RocksBox Review: How it Works & Why I Love It

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I’ve been meaning to blog about Rocksbox for a while since I LOVE it, but maybe it’s a good thing I waited since it’s a perfect thing to sign up for with the holidays and parties and dressing up! So, let’s get to it! (There’s a code for a free month at the bottom, so don’t miss that if you’re interested!)

What is it?

Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service, and for months, I wrote it off. I don’t really wear jewelry, I don’t really like jewelry, I look weird with too much jewelry. I prefer a few simple, basic pieces. It’s totally not a service I want or need. That’s what I thought anyway. Turns out I was wrong.

Now that I’ve used Rocksbox for a few months, I can honestly say that I LOVE jewelry, but I just didn’t like shopping for it and am not good at finding pieces that work well for me and my style. So Rocksbox is an AMAZING service for someone like me. (If you want to try it out, don’t miss the free code at the bottom of the post!)


How does it work?

1. You sign up and then take a style quiz to identify your tastes. Pretty standard with subscription boxes.

2. You scroll through tons of actual jewelry pieces and identify items you love.

3. They send you three pieces of jewelry—bracelet, earrings, necklace, or rings—in a cute little, personalized box. They’ll send you one of the items you picked out and loved and two others that they curated based on your style quiz and the other items you gravitated towards in step #2.

4. Keep the jewelry for as long as you want and just send it back (in the packaging they provide with prepaid shipping) for a new box of jewelry once you’re ready for something else. You get charged each time you get a new box. If you want anything to keep permanently, just don’t send it back and they’ll charge you for it.


You get a discounted rate off the jewelry from retail prices and you earn $10 in “shine spend” each month that can go towards buying jewelry. I think the dollars expire each month though? Haven’t tried buying yet. Not because I don’t want to – there have been three things so far that I really want to buy, but just haven’t budgeted for them. Even after you send something back, you can go back in your account and buy items later. So, I’m planning to do that at some point!


What do I get?

Here are some examples of pieces I’ve gotten.

I LOVE these earrings. I’ve worn them so many times since I’ve gotten them – they totally elevate an otherwise boring outfit. I want to buy these!


I love this simple necklace too. Totally my style. Simple but more fun than most of my simple necklaces with the sparkly stone.


Not a fan of this bracelet at all. It’s too big on my tiny wrists and just not my style.


This necklace is another item I want to buy. I already sent it back and miss it. It’s something I NEVER would have picked out, but once I started wearing it, I absolutely loved it and realized it went with so many things. This necklace is what really sold me on Rocksbox.


Bottom line: Would I recommend Rockbox? 100% YES. I got 3 months for free (thanks Rocksbox!), but I would absolutely spend my own money on it, and plan to once my free subscription is up.

Who is it good for?

  1. People who think they don’t like jewelry. 😉 You may have a similar experience as me!
  2. People who love jewelry.
  3. People who don’t want to or don’t know where to buy jewelry.
  4. People who don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry until they know they’ll love it.

Seriously, I think this service is worth a try! I’m totally obsessed. (Can you tell?)

How much is it? $19 a month. So much cheaper than I was expecting.

Learn more on the Rocksbox website.

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    33 responses to “RocksBox Review: How it Works & Why I Love It”

    1. I have fallen in love with jewelry (and scarves!) – but don’t want to add to the closet clutter that I’m trying to purge. This sounds interesting!
      Also, just wanted add that I think it’s great that you mention budgeting in a non-budget related post. It’s a great way to remind others that it’s not a one-time event, but a continuous process. Regular budgeting has helped our family meet financial goals and relieved a lot of stress!

      • Ah, thanks for mentioning that! I love keeping a budget (total junkie) and it makes me happy when others appreciate that too!

        Do you want me to send the code to try out Rocksbox? Wasn’t sure based on your comment and wanted to give it out first come, first serve! 🙂

    2. I love jewelry but don’t have many pieces I really like. I would love to try it! Also, I think my Mom and Mother in law would love it too!

    3. i love it too! I just bought a couple things this month but normally just send the box back after 4-6 weeks…sometimes i can’t part with pieces!

    4. Love the jewelry you got, especially that last Kendra Scott necklace. I actually put one of those on my Christmas list this year, but in the pearl color. So pretty! 🙂

    5. Love the necklace. Would love to try this service! I love your blog!!

    6. I know I’m not a friend but love your blog (and jewelry) and would like to try:)

    7. Sounds pretty amazing. I am totally clueless when it comes to shopping for jewelry. I don’t buy it bc I can’t decide! I’d love to try it!

    8. Love the gorjana earrings & KS necklace! I’d love to use your 3 month free code 🙂 Lots of parties coming up and I may also do a couple months as a gift to my sister in law!

    9. What a fun service! I’d love to try! I really like jewelry but rarely buy pieces to wear. This is a great way to try out new designs!

      • Hi E! The 3 codes this month have already been claimed. I did first come first serve, but if someone doesn’t use it, I’ll let you know. And when I have freebie codes again in January, I’ll put your name down!

    10. Im so glad that you blogged about this! We have such similar taste and styles. I love jewelry but the brands I like (Kendra Scott etc.) are generally too expensive for my college budget! This is a great alternative! I also have baby wrists so if they ever send you some bracelets that you love please let us know!
      – Rebecca

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