Third Trimester Outfit Roundup

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What I’m wearing and loving (mostly non-maternity!) in my third trimester! Dresses, casual outfits and workout clothes are linked below! 

We’re really getting close to meeting our sweet baby! It’s surreal that I’m already in the third trimester. It’s sort of flown by, but also hasn’t at the same time. These days I’m getting swollen ankles and feet everyday and it’s crazy to think about how much bigger my belly will get in the finals two months!  Thankfully, I’ve found a few pieces to add to my wardrobe that accommodate the bump, are comfortable and make me feel cute! I’m still able to wear most of the things I wore last trimester, so you’ll see a few outfit repeats here and there.

I got a Trunk Club shipment this past week which was really fun. I asked them to send me a few dress options for an upcoming maternity shoot (read my photoshoot outfit tips here!) as well as some comfy sandals. So you’ll see some of those pieces below. I’m also planning to buy a few things during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that’s coming up in a few weeks. (I’ll be covering the sale like I always do, and you can stay updated with this post here.)

Third Trimester Outfits

Let’s get to it!


First off, this find was a really good one. This dress is from Amazon and is only $22! It isn’t true maternity but it’s working really well for me right now. I’m excited that I’ll be able to wear it once I’m not pregnant, too. I got a size small and do NOT accidentally put it in the dryer like I did. It shortened the length… good thing I’m short!

These shoes were a purchase I made earlier this summer when my feet weren’t swelling, ha! They still fit, thank goodness, but they are getting a little tighter. This dress will be cute with booties and a denim jacket when it starts to cool off!

I also got a new watch! I’ve been wearing my Garmin daily (and it just isn’t cute, to be honest) so I wanted to find a watch that looked nicer but was still considered a “smart watch” that kept track of data like my steps, heart rate, etc. because I’m a data junkie. (Fun fact Hannah shared in her guest post about working for me!) The watch came with 2 bands – standard gray and I upgraded to a pale pink as well — and I LOVE it.

Third Trimester Outfits

Dress | Sandals | Watch

This dress is also new! I love the button front trend that I’m seeing a lot of currently. This is non-maternity specific so again, I love that I can wear it later. That’s been key for me. I don’t want to waste money on things I’ll only wear while I’m pregnant as much as possible. I can’t find this color in stock anywhere, but I did find a brown version that I love. I’m considering buying that color too! I’ve gotten a ton of wear in this one already.

Shoes are the same as above. The stud detail is really nice since it makes my flats a little different from a basic leather sandal.

Third Trimester OutfitsDress | Shoes


I got this black dress in my recent Trunk Club shipment too. And I LOVE it. I was looking at this similar dress from Tuckernuck but when I saw this dress I was SO excited since it’s a LOT cheaper. I love the length and that I can wear this post-pregnancy.

These shoes were also in my Trunk Club. I have them already in suede but they were looking REALLY worn out (I’ve had them about 4 years and wear them a LOT) so this basic leather nude option is a great replacement. I love Sam Edelman shoes because they’re affordable and great quality.

Third Trimester Outfits

Dress | Shoes | Watch

Another Trunk Club win! I really love this bright red color and the where it hits on my legs. I’m typically not an “off-the-shoulder” girl, but I really like this dress. It’s really comfortable and lightweight.

These shoes were also a little out of my comfort zone at first, but I’m starting to love them. I like the extra height without the “heel” feel. It’s comfortable and a bit more casual.

Third Trimester Outfits

Shoes | Dress

This has been my all-time favorite dress for a while and I love it even more now that I know how well it works for pregnancy! It’s a body-con dress that only costs $40 and comes in tons of colors. It’s really comfortable and super flattering (whether you’re pregnant and not!). I have it in two colors and want more! I have an XS and S and both are great – the small just has a little more wiggle room, obviously.

I’m wearing these Veja sneakers ALL the time. They’re light and comfortable and so cute with everything in my closet. Unfortunately they’re selling out everywhere. I linked similar shoes below!

Third Trimester Outfits

Dress | Shoes (similar)

I love this dress! It’s sold out in most sizes, so I linked a few other options as well. This is true maternity and fits me really well.  I mentioned this above, but I love the button front trend right now! And these shoes are by UGG! I never would have thought to look at Ugg for shoes! (They came in a Trunk Club a few months ago!) They’re super comfortable wedges that don’t have too steep of a heel.

Third Trimester Outfits

Dress | Shoes (similar dress)

I got this dress in my Trunk Club shipment too! I LOVE it. The length is perfect, I love the wrap style, and I love the color. A win-win-win. It’s not true maternity, making it ANOTHER win! The shoes are the same Sam Edelman heels as above with the scalloped detail.

Third Trimester Outfits

Dress | Shoes

Isn’t this dress so fun? I wasn’t sure at first, but with a belt it’s even cuter! I love the color and that it’s perfect for maternity and non. It’s reallyy flowy. I’m wearing it here with the Sam Edelman shoes I love.

Third Trimester Outfits

Dress | Shoes


Casual Outfits

I’ve been wearing outfits like this a lot, especially on days that I have a lot of phone calls scheduled. (I often walk while I’m on the phone and shorts and a tank are more comfy for long walks than dresses!)  This tank is true maternity so it fits perfectly and feels great (and is affordable!). I have it in white as well. These jean shorts are maternity too and I LOVE them.

Third Trimester Outfits

Top | Shorts | Shoes

Here’s the white version of the tank pictured above. I love that it isn’t see through and it fits really well. And the same shorts as above too – I prefer than over the pair I have with an over-the-belly panel and they’re more affordable. These shoes are great because I get extra height without the feeling of a tall heel.

Third Trimester Outfits

Top | Shorts | Shoes


This top is really old but here’s a similar one I love! The shorts are the same as above. I’ve worn them my whole pregnancy! The sandals are by Kork-Ease. I linked a similar pair since these are sold out. And because everyone needs a tiger pillow, it’s linked here?


Top | Shorts | Shoes

This green gingham top is a summer favorite! I love this green color. It’s lightweight and easy to throw on! I can’t find the exact version but I linked a really great option. The shoes are Allbrids and SOOOO comfortable. I cannot recommend them enough.

green gingham top

Top | Shorts | Shoes

Workout Clothes

This is my very basic workout look. I’m only wearing these shorts since they help with my chafing (which has gotten worse with pregnancy). You can see my top picks for pregnancy workout clothes in this post. And I post a lot more of my workout clothes on LikeToKnow.It so be sure to follow me on the app!

The shoes are my favorite slippers! I’ve had this pair for years.

pregnancy Workout Clothes

Shorts | Top | Slippers


I’ve had this purple top for YEARS and I still love it. I can’t find the exact one, but I did find a similar option. I just love how bright it is. I’ve been wearing leggings when I ride the Peloton, and these are my favorites. And of course, the slippers!

purple top

Top | Leggings | Slippers | Watch

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