Naturepedic Mattress Review + a video how to assemble it

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When Tommy and I got married, the first thing we purchased was a new mattress. There was no way we were going to share a queen-sized bed since we are both mattress-hog. But, given our schedules and time crunch, we didn’t have time to shop around and try mattresses out in person. So, I did some research and purchased a mattress in a box from Bear that was mailed to our front door.

For the first few months, we thought it was okay. I mean it smelled awful (this is called off-gassing), but it wasn’t too hard to unbox (once we got it upstairs, which was a nightmare since it was so heavy) and it was fine to sleep on. At first. Then, we absolutely hated it after a few months.

It very quickly started to sink and get way too soft. It was touted as a firm mattress, but it definitely was not. They advertised that it helped keep you cool at night, but I often woke up drenched in sweat. So sweaty, that I had to change my PJs in the middle of the night. Then the back and neck pain started, for both my husband and me.

When I got pregnant, the mattress was so awful that I often had to sleep on our guest bed, which was a little better. Then, after I had our son, it was impossible to nurse in bed since I just sank into the mattress and the pain in my back was unbearable. The night sweats became even worse in my postpartum phase and I had to change my PJs 2-3x a night.

In short, we were both desperate for a new mattress.

I researched a few online, but was wary of buying online again. I asked my friends what mattresses they had, but all of them sounded similar to the one we had before with memory foam. When a friend told me about Naturepedic, I felt like I’d found my perfect match and couldn’t wait to try it.

Fast forward to 2022: we’ve purchased THREE Naturepedic mattresses — one for our primary bedroom, our guest room and one for our vacation home. We have the EOS Classic Mattress in all three. (We did briefly try the pillow top but didn’t like it and ended up exchanging it since we prefer a very firm mattress. More on that below.)

If you already have your mattress and don’t know how to assemble it, watch the below video.

Naturepedic Mattress Review

Naturepedic Mattress Review

In short, we LOVE our mattress. I’ll share more details why in this post, but if you’re on the fence, do yourself a favor and order one.  You spend 6-8 hours of your life on a mattress every single day of your life. You should love it. AND, it shouldn’t be full of crap (most mattresses are made with nasty materials) since you spend so much time on it. More on all of that below!

Assembled Naturepedic Mattress

How long has Naturepedic been around?

Naturepedic started in 2003 and quickly became a leader in organic mattresses.

The founder, Barry Cik, founded Naturepedic after searching for a mattress for his grandson. Barry is an environmental engineer and his background led him to be very concerned about the harmful chemicals in conventional mattresses (and even some organic mattresses). So, when he couldn’t find a mattress for his grandson that he was comfortable with, he he set out to make one. Now, Naturepedic Mattresses leads the industry by making the best organic mattresses designed for kids as well as luxury organic mattresses for adults. You can read more about Barry’s mission here. It’s still a family-owned business known for the best certified organic mattresses and great customer service.

They never use materials like flame retardants, formaldehyde, or polyurethane foam and eliminate any chemicals that could negatively impact your health. There are tons of opinions about what chemicals are dangerous, the dosage of them, if they really matter, etc. so Naturepedic just eliminates them in the first place to avoid any potential harm.

As a first-time mom, I’m very grateful for the peace of mind that comes with a Naturepedic mattress. As an infant, Thomas spent a lot of time in our bed (we loved our mornings as a family!), so it’s important our mattress is safe for him as well. I wished I’d known about Naturepedic baby mattress when I purchased his crib mattress, but I do feel good about the Newton crib mattress we have.

Baby on Mattress

What is Naturepedic mattress made of?

Each of these hybrid mattresses use a combination of domestic and imported fabric and components to make their mattresses. Many of their workers are skilled Amish craftspeople who take immense pride in their work, paying special attention to every detail. So, when you buy a Naturepedic mattress, you are supporting U.S. jobs and industry. And, you know that your bed was made by people who care.

