Recent Workouts + my highest mileage week yet for Boston Marathon Training

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A recap of my last two weeks of workouts, including another 20 miler + peaking my weekly marathon training mileage at 56 miles leading up to the Boston Marathon.

Hey guys! Happy Monday! It’s snowing in Winston, which I’m really not thrilled about. I mean, come on spring! I’m still playing catch-up after being in D.C. last weekend with Beautycounter, which was an AMAZING experience. I plan to do a blog post about it, since it was incredible on so many levels and I fell in love with the company even more. They are doing so much to change the skincare industry and improve the health of our country, and I’m SO grateful I get to be a part of that. (And for those of you who use Beautycounter products, you too are helping with that cause, so thank you!)

I have lots of blog posts planned this month, but I selfishly wanted to blog my last two weeks of workouts because I really want to document my Boston Marathon training so I can reference it later. And, I always learn something when I reflect on my workouts. There are two weeks of training in here, so it’s a bit long but hopefully you find some nuggets of wisdom. And if you missed my post about what training plan I’m using, you can read about that here!

Last week’s workouts


Although, I was trekking all over Capitol Hill so it wasn’t much rest!! 🙂

T- 8 miles, average 8:40 – Lactate Threshold workout

I did 5×600 at a 6:35 pace with a 2 minute recovery jog between each.  I also included a 3 mile warm-up and 2 mile cool down (I think? I did this on the treadmill so I don’t have my splits from my Garmin).

W – 10 miles, 9:01 pace

This was supposed to be a 12 miler and it’s the first time I’ve cut a run short in my training plan. I ran 7 miles outside and then went inside for the last 3 to escape the wind. I just wasn’t feeling this run, so I took the advice I heard from an elite coach a few weeks ago (I should blog about that seminar!), and cut it short.

His advice was if something really just doesn’t feel right, that it’s okay to cut it short and if a run is feeling really good, add on some miles. So I gave myself some grace and listened to my body. I think I was still wiped from the 20 miler the previous Friday, spending 11 hours in the car driving to and from D.C, and going nonstop at the Beautycounter events, which were fun but also exhausting.


F – 5.2 miles, 8:52 pace – Recovery Run

It was a gorgeous morning!! My legs were dead the first few miles and my shins were bothering me,  but it all loosened up eventually. I added 3 short strides at the end.

Sa – 18 miles, average 7:46 pace, including 14 at goal marathon pace

This run felt AMAZING. I easily hit my splits and was even faster than my goal pace (which is 7:50), averaging around 7:30-7:35.

Su – 5.5 miles, 8:45 pace – recovery run with friends!

This run FLEW by! My friend Christian joined me and she invited one of her friends, Chip. After we ran, I did a quick weight training session with deadlifts, squats and some upper body work.

Total Miles: 47 miles

How I’m Feeling: I am SO excited about how much I’ve improved throughout this training cycle. Saturday’s run was a total confidence booster and helped me see that my training is really coming together! I’m in a new mesocycle now, which includes a lot more intervals (vs. tempo runs) which I love. I find interval workouts go by so quickly and they also make my slower runs feel so much easier. Interval running is one of my top tips increasing your running speed over the years.

My workouts from 2 weeks ago (including another 20 miler in 25 mph winds!)

M – 8.1 miles, 9:09 pace – Recovery Run + 6 strides to finish

I headed to Hanes Park for this run, and just did a bunch of loops on the dirt trail since I was feeling really beat up – and recovery miles feel extra delicious on dirt.

T – 10.8 miles, 7:47 pace – Lactate Threshold

My legs, lungs and heart were not willing to make this workout happen. It was supposed to include 7 miles at half marathon pace (7:10ish), but I could barely eek out 7:25s. Part of the problem was that I skipped a couple rest days to move all my training up in order to do my 20 miler on Friday before I went to D.C. on Saturday. Skipping rest days is not smart. Lesson learned (again).

W- 12.3 miles; 8:26 pace – Midweek Long Run

The weather was gorgeous and I felt surprisingly good after a couple crappy runs.


F- 20 miles, 8:22 pace – Long Run

You could say there was a breeze for this 20 miler. Four nasty gusts blew my legs so hard that I tripped over my own feet, I saw two massive trees down, and I was 1 happy girl to have that run done done. Both of my 20 milers have had horrible weather, so I guess I’ll be prepared for anything! (My last 20 miler finished in POURING rain.)

I’ve been really increasing how much I fuel before my long runs and it’s helped a LOT. I have to wake up earlier so I have time to digest but it’s worth it!

  • Pre run: 2 pieces GF toast + almond butter + banana + coffee
  • Midrun: 2 skratch every 30-40 min + carried water
  • Post run: RX bar, then a big breakfast with toast + veggie omelet + fruit

Sa – REST (drove to D.C.!)

Su – 5 miles, 8:39 pace – Recovery Run

Easy, breezy, DC sightseeing with 15-20mph winds! oof!

Total Miles: 56.2 miles

How I’m feeling: This was my highest weekly marathon training mileage to date!! And I think it goes down from here. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – this plan is really pushing me and I’m really loving it.


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    6 responses to “Recent Workouts + my highest mileage week yet for Boston Marathon Training”

    1. You are really inspiring me as I am training for my first half marathon! Thank you! My runs are getting longer, and I am looking for what kind of belt or bottle or something I should get to carry water in. What do you use and do you recommend it?

    2. Great advice on adding miles during a run that you’re feeling good. I haven’t heard that before! Cutting something short or doing easy miles instead of speed if your body isn’t up to it, I have done before. I really like that complimentary perspective. Go when it feels good!

      • I hadn’t heard that tip either but it makes total sense. And it also makes it easier to listen to your body and cut it short if you know another day you can listen and go long!

    3. So curious how you do long runs and get to work on time? Do you just go into work later on those days?

      • I wake up earlier and start a little later and don’t really get ready! I just blowdry my hair enough so I don’t freeze and put on minimal makeup. It saves a lot of time!

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