Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Littles

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If you’re new around here, I should preface this post by saying Valentine’s Day is my all-time favorite holiday. Even above Christmas. I’ve always loved it, even in my most single days. Growing up, I never believed in the Easter Bunny, Santa, the Tooth Fairy…they just seemed too unrealistic. But you know what I did believe in? The Valentine Man. And it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I learned not every household gets a visit from the Valentine Man, alas.

Now that I’m a mom, I’m really excited to start the Valentine Man tradition in our own family. You can read how the tradition works here, but in short, the Valentine Man (my mom) would leave a gift basket on our porch in the evening on Valentine’s Day. It was full of goodies, and I looked forward to it each year.

She’s continued the tradition even now that I’m an adult (the Valentine Man finds his way through the postal service to deliver goodies!), and it’s always something I always look forward to and hold dear.

All this to say, I’m working on my basket of gifts for Thomas this year, and I thought I’d share what I’ve found! I’m not sure how “big” I’ll go this year, but I won’t be skimping out. We’ve already started decorating, and Thomas and I have been matching in our new favorite PJs from LAKE (size UP if you order for yourself!).

If you’re also looking for a gift for your husband, check out this post.

LAKE PJ matching heart sets for Thomas and I. Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Littles #lakepartner #LTKGiftGuide #LTKSeasonal#LTKFind

LAKE PJ matching heart sets for Thomas and I. Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Littles. #lakepartner #LTKGiftGuide #LTKSeasonal#LTKFind

Valentine’s Day PJs for the fam! Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Littles #LTKSeasonal #LTKfamily #LTKGiftGuide

In this post, I’m sharing a round-up of cute Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. I hope it helps your shopping if you’re also working on some gifts for the littles this year.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Littles

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Littles

I’ll likely order this set of baskets to use as my little Valentine Man basket, and I’ll just add them to our beach bag after the fact.

Smoothie Maker Blender Set with Play Food

If you follow me on Instagram, you know Thomas can DOWN a smoothie. He loves them even more than I do (which is saying something). I don’t know whether this blender play set would be a hit or an insult to him. He’d probably prefer to play with the real thing, but I think we’ll try this set and see how he feels (in hopes to save my Vitamix, which he’s a little aggressvie with). It’s darling, and the perfect edition to a play kitchen, if your littles have one. I know this isn’t truly Valentine’s Day related, but the holiday gives me an excuse to snag a few cute toys for Thomas and store some others he’s not playing with.

Valentine’s Day Book

We love to read to Thomas before naps and at bedtime, so I’m getting him a handful of books with a “love” theme. This book is especially cute, and I’m also adding this, this and this one to my cart. A friend gave us this one last year and he loves it.

Mini Heart Waffle Maker Machine

While a waffle iron isn’t really “kid-friendly”, it’s a perfect gift to use together as a family. It’s under $10 and makes the smallest, cutest heart-shaped waffles. Thomas would LOVE this! It’s on Amazon and also found at Target.

My First Big Book of Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Thomas is currently into trains (“choo choos”) and dinosaurs and coloring (or as he says, “ka-yur”). I’m not sure he’ll sit still long enough to really enjoy this coloring book, but it’s worth a shot.

Personalized Ball Cap

Is this hat not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen? You can personalize the name on the back, and the first letter of the name will be what’s embroidered on the front. It’s on the pricer side (just under $50), but fits heads all the way up to 6.75, so your child will wear it for years to come. If you use your last name on the hat, it can also be shared!

I’m very torn because I also want to get him this hat.


While Thomas and I both love our LAKE PJs, they’re pricey. The quality is worth it 100%, but they’re still expensive for a growing child. This set of XO PJs is more affordable and just as cute!

Truck Valentine’s Day Shirt

Finally cute Valentine’s Days shirts for boys!!!! I know what Thomas will be wearing on February 14th ;). I also love this shirt.

Bubble Leaf Blower

If you know Thomas at all, you know he’ll LOVE this bubble leaf blower.

Black + Decker Tool Box

Thomas absolutely loved this tool set for Halloween and he STILL loves it. I’ve never rotated it out because he plays with it everyday! It’s under $10 and a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Organic Cotton Heart Sweater

We absolutely love Baby MORI for kid’s clothes. Their stuff is incredibly soft and the quality is superb. I love this little sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day. Since it’s not in a pink/red combo, I know we’ll get more use out of it after the holiday is over as well.

Wooden Heart Teether

Thomas is too old for this teether, but I wanted to include it anyway since many of my readers have littles who’d be able to use this! SO cute!

Let me know if there’s something I should add to the list! I’d also love to hear what Valentine’s Day traditions you have with your littles so I can get ideas too!

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    2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Littles”

    1. I love Valentine’s Day the most, too! We have a few traditions. One is that my mom was thrifty. I joke that I grew up thinking V day was the 15th because that’s when my mama bought the candy! When I lived in DC for grad school , my parents tried to take me out and every place was crowded but we ended up eating Lebanese. To this day, I eat Middle Eastern food. My best memory was eating take out by the firepit after running the Austin Half Marathon.

      When I lived in Winston I would take the day off to shop and then go volunteer at the Pancake Jamboree. Is that still a thing?

      • I love love love those traditions!!! Lebanese food is a GREAT tradition (as is buying candy the day after, HA!)

        Ah, I’d totally forgotten about the Pancake Jamboree. I haven’t heard about it in recent years so I’m thinking it’s no longer happening!

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