There are five materials in their mattresses:

  • Organic cotton fabric and fill
  • Organic wool batting
  • PLA layer — a high-performance fiber made from non-GMO sugarcane that adds resiliency and improved moisture wicking
  • Organic latex — latex is one of the most breathable and temperature neutral materials available
  • Glueless encased coils

When we assembled our mattress, we were able to see EXACTLY what’s inside our mattress and it’s exactly as portrayed on their website.

Naturepedic Mattress layers: Review
what's inside Naturepedic Mattress

Here’s the encasement.

how to assemble Naturepedic Mattress

This picture shows the coils, which are customizable to your firmness preference. You can even choose different firmness since they’re two separate pieces, so if you like a soft mattress and your spouse likes a firm one, no problem. The two separate coil sections also helps minimize motion transfer which means I don’t feel it when my husband moves in bed.

how to assemble Naturepedic Mattress
EOS Series mattress review

Next comes the latex comfort layer. The organic latex comfort layer is what keeps you cool through the night. It circulates heat and reduces hot spots that you might get from laying in one place on your current mattress. It also wicks any moisture!

For EOS Series mattresses (which is what we have), you can even exchange the comfort layer for a different firmness for free within 90 days of the original purchase date. They do recommend that you wait 30 days since it takes time to adjust to any new mattress and the new feel and support. I should also note that the edges of the mattress have edge support, which helps the bed not sink in when you’re rolling out of it! This is ESPECIALLY important for anyone who struggles to get in and out of bed. The plush-firmness option however may not feel quite as supported, or individuals that weigh over 230lbs.

is Naturepedic worth it

Then you zip it all up in the quilt.

Oh look, you just assembled your Naturepedic eos mattress! Seriously! It took us about 10 minutes. The hardest part is zipping it once you get it about 3/4 of the way zipped since it gets TIGHT.

Naturepedic Mattress Review

Our mattress arrived in 3 large boxes. They were heavy but not unmanageable. There were instructions on which box to open first. So once we started, it took no time. It was far more of a pain to move our other mattress (which was horrifically heavy) than it was to set this up.

online mattress order
how to setup Naturepedic Mattress
Assembling Naturepedic Mattress
Naturepedic pillow

Are Naturepedic mattresses safe?

YES. They are one of the safest mattresses you can buy. When I learned what is in conventional mattresses, I couldn’t believe I didn’t know and I can’t believe it’s allowed, especially when you think about how much time you spend on your mattress. I had a similar reaction when I learned what’s in most beauty and skincare products (horrified!) and I’ve since switched most of my skincare routine and makeup routine to safer options. I wish I’d made the switch to a safer mattress a long time ago. Now I know that a comfortable mattress is only half the picture. It needs to be a SAFE mattress too.

Naturepedic NEVER uses the below materials in any of their mattresses. Here’s a full list of mattress chemicals they recommend you look out for and avoid.

Flame retardants

Every Naturepedic mattress passes all government flammability requirements without ANY flame retardant chemicals or barriers. They eliminate all highly flammable synthetics like polyurethane foam. Most off-gassing odors come from synthetic foams like polyurethane foam.

Glues and Adhesives 

Most mattress have some form of glue, even the ones that call themselves “organic mattresses”. Naturepedic doesn’t use any glue at all. They have their own custom process to avoid adhesives or glues. There are concerns with glues and adhesives, since they can be made up of almost anything. It’s kind of like “Fragrance” in beauty products. You never really know what’s in there since it’s a regulatory loophole.

Polyurethane Foam

I mentioned this a little above, but Polyurethane foam, including memory foam, can be found in almost all conventional mattresses. It’s made up of mostly petroleum and other chemicals that are all highly flammable. Naturepedic does not use memory foam for this reason.

Naturepedic is also a certified as Greenguard Gold certified by UL environment and meets all of the standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard.

Oh, and if you don’t care about any of that (although I’m not sure why you wouldn’t), it’s just a dang comfortable mattress.

