Last Week’s Workouts + What I’m training for

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While I’m not officially training for a race right now since I have the wedding and honeymoon in October, I always plan to run the Mistletoe Half Marathon in early December. (This will be my 6th time running it! Last year I set a PR. ) I’m trying to keep solid base mileage, even during this crazy time, so I can come back from the honeymoon and still have some mileage in my legs. After the New Year, I’ll have to pick up some serious training for the Boston Marathon in April since I qualified this year. And again, I want to have a solid base so I’m not starting from scratch for that training.

I’m trying to keep my weekly mileage around 25, and I’ve been hitting it most weeks for the last few months with a few exceptions, including this week. But hey, I was only 3 miles short. 🙂 My mileage this summer has ranged from 18 to 40 miles per week and I’m just kind of running what I feel like. I’ll probably start another Strava training plan after our honeymoon so I have a little more structure.

Anyway, here’s what I did last week!

Last Week’s Workouts

M – CrossFit with deadlifts (190#) + rowing, kettlebell snatches and burpee box jump overs.

T- 5.2 miles solo, 7:51 pace. My legs were surprisingly fresh for having done deadlifts the night before.

I really need to to start choosing my shoes the night before I run because invariably I wake up and my inserts are in the wrong shoes and I have to switch them out.

Adidas Shoes | New Balance Shoes

W – 4.5 miles with Ali, 8:27 pace + evening upper body & core session

Tank | leggings are sold out but similar here | shoes | watch

Th – 4.8 miles with Kim, 8:30 pace. I was strugggggling on this run and never loosened up. But, I had a massage that night and it was HEAVENLY.

F – AM walk + evening CrossFit. In the morning, Alise and I walked down to Camino Bakery and got fall lattes which was lovely. I did CrossFit that night and the workout had back squats, sit-ups, pull-ups, pushups and wall balls.

Sa – 7.5 miles, 8:00 pace. It was SO hot on this run, especially since I didn’t go out until 9. Oof.

Tank | shorts | shoes | socks | watch


Total Miles: 22.2

How I’m feeling: I’m still feeling pretty creaky but I really think not having concrete floors is going to help with that. I swear I already feel better after a week away from those floors in my apartment! My feet and ankles always hurt while living there, and I couldn’t even walk barefoot in my apartment. The massage on Thursday night worked out a lot of kinks and I’m thinking I may treat myself to one more massage before the wedding – but more so to relax than working out tight muscles. 😉


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