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Dime Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Review

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I heard about Dime Beauty for the first time on Instagram. Many of the influencers I’m friends with and follow were talking about it and said amazing things, especially the eyelash boost serum (you can see my thoughts on that here). And as a beauty and skincare junkie myself, I decided to give Dime products a try! One of the reasons I tried Dime was because it’s a clean skincare brand. I already use almost 100% clean beauty and skincare products (I’ve even started swapping out some of my clothes for cleaner brands), so this was a big reason I was excited to try Dime.

I was super impressed by a bunch of their products (and meh about others). You can read about my thoughts on each item I tried in this post. But one of the most impressive products I tried was the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I was honestly SHOCKED by how much I liked this, considering I already had another hyaluronic acid serum I use and love. So in today’s post, I’m giving the Dime Beauty Hyaluronic Acid serum it’s own review.

Let’s jump in.

Dime Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Review

First let’s talk about the role of Hyaluronic Acid. It acts as a humectant, helping skin retain water and thereby plumping it. Hyaluronic Acid is also a hydrophilic humectant, which means it draws water from the air to helps replenish hydration over time too. The Dime hyaluronic acid serum contains only 4 ingredients, and all of them help promote hydration. We all have HA in our skin, but as we age, that decreases over time, so that’s where a serum can come in.

I have very dry, aging skin skin and I use some pretty expensive serums, peels, moisturizers and night creams. I was skeptical of the Dime Beauty’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum given its affordable price tag. For just $30, I thought there was no way this stuff was actually good. I was wrong!


I really love how Dime Beauty explains their ingredient lists. You can click on each ingredient and learn more about the amount they use, why it’s used, and if there is any controversy on the ingredient, that’s usually explained too. They show the EWG rating for each ingredients as well. (You can read more about the safety concerns in beauty products in this post.)


The number one ingredient in the Hyaluronic Acid serum is water. This is purified and filtered to be as clean as possible. Water is the base for this serum and helps provides hydration, in conjunction with the other ingredients that actually help the skin retain that water.

Sodium Hyaluronate

This is a substance that is actually already present in the human body. Most of the time you find this in your eye ducts and joints. The sodium hyaluronate used in the serum is created in a laboratory and is also known as hyaluronic acid.


Phenoxyethanol is a preservative, and Dime Beauty has been working on stability test to make sure that this ingredient is as safe as possible. While there is a little bit of controversy regarding this ingredient, it’s a preservative that is necessary for killing and preventing microbes since this serum contains water. I feel fine about using this!


This is also a preservative, but it’s somewhat new to the market and super gentle and safe.


The texture of the Dime Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum is super smooth, and almost jelly like.

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Drying Time

The serum dries extremely quickly. I apply it when my skin is still damp from my essence to help draw in the moisture from that and lock it in. After I spread it evenly on my skin, I let it dry before applying moisturizer on top. It dries very quickly, in about 15 seconds.


This serum has no noticeable scent. I’m super sensitive to most smells (although I actually LOVE Dime’s perfume), but this has no scent at all.


My skin feels distinctly more hydrated when I use it and my smile lines are less noticeable and my makeup applies more evenly. I always apply a moisturizer on top to seal in the hydration of the serum. For even better results, you can use this serum in the morning, and then use the Dime Beauty TBT Serum at night. The TBT serum is great anti-aging product for fine lines, and brightening your complexion. They’re a great duo when used together since one helps with cell turnover and one hydrates.


The Dime Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum is $30 and the Beautycounter Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum is $54, so Dime is significantly more affordable.

If I had to pick between the Dime Beauty HA serum and the Beautycounter Countermatch serum, I would probably go for the Countermatch one simply because I love the smell of that (ironic, I know, but If I can handle a scent, I tend to like it!), but the Dime Beauty one works just as well and is cheaper. I DO like the texture of the Dime one better, however. I think they perform about the same! You can use code TeriLyn20 for 20% off your purchase of Dime.

Overall Review Of The Dime Beauty Hyaluronic Acid

Like I mentioned above, I’ve had and used Beautycounter’s Hyaluronic Acid serum for years, so I was interested to see if the Dime Beauty HA serum stood a chance. For the $30 price tag, I’m shocked. It truly works just as well. My skin is significantly more hydrated immediately after using this, and I notice that my skin looks more alive and awake throughout the entire day. I use this serum in the morning or night time when I’m feeling extra dry.

Since I have a pretty extensive skincare routine already in place, I use this serum as needed in place of the serum I would usually use. I will note, the only downside to this product is that the bottle is very small for daily use. I went through it quickly, and I was not using it twice a day daily. Thankfully, the price is low enough to repurchase as needed.

A few other Dime beauty products to note are the Blue Facial Oil which is anti-inflammatory (perfect after a day in the sun), Super Firm Serum (like botox in a bottle, great for firming your skin), the Thirsty Face Mist (great for sensitive skin and the only face mist I actually like!), the Gentle Jelly cleanser which has raving reviews —and the Luminosity Eye Serum, which is truly amazing. Read more of my Dime Beauty reviews for skin care in this post.

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Dime Beauty skincare products

Use code TeriLyn20 for 20% off your purchase!

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