Spring in the South Wardrobe Staple: a rain jacket

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Today’s wardrobe staple feature: a quality rain jacket. I have a gingham Boden raincoat and I shared some other affordable options in different colors and patterns.

Happy almost weekend folks! Spring obviously has not received the meeting invite that it’s supposed to be here. Did you see that Punxsutawney Phil was charged with deception? This is getting serious. We had snow on Monday and the forecast is showing snow for Saturday and Sunday. But, I thought I lived in the South with mild, short winters?! Alas.

I get a lot of requests for fashion content, so I’m going to try to do wardrobe staple posts on a regular basis, in addition to outfit round-ups. The way I shop is to buy things that can be used for multiple seasons. And while I don’t buy on-trend items very often, if I do, I spend less on those or buy accessories that are on-trend (like these earrings), since accessories tend to cheaper anyway. But you can bet I’ll invest in quality wardrobe staples that will last for years, like classic riding boots, a timeless winter coat, and gorgeous heels (I wore those to my wedding!). Speaking of our wedding, thank you for all your incredibly sweet comments on my recent post about our wedding details!!

Okay, back to today’s wardrobe staples! If there is anything specific that you want me to blog about or need help shopping for, please leave a comment and let me know!

Today’s wardrobe staple: a spring rain jacket!

I bought this Boden raincoat about a month ago when I saw it in their catalog. I’ve lived in the South almost 10 years, and after growing up in a desert, I’m still not fully indoctrinated on how to actually live in the South. Lots of rain. Crazy humidity. High winds. Heat waves. Snow the next day. All part of the territory.

While I still need my Utah winter gear, it turns out I also need lots of linen and rain gear. This rain jacket is step 1 to managing spring better this year. Rain boots will be step 2. (I’m eyeing these). How come no one told me how much easier it is to navigate errands with a proper rain jacket rather than toting an umbrella? These are adult skills.

My Boden Rain Jacket

While I own an anorak rain jacket similar to this one, I really like that this Boden rain jacket is a bit heavier and has a more structure. It’s warmer for sure, and it stands up to heavier rains much better. It comes in 4 colors, including a bird pattern that I allllmost got. I ordered a size 2 and it fits perfectly.

Jacket | Top | Jeans | Shoes


The toggles are especially cute.

If you need me, I’ll be under here until the snow is gone.

gingham-rain-jacketJacket | Top | Jeans

Here are some other adorable rain jackets!

I love all of these so I’m really trying to justify another one! 😉


Question: do you think is there a different between a “rain jacket” and a “rain coat”? I’m guessing a coat is warmer (duh), but I’m wondering too if it’s a regional thing or maybe a US/UK thing?? I think I use both terms.

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    6 responses to “Spring in the South Wardrobe Staple: a rain jacket”

    1. My rain coat was a game changer for me!! An absolute must-have here in Kansas City.

      We’re getting ready to go to Antigua. I’d love a swim suit post!

    2. You’re so cute in these pictures! I totally need a rain jacket and rain boots now that I live on the East Coast! Any recommendations for rain boots?

    3. Can you tell me when you bought this gingham one? I saw the same raincoat in Redbook magazine but the only one on the Boden website is solid yellow. I NEED this one!

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