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Last Week’s Workouts – my last week of marathon training before the taper begins!

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Last week, with a 52 mile week, marks the last week of my training before tapering for the Boston Marathon. I’m ready to taper, physically and mentally, but feeling really good!

Hey guys! Happy Monday! (Okay, update, it’s now Tuesday when I’m actually hitting publish on this.) Last week was my last official week of marathon training before entering the tapering phase! I am SO ready, physically and especially mentally, to move into taper mode. I wrapped with a 20 mile run and a massage as a little reward. (Although, my massage therapist told me it’s not ideal to get a massage the same day as a long run since it can be too much stress on your muscles in one day. Noted!)


Here’s what my last week of pre-taper marathon training looked like!

Last week’s workouts

M – Weight Training

  • 10 min elliptical warm-up
  • Circuit 1:
    • 5×5 front squats – 95#
    • 3×12 of each:
      -bicep curls
      -upright rows
      -seated pull backs
      -tricep dips (25# plate)
      – weighted split lunge (foot on bench)
  • Circuit 2:
    • 5×5 deadlifts – 95#
    • 45 seconds of each
      – bicycle crunches
      – toe taps
      – side planks with hip dip
      – stretching

T – 7 miles, 8:36 pace – recovery miles

I was grateful to have Christian’s company on this run. I was still suffering from racing the 10K the previous weekend I think! We finished with  6 medium-effort strides.

W – 10 miles, 8:54 pace – 4×1200 (V02 max intervals) + weight training

  • 30 min warmup (3.25mi)
  • 4×1200 at 6:40 pace + 4:50 easy jog between each
  • 2.75 mile cool down to hit 10 miles (I walked the last 3 minutes to hit 10 miles and it felt glorious)

I opted for the treadmill rather than a presumably slick track since it had snowed overnight, and then did a quick upper body weights session + core work and finished with some light stretching afterwards.

Th – 11 miles, 8:23 pace

Thursday was a pretty awful day at work (I’m having lots of those lately, ick) and I was so wound up when I met my friends. (Kim can attest to it – ha!). I was so grateful for Kim and Christian who cheered me right up!

capris | shirt | shoes | running watch | rug | blanket | similar comforter


Sa – 20 miles, 8:31 pace

I fueled with my go-to pre-long-run meal (see? it’s what I had before my BQ-qualifying marathon!), and headed out the door to meet Christian and Leslie.

Christian did 7 miles with me, and Leslie did another 7 mile loop with me, so I only had 6 miles to do solo. I was so grateful and felt really strong even at mile 17, mentally and physically. But, I was even more grateful when I ran into my friend Kelli and she ran me back to my car to finish the 20! I’ve done almost all my extra long runs solo (in the rain and in the wind), so having so much company on this one felt AMAZING.

Since I do loops for most of my long runs, I keep fuel and water and coffee in my car and drop layers as I go. And, then my car is a total wreck by the end. Anyone else have this problem? 

Su – 4.1 miles, 9:13 pace – Recovery

Total Miles: 52.2 miles

How I’m Feeling: I am SO happy! While I still have three weeks of training ahead of me before the race, I’m grateful to be backing off on the long runs as the taper period begins. My marathon training plan keeps the intensity high (e.g. intervals) while decreasing volume (i.e. shorter mid-week and weekend long runs) and I much prefer that type of training!

My  Running Gear

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    2 responses to “Last Week’s Workouts – my last week of marathon training before the taper begins!”

    1. Great solid week.
      Enjoy your tapering time now.
      I see you are running with the Nike Elite, Adidas Boston and the Kinvara, which type of train your doing with each one of them?
      Or you simply rotate them no matter what.
      I am thinking of buying the Kinvara, but I am more used to a higher drop, did you have to adapt somehow on using it?

      • I use my Nike Elites for long training runs, Adidas Bostons for tempo & intervals, and Kinvaras for recovery days!

        I didn’t really have to adjust to the lower but I used to run in Vibram Five Fingers, but I do find I prefer a higher drop these days. I just found the shoes kind of clunky. I don’t love them, even though I know most people do!

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.