Last Week’s Workouts – Wrightsville Beach Marathon Training, week 6

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A recap of last week’s workouts as my Wrightsville Beach Marathon Training continues. 

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day!! I opened my package from the Valentine Man today – seriously the best package ever. My mom (ahem, the Valentine Man), nailed it with the My Little Pony toy. It looks JUST like the one I used to play with and LOVED as a little girl – she said she saw it and it reminded her of me. 🙂 It put the biggest smile on my face.

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Last week’s workouts were… interesting. I was absolutely DESTROYED all last week, just exhausted and feeling run down. I think the 18 miler from the previous Saturday really took it out of me and I probably didn’t do a great job recovering with fuel on Saturday and should have run an easier pace the following Monday. All of my runs felt awful during the week and progressively got worse as the week went on. But then, miracle of miracles, my Saturday run felt AWESOME. I was really nervous about the workout, but I felt like I nailed it. It was SUPER challenging, but a Long Run Fast Finish run is supposed to be really challenging.

Last Week’s Workouts

M – 6.6 miles, 8:20 pace. My legs felt DEAD on this run, so I was honestly shocked by my average pace when I got home. (I didn’t look at my watch while running because I figured I be annoyed.)

T – 7 miles, 8:46 pace + CrossFit

  • 5×5 front squats (85, 105, 115, 125, 115) + 8 minute AMRAP (15 thrusters 55# + 15 pull-ups)


Th – 7 miles, 8:50 pace. I wrote on my Strava log after this run, “Ugh can I have a do over on this week? Legs are trashed. Abandoned tempo for informal fartlek (0.25 mile repeats at 7:00 min pace).” I really should have just done an easy run since even the 0.25 mile repeats were torture.


Sa – 16 miles, average 8:00 min pace. Long run fast finish was prescribe, which starts at an easy pace, then progresses to race pace and then finishes faster than race pace. I ran 7 mi easy, 6 mi at race pace (7:30 pace), 2 mi 10k pace (I tried to hit this and couldn’t quite but I averaged around 7:00 – I was supposed to be at 6:45). I was THRILLED with this workout. It left me completely exhausted but I knew I had pushed myself and I was really happy.

I’m not exactly sure what my race pace will be since I haven’t run a marathon in 6 years. But based off my estimated time (which is based off my half marathon), I’m aiming for a 7:30-8:00 min pace on race day.


Total Miles: 36.7

women's brooks launch 3 review

How I feel: Redeemed.

It was just an awful week of running, with 3 runs in a row that just felt terrible. So to run so well on Saturday thrilled me. I was so grateful for my friend Kate’s company for the first 11 miles – I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard without her. And I was also so grateful that I had the afternoon free to spend on the couch relaxing! Also, hard lesson learned about CrossFit — it makes me a LOT more sore now that I’m not going as regularly. After Tuesday’s workout, my quads were unbelievably sore all the way through Saturday; they hurt to the touch and if I rolled to my stomach in the night, it woke me up. They loosened up after about 4 miles on Saturday’s run, thankfully, but it was a rough week of soreness!!

Fun Running Outing!

On Saturday evening, Tommy and I went to a Twin City Track Club event where Mark Remy was the guest speaker. I’ve always loved his Runner’s World articles and had one of books (and bought this one at the event). And it was fun to learn he’d started a blog, dumbrunner.com and hear his comments about what it’s like having a blog. 🙂

mark remy

Questions for you: Any tips for dealing with blisters?

I got a new pair of running shoes (Brooks Launch 3), and like an idiot, I ran my entire Saturday long run in them. I KNEW it was a bad idea to take them out for their first run with that distance, but all my other shoes are worn out. Soooo I figured they were the best option to help with IT band issues I’ve been battling. My IT band felt okay(ish), but I got a nasty blister on the back of my left heel. I’ve been using these over the blister and I guess I’ll wear moleskin once it heals. Any tips for breaking in the shoes faster?? I’ve NEVER gotten blisters from running shoes before.


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    8 responses to “Last Week’s Workouts – Wrightsville Beach Marathon Training, week 6”

    1. I have the exact same Launch 3 and also got a heel blister! I replaced the inserts with superfeet insole and the blister went away!

    2. Just some unsolicited 2 cents about the Launch…I tried the 3s after years of wearing many pairs of the original Launch. I did not care for them at all – they gave me toe pain…not a blister but still aggravating. Something was off. So I tried the 4s, in a size up since apparently they run smaller these days. So maybe try the 3s in a size up or try the 4s and see if the blister problem goes away?

      • Oh that is SO interesting that you had issues with the 3s but none the other models. (And so annoying!) Thank you so much for your unsolicited advice. ha! I ALWAYS welcome advice from fellow runners! 🙂 I’ll try the 4s. Thank you!!

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    Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.