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Mejuri Jewelry Review & My Favorite Pieces

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For years, I didn’t think I was much of a jewelry girl. I felt sort of silly and “over-done” when I was wearing it. I didn’t know how to style it (like what necklace is supposed to go with what top) and therefore wrote it off for a while. But in the last few years, I’ve come to realize that I do like jewelry – just not the jewelry everyone else was wearing: I preferred gold when everyone was wearing silver and liked dainty when chunky was in.

I started buying and wearing things that felt more natural on me, and low and behold I fell in love with jewelry. It sounds so silly, but once I found pieces that felt like “me” and didn’t make me overthink when I put them on, I realized how much I loved the finishing touch of a nice piece of jewelry! Now, I don’t feel “ready” to leave the house until I have earrings and a necklace on (at the least!).

One of the brands that turned me into a jewelry fan was Mejuri. I was gifted a pair of earrings from a friend years before I ever knew anything about the brand, and then, when I had the chance to connect with Mejuri on the business front two years ago, I became a huge fan. Everything about their style (and business model, actually) was right on target with my brand and shopping habits.

Now that I own a handful of Mejuri pieces, I thought it was time for a proper review. I had a lot of questions when I was learning about them, so hopefully this review will help answer some of those FAQs and also give you a little shopping inspiration (whether for yourself or someone special…Mejuri makes GREAT gifts).

I also have a video review if you prefer to watch rather than read. And you can watch the same Mejuri Review video on my YouTube channel, if you prefer watching videos there.

Okay, let’s get right to it.

Mejuri Jewelry Review

Mejuri is a Canadian-based, direct to consumer jewelry company that makes fine and semi-fine pieces with a modern style. The idea behind the brand was to empower women to purchase jewelry for themselves because the co-founder and CEO, Noura Sakkijha, found that the jewelry industry was mostly focused on men gifting to women. The most impressive part? The pricing. I was blown away by the affordability of their products, especially considering the quality.

In short, Mejuri makes high quality (fine and semi-fine…I’ll explain this below) jewelry that’s classic, dainty, and easy to wear everyday, at an attainable price point. Oh, and they make it all sustainably. There’s nothing not to love.

Is Mejuri good quality?

This is probably the most important thing to note about Mejuri. Their jewelry is all either fine (which means all gold or precious gems), or semi-fine (gold-plated or gold-filled), and it’s all made sustainably. They work with suppliers who are independently certified by recognized standards-setting organizations with a focus on health and safety, human rights, fair labor, governance, and environmental protection (source).

So yes, Mejuri’s jewelry quality is good. In fact, I’d say it’s fantastic, actually.

Does Mejuri tarnish?

With proper care, no. But it’s also dependent on the pieces you have. 14K solid gold jewelry is not prone to tarnishing or discoloration. However, metals like vermeil (a thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver) and sterling silver are prone to tarnishing, so it’s best to follow the care instructions on your jewelry to the word to avoid this. The good news is that it’s easy to restore the shine of gold vermeil and sterling silver jewelry if they do start to tarnish.

I have had zero issues with tarnishing or discoloration with any of my pieces, but I do take my earrings and necklaces off when I’m swimming or showering (I wear them when I workout, but I haven’t noticed this causing an issue). I wouldn’t say I’m THE most careful with my jewelry, but I don’t toss it around carelessly either. In my experience, Mejuri jewelry has far outlasted all of the other brands of everyday jewelry I have and has not tarnished yet.

This care guide on Mejuri’s website is your best bet for making sure you care for your jewelry correctly.

Is Mejuri made with real diamonds?

Yes! Mejuri uses real (ethically sourced) diamonds and gemstones (and freshwater pearls). If it says it’s a diamond, it’s a diamond.

How much does it cost?

It varies, depending on the piece to under $100-$495+. They have a wide range of price points, but it’s nice to know that everything they make is high quality. A unique feature on their website is the “Estimated Retail Price” next to the “Mejuri Price” on every listing. Seeing the transparent pricing makes your purchase decision even easier. You’re getting the best quality without the mark-ups associated with traditional jewelry stores or even other online retailers.

If you use the links from this blog post, you should get 10% off your purchase!

Is Mejuri real gold?

The 14K gold pieces are indeed, real gold. And so is the 18k gold vermeil (although those pieces aren’t 100% gold, like I mentioned above). You’ll also see sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, titanium, enamel, ceramic, ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones and freshwater pearl pieces. The materials they are are the real deal.

Where is Mejuri gold from?

Most of Mejuri’s gold production is done in Arezzo, Italy. The team there works with designers, goldsmiths and technicians. All of Mejuri’s sources for their production are listed on their website.

My Favorite Mejuri Jewelry

Here are the pieces I own and wear daily. I’ll also include a few items on my wishlist below.


