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My First CrossFit Competition

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This past Saturday I competed in my first CrossFit competition, the Camel City Cup hosted by Camel City CrossFit. I was really hesitant to sign up but after my friend Nancy asked me to be her partner and convinced me she just wanted to have fun with it, I was on board (mostly 😉 ). While I’ve run countless races, a CrossFit competition was totally out of my comfort zone, even though I had been to one before. (I went to a CrossFit competition to see Tommy compete after we had been dating a couple months, and I was so confused by the whole thing, not really understanding CrossFit at the time. Ha!)

The day consisted of four workouts, all done with a partner. Nancy and I entered the women’s scaled division so we had a lighter weight and some easier movements than the women’s RX division.

IMG 0335

Even scaled, the day still totally kicked my butt.

IMG 0386

IMG 0304

IMG 0303
IMG 0305

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first workout since jump roping (even singles) is not my forte. The rest were really fun though.

IMG 0356

Nancy and I complemented each other well as athletes since we have different strengths. On the deadlift workout, I did all the deadlifts since I loooove them and she did all the box step overs, which was probably way easier for her than it would have been for me since she’s so much taller.

IMG 0341

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Nancy and I didn’t place too well (ha!), but we had a lot of fun and got to hang out with some great people all day. A lot of the teams from Top Tier CrossFit did really well, and two women from my gym won the entire women’s scaled division (the two on the far left in the below picture). Congrats Whitney and Courtney! You’re both amazing! There were some seriously impressive athletes there, in all divisions.

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Tommy and his partner Jason did really well too. I’m pretty sure their WOD Stewart shirts helped.

IMG 0302

Definitely the best shirts of the day.

IMG 0300

After the competition, Tommy and I inhaled some burgers and beer at First Street Draught House. We were both completely wiped so we didn’t stay out long. I was in bed by 10 and slept for 10 hours – it. was. amazing.

IMG 0354

Two days post-competition and we both are still sooooo sore, especially our lower backs. (He did a ton of the deadlifts on his team too.)  I need to go spend some time with the foam roller. And hopefully get in bed early again. 🙂

IMG 0367

Have you done a CrossFit competition? I was super intimidated, but I’m glad I did it! It was fun to be out there with so many people from my gym, and everyone was really supportive. It’s a great crew. I was also super impressed by Camel City Cup for putting on such a great event; it was really well organized and the judges were all super friendly. It also ran pretty close to schedule which is impressive with so many teams and people to corral.
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    4 responses to “My First CrossFit Competition”

    1. That’s so cool you competed! I know nothing outside of what I read, about Crossfit, but I think that’s so cool!
      Um can we talk about how awesome those shirts are? I kept seeing them pop up on Instagram and got a kick out of them every time haha!

    2. Wow!! Just completing that competition is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations! 🙂

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