Naturepedic Mattress price

How much is a Naturepedic Mattress?

Naturepedic has three adult mattress collections, at different price points. They range from $2,000 to $10,000. The price depends on which one you get – sizing, materials, etc. All of the collections come in sizes from twin and twin XL, to king and even california king!

Chorus and Serenade

The Chorus and Serenade mattresses are their most basic mattresses, perfect for most sleepers. The queen collection starts at $1,999 for the Chorus mattress and the Serenade mattress starts at $2,499 for a queen. The Chorus mattress has a shorter profile and medium firmness comfort, versus the Serenade with a higher profile and medium or firm comfort.

Chorus and Serenade mattresses


EOS Organic Latex Mattress collection has 3 options: the Classic, Pillowtop, and Trilux. The classic starts at $2,999. While the Pillowtop and Trilux both start at $3,499.

The Classic and the Pillowtop both have encased coils. And the classic is the lower profile of the two. The EOS Trilux is the lowest profile and doesn’t have coils at all. We have the EOS Classic and purchased the EOS Pillowtop for our mountain house, but we ended up exchanging the pillowtop for the classic since we didn’t like the pillowtop as much as our classic. Both the classic and the pillow top also have zippers so that you can switch out layers and get the best durability out of your mattress.

OS Organic Latex Mattress collection


The most luxurious option of mattresses are the Halcyon collection. There are 3 mattresses in the collection: Azure, Arcadia, and Elysium.

The Azure has a 10″ profile, Arcadia has a 13″ and Elysium has “16.

Halcyon collection

Why is Naturepedic so expensive?

Naturepedic uses organic cotton, latex, and wool, and these materials cost more than non organic, which is not surprising. Organic cotton actually only makes up a little bit more than 1% of all cotton, so there’s little supply and high demand, making it more expensive.

Naturepedic also only uses third-party certified organic cotton, latex, or wool and they never blend it with non-organic. The mattresses are all certified organic and non-toxic. They’re also manufactured entirely in the United States, which I love.

Naturepedic Returns

On top of the high quality, they have a GREAT return policy, just in case you aren’t happy. They have a 30 day money-back-guarantee on all baby and kids products, and a 90 day money-back guarantee on adult mattresses. Note that these policies apply only to purchases made directly at naturepedic.com or by calling 1-800-917-3342 so I think it’s worth it to buy directly from them vs. a third-party retailer. (Companies like Pottery Barn carry their mattresses.) If you purchase from Naturepedic and use code TERI15 for 15% off, you’ll get free shipping and the return policy will still apply.

8/31/2021 UPDATE: We actually ended up not liking the Pillowtop mattress as much as the Classic EOS. The EOS is way better in general for stomach and back sleepers I think, because if the firmness! So, I called their customer service number and a REAL HUMAN picked up on the first ring and transferred me to the returns department. She helped me exchange the encasement, refunded me the difference and sent it out – I was only on the phone for 7 minutes. Valerie, the customer service rep, was incredibly kind, helpful and efficient. That experience further solidified that I’ll never buy a mattress from anyone else again. Naturepedic for life!!

Bottom line: Are Naturepedic mattresses worth it?

100%. I didn’t realize just how poorly I slept until we got our Naturepedic. I used to wake up multiple times a night. And I blamed it on being a poor sleeper, or needing to use the rest room, or getting hot, etc. But it all stopped when we got our new mattress. Now, I fall asleep quickly and the middle of the night wakings have stopped. When I wake up in the morning, I am still surprised that I slept through the whole night and I feel noticeably more well-rested.

My husband and I both had persistant back pain for a a couple years with our old mattress, which we blamed on getting older, needing to see a chiropractor, needing to stretch more, holding a baby so much, etc. And yes, there is truth to all of that perhaps, but we both can tell our backs don’t hurt as often since we got our Naturpedic mattress. The first time I laid on our new mattress, my body felt different. Things felt almost tingly, like our backs were able to actual rest without constantly working to try to support us in a crappy mattress. It was odd but awesome.