Mejuri Solo Diamond Ring

This thin gold band has a very small 0.05 carat round diamond set on the top. It’s dainty and feminine, but easy to wear daily. It’s also small enough to work well as a stacking ring.

Mejuri Diamonds Line Ring

This this gold band with pave diamonds lining the top is the other ring I wear almost every day. The diamonds on the top weigh about 0.0048 carats total.

Mejuri Duo Ring

The fun thing about this Duo ring is that it’s actually two rings! They are interconnected and have such a fun criss-cross look. I love that one has a ribbed detail and one is smooth. Both rings are 14K solid gold.


Mejuri Gold Huggies

These small gold huggie earrings are a little trendy, but they are also tasteful and classic. They’re small enough to wear daily (and I do wear them to Pilates some days), and they aren’t heavy, although they have a nice, high-quality feel and weight.

Mejuri Large Charlotte Hoops

When I want something with a little bit more impact, I wear these Large Charlotte Hoops. They’re bigger than the gold huggies above and have cute ridges that are inspired by french croissants. These are $128, making them a great gift option for birthdays or holidays. They are made in gold vermeil which is a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver.

Mejuri Large Croissant Dôme Hoops

While the Charlotte hoops above have a slight croissant look to them, nothing beats the Large Croissant Dôme Hoops. These are also made in a gold vermeil. I love both pairs, but I don’t think you necessarily need both since they’re so similar.

Mejuri Diamond Mini Studs

I LOVE this pair of super tiny diamond studs from Mejuri. They’re really small, about 0.06 carats each, and aren’t flashy at all. I find that they’re the perfect size to wear every day. If you have a second hole, these would be PERFECT.

Pavé Diamond Pear Studs

These earrings are also dainty, but a little shinier (and a little more fun) than the mini studs. These pave pear earrings have a bunch of tiny diamonds, totally about 0.063ct. and they’re made with 14k solid gold.

Mejuri Pavé Diamond Round Studs

For something with a bit more impact, opt for the Pavé Diamond Round Studs. I love that they’re still small and dainty, but they have more surface area than the pear style above. These are made in 14k solid gold set with 40 high-quality single cut diamonds in a pavé setting weighing 0.11 carats total.


Mejuri Solo Diamond Bracelet

I love a dainty bracelet (I’ve had a few dainty permanent bracelets for over a year), and this Solo Diamond Bracelet is the best addition ever. First, because who doesn’t want to add a diamond to their arm candy? And second, because the price is SO good for a diamond. The carat weight is 0.065 and it’s under $250.

Mejuri Diamond Letter Bracelet

I also got this Diamond Letter Bracelet with a T on it for TeriLyn or Tommy or Thomas (sorry Charlie, this was before you were born!) and it’s so fun. It’s a little larger than the Solo Diamond Bracelet and the carat weight depends on the letter itself.


Mejuri Heart Pendent Necklace

I LOVE the trend of heart charm necklaces right now, and this Heart Pendent Necklace is the perfect look that’s just a little more subtle. This is made with a gold vermeil which is a thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver. The price is also great for gifting (under $150).

Mejuri Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace

As someone who loves to layer dainty jewelry, this Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace is the perfect addition to my stack. It’s made with 14K gold and the link thickness is only 0.4 mm (SO dainty)! You can wear this chain on it’s own or slide charms on and off of it.

Mejuri Pavé Diamond Linked Necklace

I got this Pavé Diamond Linked Necklace more recently and absolutely love it. It makes a statement, meaning you can easily notice it, but it’s definitely not large by any means. The perfect size. The version I have has pave diamonds on one of the links weighing 0.046 ct, but you can also get this necklace without diamonds at a more affordable price.

Mejuri Round Topaz Necklace

This small topaz necklace is simple and stunning. Topaz looks similar to a diamond, but it’s cheaper, making it a great option for a gift. The chain is dainty and layers really well with other chunkier pieces.

Mejuri Diamond Necklace

This small diamond necklace is one of my very favorite everyday pieces. The diamond is small, but noticeable (0.05 ct) and layers well with other necklaces. The bezel setting feels casual, which is another reason I wear this daily!

Is Mejuri worth it?

10000%. This is one of those brands that I can’t stop talking about on social media or in real life. I truly am so happy with every purchase I’ve made there and wear multiple pieces of Mejuri daily. I used to think spending $300 for an everyday ring was silly, but now that I have one and wear it daily, I can’t believe I used to think that.

Also, I like knowing that my jewelry is high quality, made to last, and that I won’t have to buy a new ring next year like I had to do for so long when I was buying cheap jewelry. I’m certain I’ve spent over $300 by buying $20-$40 rings over and over, that I had to replace over and over. I also appreciate that I’m making an investment, knowing I’m building a collection that I’ll love for years to come.

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