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My Favorite Mejuri Necklaces

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Mejuri is a relatively new-to-me brand. I first discovered it after a friend gifted me a pair of earrings from them. But, to be honest, I didn’t wear jewelry other than stud earrings until about a year ago. Now, I don’t feel complete without jewelry, including earrings, a necklace or two, multiple rings and bracelets. My favorite brand for everyday jewelry is Mejuri and my collection of Mejuri necklaces, in particular, has grown rather quickly.

One of the noteworthy things about Mejuri is that all of the jewelry they make is either fine, which means it’s made with all gold or precious gems, or semi-fine, which means gold-plated or gold-filled. The quality is top-notch and the prices are shockingly good, considering how well made the items are. Plus, the materials they use are responsibly sourced and/or recycled.

I’ve already shared a full review of Mejuri on the blog, but today I wanted to do a deep dive into their necklaces. Be sure to follow Mejuri on Instagram too since their account is so fun and is helpful for inspiration if stacking jewelry is hard for you like it is for me!

If you want to see how the necklaces move and catch light, be sure to watch my YouTube video showing all of these Mejuri necklaces!

My Favorite Mejuri Necklaces

Like I mentioned above, I wasn’t really that into jewelry until recently, but I was given a personalized “mama” necklace with a “T” pendant attached to it for Christmas (to honor my son, Thomas), and that gift sort of started a new obsession with personalized jewelry. Obviously dainty necklaces are beautiful on their own and accessorize an outfit, but when jewelry is personalized, it’s much more special.

And that brings me to another fun thing to note about Mejuri – they just launched a “letter shop” on their website. The Letter Shop highlights their different letter pieces that you can use to personalize a necklace or stack of jewelry to represent your kids, spouse, or even pet. This is perfect for shopping for yourself and perhaps even better when shopping for gifts!

I’m going to show my favorite personalized pieces from their Letter collection and then share a few other Mejuri necklaces I own and love.

Pearl Letter Charm

The Pearl Letter Charm is Mejuri’s newest arrival. It’s gorgeous on its own, but I love it because it stacks really well. The initial pendant itself is small, and I love that it’s subtle while still adding a fun pop. It’s been a while since I’ve worn pearls, so I’ve really enjoyed styling this! This also makes a great gift for a grandmother or a friend.

The initial pendant is sold just as a charm, so you have the option of adding it to an existing necklace or picking a chain from Mejuri. I have the Spheres Chain which is 14k solid gold and comes in three lengths. I have the 16-18 inch length which lays right in the center of my chest at its longest length. I typically layer it with a shorter necklace (shown with the Topaz necklace), but if I’m layering it with a longer necklace, I’ll wear the pearl letter + spheres chain at the shortest length.

Diamond Letter Charm

The Diamond Letter charm is similar to the pearl charm, but a little smaller. This charm is 8mm so it’s also a dainty size. It’s subtle but has a huge sparkle. I also love that the charm attaches to the chain asymmetrically. This makes an otherwise formal piece of jewelry feel like something you can wear everyday. If you prefer bracelets to necklaces but love this charm, then you will love the Diamond Letter Bracelet.

I also wear this charm on the Spheres Chain.

Bold Letter Pendant Necklace

The next personalized option that I’ve been wearing non-stop is their Bold Letter Pendant Necklace. This pendant comes on a chain, so you do not need to buy the chain separately. The letter pendant itself is more substantial than the pearl and diamond letters, and bigger in size. This is a really fun statement to wear with a V-neck top. The chain is a 20 to 22-inch cable chain, so it sits much lower than the chain above.

This necklace is made of Gold Vermeil which is a thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver which means it lasts longer than just gold-plating. It also means the price tag is a little more affordable.

Okay, let’s get into some of my other favorite Mejuri necklaces that aren’t in the letter shop! All of these make incredible gifts as well so keep them in mind for the holidays.

Pavé Diamond Linked Necklace

My jaw dropped when I saw the Pavé Diamond Linked Necklace in real life. It’s absolutely stunning. It features two interlinked rings to symbolize the strength of a personal bond. (I love that particular meaning if you’re gifting this to your mom, sister or best friend.) This necklace has pave diamonds lining one of the rings weighing about 0.046 ct total. The two rings are small, which makes this a beautiful and dainty everyday necklace.

This is the most expensive Mejuri necklace I own because it’s made with real diamonds and 14K gold. The chain is 16-18″ long.

This style also comes in a gold vermeil version without the pave diamonds for a more affordable option but still the same classic style. The gold vermeil option is also a little larger and more prominent. I love both options!

Round Topaz Necklace

I’ve had this Round Topaz necklace for about 6 months and I wear it ALL the time. It’s tiny and super shiny, which makes a great layering necklace or a simple piece to finish off your outfit. Topaz looks similar to a diamond, but it’s more affordable, making it a great option for a gift.

Small Diamond Necklace

This small diamond necklace is one of my very favorite everyday pieces. The diamond is small but still noticeable (0.05 ct) and it sits in a gold bezel setting. The bezel settings makes it feel more casual.

A quick FAQ – Can I wear my Mejuri necklace in the shower?

I personally do not, however, Mejuri has an extensive page of care instructions that explain how to clean and care for each specific material they use.

You can see more FAQs in my full Mejuri review, including things like the below:

  • Is Mejuri actually good quality?
  • Does Mejuri have real gold?
  • Does Mejuri 14k tarnish?

This post was sponsored by Mejuri – thank you for being such a great partner, Mejuri! All opinions are my own and I truly love their jewelry and have purchased it myself multiple times!

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