I no longer have to change my PJs at night. And even now, while I’m fertility medication — which makes me prone to night sweats — I stay cool all night. I don’t feel my husband toss and turn at night (he moves a lot in his sleep) anymore.

Another reason we love this mattress is that you can choose two different firmness options for each bed. We both wanted the Extra-Firm, but if you can choose from five options and get different ones for each side of the best. Plush (a 4 on the 10-point firmness scale), Medium (5), Cushion-Firm (6, and best for side sleepers), Firm (7), and Extra-Firm (8). The firm and extra-firm options are best for stomach sleepers because they offer more support.

All of their mattresses have a 20-year limited warranty too. For the first 10 years, Naturepedic will repair or replace necessary items free or charge. Then during year 11, Naturepedic offers repairs/replacement credits that are equal to 50% of the component price, which goes down by 5% for the following 9 years. Knowing that I have a good warranty makes a huge difference when I decide to make a large purchase.

In short, we love love love our Naturepedic mattress.

We even bought a second mattress two weeks after we got our first one, to go in our place in Boone, and then we bought a third mattress a couple years later to go in our guest room in our new house. I also purchased the 2-in-1 pillows when I bought our second mattress, but we ended up not liking them. It was hard to make the firmness exactly what you want and it made a mess in the meantime adding and removing the foam. We prefer our adjustable Marlow pillows, which you can read about in my evening routine blog post.

Naturepedic has a 30 day money-back-guarantee on all baby and kids products and a 90 day money-back guarantee on adult mattresses with 30 days on adult accessories.

I hope this post was helpful! If you have questions, let me know!

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    10 responses to “Naturepedic Mattress Review + a video how to assemble it”

    1. What was the combination of firmness for the coils and latex on the pillow top that you returned that was too soft? What is the combo on the classic that you are keeping?

    2. So the pillow top was too soft? I got it and I feel like it’s not soft enough! But I was debating going down to the Eos
      Classic and getting the wool water. We want soft and just to melt into the bed. What would you do if you had wanted super soft??

      • Ah, funny! Yes, I found it far too soft but I prefer a firm mattress. I’d suggest you call them and ask what they’d recommend! They have great customer service!

    3. We purchased the EOS Classic. I exchanged the comfort layer once so far. I started with the plush latex, but it was too stiff for a side sleeper. I was recommended to try the soft micro coil comfort layer. It’s softer than the latex , but I still find it very uncomfortable. I’m debating about upgrading to a pillow top, but I’m afraid to spend the extra money and still be unhappy. At this point, I have not slept well and regret my purchase. Do you have any suggestions?

    4. Thanks for the review! I’m looking into this mattress brand and see that they say their latex is GOLS or FSC certified latex. I am curious what you think about that? FSC is not an organic certification, so it seems that maybe not all of their latex is certified organic. Thoughts?

    5. Hi there! We are thinking about this mattress and wondering how it’s held up over time. We have a Purple brand mattress and after 3 years the special purple grid top layer has softened a lot and is no longer uncomfortable. So I am worried about how these non-traditional mattress companies quality holds up over time (as compared to big box like Tempurpedic, understanding it’s comparing apples to oranges since they don’t use organic materials).

      Thanks in advance!

    6. I purchased a classic king mattress on October 17, 2023. On December 8 asked for a layer swap for the top layer with the mini coils. Ever since then I have been calling them and emailing them on December 19, January 10, January 20, January 23, January 25 And January 29, and each time a person tells me that they have process my layer swap and I should be getting a confirmation soon. Now it is past the 90 days and I still cannot even get a live representative on the phone. The layer swap program is obviously a scam. Any suggestions on what I can do?

      • Strange! I did a layer swap and didn’t have that issue. I’d call them back and stay on the phone under the confirmation comes! 🙂

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