Build A Better Wardrobe: 5 Spring Must-Haves

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While I love looking nice and put together, I hate shopping and I hate owning too many clothes! It bothers me when my closet is full, and I still feel like I have nothing to wear. That’s when I know need to do some closet editing (selling, throwing away, or gifting things I never wear). I know so many of you can relate!

So, to help me (and hopefully help you!), I’ve put together a series of of blog posts with my wardrobe essentials, including this spring outfit must-haves post. I also have these other posts to help you with your wardrobe:

My hope is that these posts help you be intentional with your clothing purchases so you don’t end up with trendy pieces you wear just a few times (been there!) and also gives you the freedom to get rid of things you don’t love (my rule is “if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.”)

Okay, back to the spring wardrobe essentials! I find that in the spring and summer months, there are a few staples I wear almost daily. For example, I want the BEST pair of denim shorts possible each year, since it seems I wear them 5 out of 7 days a week, so it’s worth taking the time to find a pair or two I love, and investing if necessary.

Here’s hoping this post helps your spring wardrobe as well as mine. Let’s dive in.

Build A Better Wardrobe: 5 Spring Must-Haves

First, let’s talk denim shorts.

Denim shorts

If I’m not in running clothes or a sundress, I’m wearing denim shorts. They’re one of the most worn items in my closet during the spring months because they go.with.everything. Here’s the thing, as a mom who’s now in her late 30’s, modest AND flattering denim shorts are hard to come by. But lucky for you, I’ve done most of the work already ;).

When styling denim shorts, there are no rules. I pair them with t-shirts, blouses, tank tops, sandals, sneakers, sweatshirts, you name it. You can wear them with ANYTHING, just like regular jeans in the colder months.

I have a very favorite pair of denim shorts:

AGOLDE Parker Long Organic Cotton Denim Shorts

This pair of denim shorts is my favorite for a few reasons. They’re stiffer, more traditional feeling shorts that stretch over time, like your favorite pair of old jeans. I love that they’re a true denim, which gets better with time. They have almost zero stretch, but they loosen out throughout the day with wear, and if you don’t wash or dry them often, they become super comfortable and baggy (in a good way). If you plan to wash and dry them after every wear, you’ll want to go up one size.

These shorts have somewhat of have a cult following because the length is SO good for us mid-thirty year olds. I’ve had Agolde shorts in the past that were FAR too short for my comfort so I ended up selling them on Poshmark. But I was THRILLED to find this longer version last year!

These shorts meet all of the same requirements as the first pair except for one:

  • Not too short
  • Not too tight
  • High waisted
  • They DO have button-fly, but I don’t hate it on this pair since it doesn’t buckle or stick out like other button-fly shorts.

The main difference between these shorts and the Madewell denim shorts I’ve ordered over the years (the shorts I own from Madewell are now unavailable, so I’m not including them in this post!) is the lack of stretch, and a little more of a structured style. If you don’t dry them each time that you wash, they stretch significantly like real denim does, but they don’t have any spandex-y stretch feeling. They’re a pricer pair at $138, but like I said, I don’t mind spending on something I wear so often.

For sizing reference, I wear my normal size 25 in these.

I first ordered a size 26, and they did fit, but since I’ve worn AGOLDE before, I know how much they loosen with a few wears in between washes. Stick with your true size if you don’t plan to wash them each wear, or go up one size if you like to wash frequently.

Grab them from ShopBop for Prime shipping and returns, or get them from Revolve (free two day shipping), or Bloomingdales.

Denim shorts | 5 Spring Must-Haves
AGOLDE Denim shorts | 5 Spring Must-Haves
Casual spring or summer outfit!  #jeanshorts #denimshorts #LTKSeasonal#LTKstyletip


I have an entire post dedicated to spring/summer sandals. These are a staple for spring and summer since they’ll likely be the shoe you wear most often.

I like to have a few different options for different outfits. Grab a flat slide sandal that’s easy to throw on and a pair of heeled sandals for dates, dinners, church, or any other dressy occasion. From there, different colors and styles are fun to add to your wardrobe, but not essential.

See my favorite picks here.

Sandals 5 Spring Must-Haves
heeled sandals | 5 Spring Must-Haves

Day dresses

The key for a day dress is that it’s easy to wear during a NORMAL day. This means you should be able to wear it with casual sandals or even sneakers, and you need to feel comfortable. Ask yourself, “will I be comfortable in the grocery store, carpool line, doctors office, or playing in the yard?” if so, you’ve got a great dress. Of course nicer dresses have their place (and your day dress can EASILY be dressed up for a night, extra points if so) but make sure your day dresses are something you can wear without much thought.

I got two great dresses this spring that I can wear all day (I tried) and also dress up for evenings.

Amazon Striped Maxi Dress

This maxi is under $40 and SUCH a great find. It has pockets, if you can believe it. The smocked bodice makes the sizing super forgiving, and I’m wearing a size small.

Amazon Striped Maxi Dress

Tuckernuck Chambray Callahan Shirt Dress

This linen-y shirt dress is also a great summer option because of how lightweight is is. I will say, it’s very thin, so plan to wear a skirt slip of some kind with it. I love the polished look of the button front and collar, but the relaxed, oversized fit.

Tuckernuck Chambray Callahan Shirt Dress

Target Linen Mini Dress

This linen blend dress from Target is only $25 and SUCH a great spring and summer staple. It’s lightweight, flattering, and has pockets. 

Target Linen Mini Dress | 5 Spring Must-Haves

White sneakers

Another item I wear non-stop all spring is a pair of cute sneakers. I’m not talking about your running shoes. I mean a dedicated pair of sneakers that are cute enough to wear with the dresses above and that feel good on your feet at all times. If you get blisters from your sneakers, THROW THEM OUT! It doesn’t matter how cute they are!

I have two favorites when it comes to white sneakers. The first is a pair of leather Vejas. They’re super comfortable, durable, and cute with literally everything. I have three pair, actually. They run true to your European size.

white sneaker outfit
My Current Favorite Denim

The second pair of sneakers I love for spring is a new pair from Tory Burch. They’re less everyday, since they’re a little “nicer” and less durable than leather, but MAN are they cute. These are the Tory Burch Seaside Oxford Espadrille. They’re even cuter in person, and I plan to wear them as much as I possibly can with jeans, shorts, and dresses. The platform height makes them a little dressier than Vejas which is a nice option to have.

Tory Burch Seaside Oxford Espadrille
Tory Burch Seaside Oxford Espadrille

White jeans

My last spring staple is a pair of white jeans. I have both a cropped kick flare style and a straight leg style, and skinny pair. I find I like the straight leg style a little better.  and non-skinny pair, and I find I wear the non-skinny jeans more often. A few years ago, I ordered 15 pairs of white jeans to find the best ones-read all about that in this post.

I love that white jeans can be worn with dressy tops, but also with casual tees, sneakers, and even sweatshirts. A comfortable pair of white jeans will make a HUGE difference in your spring wardrobe, I promise!

white jeans outfit | 5 Spring Must-Haves

spring white jeans outfit
spring white fashion

Other staples

Of course there are more than the 5 staples above for a great spring closet, but I do think those 5 are a great place to start. My only other note for spring swaps is your purse or bag! If you carry a dark leather purse (I have a great black leather purse), I like to switch to a lighter color for spring. This is my favorite! When shopping for other spring and summer items, I always add what I find to my wishlist, which you’ll find at the bottom of this post. 

Let me know if there are other staples I should include in the comments!

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