult for non-chefs).

Each pan/sheet is made with an aluminum core and ceramic coating on the inside and outside of the pan. They also have a nonstick, non-toxic coating that’s  free of teflon, PEFE, heavy metals, and PFOA. The pans have a stainless steel plate which makes them safe for electric, gas, and induction. Oh, and they take less than a minute to heat up!

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Let’s talk about each piece that I have (I’m including cookware AND bakeware here!).

Fry Pan

The frying pan is $95 and it’s perfect for eggs, sautéing veggies, flipping pancakes, heating tortillas, you name it. I will say, this pan sticks slightly more than I’d like (especially with eggs) but I’m able to clean it with a little elbow grease! I use olive oil or coconut oil when I cook, never nonstick spray since that will NOT come off easily.

Saute Pan

I LOVE this saute pan! It’s the perfect size for making bigger dinner dishes, like black bean tacos or bolognese. It’s $145 on it’s own, but does come with a lid. This is such a great size for dinner. I use this multiple times a week.

Sauce Pan

The sauce pan is great for making smaller batches of pasta, soup or anything you need to reheat. I use this at lunchtime quite often since I work from home.

Dutch Oven

I LOVE this dutch oven for making pasta or soups. I noticed right away away that water boils SO much faster in Caraway pots than my other pots, which are stainless steel. This post is $135 and comes with a lid. The Caraway website states that their pans heat up in under a minute and retains temperature more efficiently than most traditional cookware, which is probably why it boils faster.

Large Baking Sheet

The nonstick factor of this large baking sheet is shocking. It honestly blew me away the first time I used it! This size perfect for roasting a large batch of vegetables. The large is $55 and the dimensions are 18×13.

Medium Baking Sheet

This is nice for making smaller batches of things or reheating a few pieces of pizza. If you’re getting just one, I’d always for for the larger size. The medium size is 15×10 in size, and $45.

Circle Pan

Circle cakes pop out of here SO easily. I plan to buy their other baking items as mine need to replaced because I’ve been so impressed with these!

Caraway Magnetic Pan Rack

This pan rack is absolutely genius. It allows you to store your pans vertically so that you can pull them out as needed, versus stacking and storing them. I HATE having to pull everything out at once to get what I need and this rack makes it SO easy. How have I never had one until recently? These come with cookware sets and you cannot purchase them separately.

Caraway Pans Review

Okay, now let’s talk about the pans I don’t have yet. 

Mini Fry Pan

The new mini collection is perfect for someone living in a smaller space, like an apartment, or if you’re only cooking for 1-2 people. This mini fry pan is great for single serve eggs, or dinners for two. Since this is $85, I’d opt for the regular size if possible for $10 more.

Mini Sauce Pan

Same situation here. The mini sauce pan is great for SMALL recipes. Think rice for 2, homemade sauces, one can of soup, etc. It’s $105, so get the larger size if you can for $10 more.

Minis Duo

This set of the mini sauce pan and fry pan is a good gift for college students or newlyweds living in a small space, but other than that reason, I think I’d stick to the full sizes!

Bread Pan

My bread pans need to be replaced BADLY. They’re rusting and bread baking season is ahead!! This is $40 and I’m grabbing it the next time Caraway has a sale!

Rectangle Pan

This pan is great for casseroles, baking chicken, baked oatmeal, you name it! This is $55.

Square Pan

Great for the same reasons as above — but a little smaller. This is $40.

Muffin Pan

The Muffin Pan is on my list to purchase since I use my current one pretty often, actually. This is $50, so if you typically use muffin or cupcake liners, you may not want to invest in this pan since sticking isn’t an issue with the liners.

Cooling Rack

I specifically love that this doesn’t have “feet” to stand on, so it doesn’t take up space when storing it. It’s raised off the counter to help with cooling, but it’s not propped up like most cooling racks I’ve seen. It nests right inside the large baking sheet too for storage. This is $40.


You’re probably researching Caraway pans for all the reasons listed below!

  • They’re beautiful.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • They heat up and cook food quickly.


  • Require somewhat gentle care but I think all non-toxic, ceramic cookware does. You can’t use nonstick spray on them. They stick somewhat easily with certain foods.
  • The bottom of them gets stained easily but I’m never quite sure what causes it. Most of it comes off with a good scrub, but not all.

Caraway Pans pros and cons

Caraway Pans FAQ

How to clean caraway pans

Hand clean them with warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge or dishcloth. When I’ve had food that was hard to get off (or my husband or nanny accidentally used nonstick spray which is a nightmare in Caraway), a Scrub Daddy (or Scrub Mommy!) worked well without damaging the pan.

Are Caraway pans dishwasher safe?

Not really. The detergents and the abrasive cleaning of dishwashers breaks down the coating after time. If you hand wash, they will last much longer.

Can you put Caraway pans in the oven?

Yep, they are safe up to 550 degrees.

Are caraway magnetic pan racks sold separately?

Caraway makes pan racks so that you can store your cookware vertically, instead of stacking them in a cabinet or in a drawer. It also come with a hanging fabric rack for the lids that sticks to a cabinet door. However, racks are only included when you purchase a cookware set or bakeware set. You cannot buy them separately.

Do caraway pans work on induction cooktops?


How long do caraway pans last?

Likely 1-3 years, depending on how well they’re taken care of. All non-stick coating eventually wears off, but I’ve been pleased with mine for the last two years. Caraway does have a limited one-year warranty covering any major damage to the body, handles, lids, or anything else that functionally impairs the cookware, other than discoloration or damage through wear & tear.

How to care for caraway pans

It’s best not to use metal utensils on them since that can scratch the coating. Wooden, silicone, plastic, or nylon utensils are all great for Caraway products. I just got these cooking utensils and love them!

Bottom Line

I love them, despite the few cons. I have purchased two full sets of cookware and am gradually buying the bakeware (which I may love even more than the cookware). If you want pots and pans that are pretty enough to leave on the counter or just want an aesthetically pleasing set that is also non-toxic, I doubt you can find anything better!


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