My Favorite Gift Ideas for Tommy’s Birthday

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When I was originally pulling together my gift guide for Valentine’s Day last month, I had to decide which blog post I wanted to refresh. Since I’ve had this blog for 13 years, there are THOUSANDS of blog posts in my archives. Rather than starting a brand new blog post with a brand new URL, I prefer to go back and find the prior year’s post and update that one. Not only does it feel more organized to me, it also helps with search engine optimization, which is WAY more information than you needed to know.

All of that to say, the very first iteration of this blog post was one that I planned to delete. It didn’t serve a real purpose because I already had gift guides for all of the traditional seasons. But then it occurred to me that I didn’t have a generic, non-holiday-specific gift guide. A guide that would actually be helpful to reference when someone needs ideas for a birthday present, a graduation gift, something small to give a friend who’s hosting you for a weekend or letting you use their vacation home. A trusty source for gifts, no matter the season or occasion.

So that’s what I’m sharing today! March is actually Tommy’s birthday month, so it works out perfectly. Here are my favorite go-to gift ideas for the guys in your life.

My Favorite Go-To Gifts for Guys

Vuori Meta Jogger

I’m actually ordering these joggers for Tommy’s birthday this month. He’s recently started to wear more athleisure (he is usually dressed in a golf polo – tucked in – no matter what he’s doing that day), and I personally love Vuori, so I bet he will too.

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

I’m getting the Sunday Performance Jogger for him too since the material is different. These are more loungy than the others, and I think he’ll really like them for wearing around the house on the weekeneds.

ON Cloudnova Sneakers

These Cloudnova Sneakers are so cool looking. I want to get Tommy sneakers and some tops to go with those pants so he has complete outfits to wear. I’m sort of in to the Moon/Ice colorway.

Duck Head Performance Poplin Sport Shirt

Tommy could not be more obsessed with Duck Head if he tried. I’m serious– his love for this brand runs deep. In the colder months, Tommy wears their Fremont Performance Quilted Vest every single day (so if you find this post in cooler weather, snag that!). But now that it’s warm, he wears the Polo Shirts almost daily. He has every single color! And if he’s not in the polo, he’s in their Sport Shirt.

Hypervolt Massage Gun

I’ve given a handful of the guys in my life a Hypervolt over the years, and it’s a hit every single time. There are a TON of brands and price points on the market now, so there is definitely something in every budget. A Hypervolt specifically isn’t necessarily the only way to go. Since that the brand I own, I always recommend it since I can speak to the quality, but I know there are a ton of other great options on the market. A massage gun in general is a perfect gift for a guy. Tech gifts are fun since you get to “play” with them!

LAKE Bamboo Relax Pants

I know very few guys who will buy themselves nice lounge pants or pajamas, but every guy I know loves them once they have a pair. My favorite brand for PJs (for myself!) is LAKE, and they have the perfect lounge pants for guys. I especially love that they aren’t classified as pajamas, since that may turn some guys off. This pair of Bamboo Lounge Pants is made of the smoothest, cooling bamboo material that has just a touch of spandex to make them stretchy and comfortable. They have pockets and fit a little bit like joggers. My content manager gave her very outdoorsy husband (who would have rolled his eyes at fancy pajamas) a pair for Christmas, and he is OBSESSED.

The fit is true to size, and the price tag is ideal–right in the $75 range.

Carhartt Seat Tool Organizer 

I got one of my five brothers this Carhartt over-the-seat tool organizer for Christmas two years go. It’s so handy, durable, and practical since he always has tools in his car. I love the canvas material of Carhartts! And who doesn’t love when their guy’s car is clean and organized? You could pair this with a membership to a car wash for a bigger gift. My husband washes and vacuums his car every single week with his membership. A car wash membership would be an awesome gift on it’s own too for a 16 year old who’s starting to drive!

I love a unique $50-range gift like this.

Narada Solid Fragrance

This is a unique gift that I gave to my brother in law last year. It’s a solid, rub-on cologne that has the best notes ever: bergamot, rosewood, and ginger with hints of black pepper and resin. I’m very partial to the packaging too. Easy to travel with too.

Ember Mug

If the guy you’re shopping for is a coffee drinker, I have the PERFECT gift. Other than a super fancy espresso machine (which, if you can go that route, stop reading right now and buy that instead!), the best gift I can think of is an Ember Coffee Mug. I truly can’t believe I went so long without one. I finally caved and ordered one when I learned that the charging puck only had to be used when the mug was out of battery (for some reason I thought the mug had to sit on the coaster to stay warm and that sounded like too much effort), I bought an Ember and I’ve never looked back. Most moms know that your coffee is rarely hot when you actually get to drink it, and this changes the game.

Accessory Box

I got this personalized accessory box for Tommy as an anniversary gift last year. He loves it! It sits on the top of his dresser in our closet and has become the landing place for his watch, cuff links, sunglasses, etc.

Needlepoint Sunglasses Strap

A needlepoint sunglasses strap makes a great gift under $50. I got Tommy the American Flag style strap, but they also have fun designs like a trout pattern (great for a fly fisherman), this golden retriever design, and so many others.

Solo Stove Fire Pit

A Solo Stove would be on the pricier end of gifts, but if you’re shopping for your husband, you can also consider this a gift for yourself. I’m adding it to this list because it’s on my personal list of gifts to buy Tommy. We want to have an outdoor set up in our yard where we can make s’mores with the kids and host our community group, etc.

An experience

There’s nothing better than an experience. Concert tickets, a guided fishing trip, a round of golf at a dream golf course, a couples massage, a weekend getaway, etc. The best memories are always made when you’re doing something with the person you love.

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    1. I got my husband a Yeti last year…but I saw your Stanley post earlier. Great for car! How do they compare in terms of keeping a bev cold? (also my husband wouldn’t wear a sunglasses strap but I of course will get *our dog* that golden retriever one!)

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