How I’m keeping my senior dog healthy & happy #BrightMind

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I blogged a few months ago about trying Purina Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+®. Since then, Maizey has had a couple vet visits, including a trip this past Friday. The doctor said, in short, that Maizey is in excellent health. Her weight has been consistent, she’s playful, and her mobility is good.

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Maizey has struggled off and on with a grumpy right hip and she’ll have spells where she is limping consistently. However, since I made the following changes, that limping is all but gone.

  • Incorporated running back into her weekly routine
  • Giving her fish oil and a high-quality glucosamine supplement for joint health
  • Getting a higher-quality dog bed to help support her joints
  • Not feeding her table scraps (unless it’s unseasoned meat)
  • Experimenting with different brands and flavors of dry food to see if I notice any improvements in her appetite and/or behavior

Purina research shows that certain nutrition may promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs over 7, and they developed Bright Mind dog food with  botanical oils to help promote memory, attention and trainability within 30 days. It also contains EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, and glucosamine to support joint health. Since boxers are prone to hip issues, feeding Maizey food that supports joint health is really important to me. I’m not sure there’s anything I can do about her stubbornness though. 😉


Maizey is a very finicky eater and has been since she is a puppy. It’s hard to get her to eat dry dog food, but I’ve found that pouring hot water over her food to soften it seems to help. I asked the vet if she was having some dental issues that would explain this, but she said everything looks good and that she might just prefer softened food. Such a diva.

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There are a few things  the vet and I are keeping an eye on with Maizey since she’s now technically a senior dog (she turned 7 last October), but overall, she’s doing really well. Oh my gosh, I’m tearing up just writing this. I’m a mess. I just love Maizey so much! Speaking of tearing up…Maizey has seen the same vet since she was a puppy, and recently our vet went on maternity leave and I had to see another vet. She wasn’t used to my antics where I cry at every visit and seemed rather alarmed when I got teary at a routine check-up. Ahem. What can I say? I love this dog.

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If you want to try Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND, you can buy it at PetSmart and you can learn more by following ProPlan on Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to see more pictures of Maizey on a regular basis, I revived her instagram account, @Maizey_the_Boxer. Don’t tell her though; she won’t be pleased. #MaizeyVsCamera

And because I can’t help myself, can we ooh and ahh over these tiny puppy pictures I just dug up??? Gah she was so cute!!! She still is…just a bit more gray.

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    2 responses to “How I’m keeping my senior dog healthy & happy #BrightMind”

    1. Awww! Maizey is adorable and one of the reasons I started following your blog. I have a boxer too, aren’t they just the best?

    2. I can’t believe we’re calling our dogs seniors now! 🙁 Little old puppas! I think Alfie is the same age as Maizey (Mr. Alfred friend will be 7 in October lol)

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