Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

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I’ve always LOVED Valentine’s Day. Growing up, we had the Valentine’s Man visit, which I learned as an adult was not something every family had. Ha! And the Valentine Man still finds me –¬†a package arrived from him (i.e. my mom) yesterday. ūüôā I kept meaning to do a post with Valentine’s Day gift ideas but time got away from me and I thought it may be too late. But then I got a couple comments in the last few days asking for ideas, so I thought I’d do a quick post with last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him! Check out my Christmas Gift Guide for ideas too.¬†Those will require rush shipping or in-person shopping, but you could always give a card saying that the¬†gift is coming. (I’ve done that more than I like to admit.)

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Sports Massage

This is something I know Tommy would never buy for himself, but would love. And I love giving gifts that people want but won’t¬†buy for themselves, especially something they¬†don’t necessarily “need.” It feels like more a treat that way. For you local WS people, I recommend¬†Ashley Holdren¬†for sports massage.


This has been quite the topic among our friend’s lately – pedicures for guys. And it turns out every guy that’s had one LOVES it, even if they were very hesitant and had to be dragged there the first time. And since your man¬†obviously won’t go alone, you’ll get a pedicure out of this too. ūüėČ If you’re local, try Elite Nails by Whole Foods. It’s rarely packed so your man won’t feel too self conscious.

TGT wallet 

This small wallet is one of Tommy’s very favorite gifts I’ve given him. It¬†definitely won’t arrive in time if you order at this point, especially if you monogram it. But I didn’t order¬†it on time when I gave it to him for his birthday last year, so I put things in a card that could go in his wallet and told him it was coming. I included a a picture of Maizey and a gift card for coffee. ūüôā¬†Here’s a post with more details on the TGT wallet. He LOVES that thing and all his friends ordered one too after¬†they saw his.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for him

An experience

Find an intro to beer brewing class or a knife-skills class at a local kitchen store. (Local WS folks – I think Foothills does a beer class and I know¬†Southern Home & Kitchen has a knife skills class.) Buy a round of golf at a course he’s never played. Get concert tickets for a band that’s visiting your area in the next few months. Plan a weekend getaway. If you’re local to NC, the Whitewater Center near Charlotte is really fun and worth a trip. Something you can do¬†together is always fun and memorable. And spending time together with the one you love is really the best gift of all. Cheesy but oh so true.


If you have other last-minute ideas, leave a comment and share! And if you need to give your man some ideas for you, send him this post or this post. ūüėČ

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    4 responses to “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for him”

    1. Growing up, my family also had the tradition of “Valentine Man”! (I though we were the only ones!)
      My father would ring the door bell and leave treats on our doorstep. I hadn’t thought about that in a very long time!
      Thanks for bringing up that bittersweet memory for me….as I lost my dad 11 years ago it is especially touching to remember fun things he used to do for us!

      • Oh that’s so fun your family did it too! Can I ask where you grew up? I grew up in Utah – not sure if it’s a regional thing?

        I’m glad I was able to bring up a sweet memory of your dad. I’m sorry for your loss…dads are so so special.

    2. Will you share what your mom sent in your Valentine package? I think thats’ such a cute idea and would love to do it for my adult stepdaughter.

      • It varies! Usually it’s great dark chocolate (something my mom and I both love), a decoration of some sort (this year it was a hand-carved wooden heart) and something fun and random (like a kitchen towel). This year she also sent me a My Little Pony that reminds me of my childhood! ūüôā – I’m posting a picture of my package today! I love that you’re going to start!

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