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Quick tip: since it’s hard to know if you’ll like a perfume until you try it, I’d do the Dime perfume sample pack and then buy the full size. My promo code TeriLyn20 should give you 20% off all your purchases.

Dime Beauty is one of the brands I’ve grown to love a lot this past year. I saw people talking about it on Instagram for months, and finally decided to give it a try myself to see if it lived up to all the social media hype. I’m pleased to say, it actually does! They make clean beauty products, and what stands out the most to me is the price point of their products for the quality of ingredients in them.

Dime was founded by Baylee and Ryan Relf in 2018, and it has been SUPER successful since then. They’re actually headquartered in my hometown of Draper, Utah which is cool.

Today I’m reviewing their perfume, since it’s the first perfume I’ve been able to wear in years without a headache or feeling like my throat is closing. Even when I’ve tried other clean perfumes (like Phlur), I still struggled with reactions but I’ve had no issues with Dime Beauty perfume.

I am so excited to finally have a perfume that I like and that I don’t react to. This blog post is not sponsored and I actually wrote it before I starting working with Dime as an affiliate.

Dime Beauty Perfume Review
Dime Beauty Perfume lovely dreams

Dime Beauty Perfume Review + My Favorite Scents

Dime’s perfume is made from clean ingredients and contains organic sugar cane alcohol instead of SD 40 (which is used in most perfumes and can be aggressive on skin!). It’s clean, affordable, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are also hypoallergenic, which is awesome! I find that the scent lasts most of the day, but gets lighter as the day goes on, which I appreciate.

Dime has six perfume scents available and I have tried almost all of them, thanks to their sample pack. After I tried that, I got the full size of Lovely Sweet Dreams and Core Memory, so those are obviously my favorite. My TOP pick is Lovely Sweet Dreams if I had to pick just one. I’ll explain each scent below and they’re listed in order of my preference.

Since it’s hard to know if you’ll like a perfume until you try it, I’d do the sample back and then buy the full size. My promo code TeriLyn20 should give you 20% off all your purchases!

1. Lovely Sweet Dreams

Lovely Sweet Dreams is a floral, citrus scent. It contains notes of peach nectar, coconut, and apple, along with white lily, freesia, jasmine, rose, and some soft musk scents. It’s very light and feminine but not overly sweet or floral. This one is my FAR by favorite! My husband likes it too!

2. Core Memory

Core Memory is their most recently released scent and I am loving it for the summer. It’s very lightweight and fresh with citrus undertones. If you’re wary of perfumes, I’d go for this one since it’s so classic and timeless and not overwhelmingly strong. I like this in the warmer months since it’s lighter than Lovely Sweet Dreams.

3. Dans Les Bois™

Dans Les Bois™ Perfume  is a feminine and bold with warm tones of cedarwood and fresh florals. It contains notes of blood orange, jasmine, lavender, saffron, sage, woods, leather, vanilla sugar, and amber. It’s their top seller, and while I do like it, I prefer the two above much more. This is supposed to smell very similar to the very popular Santal 33.

4. Malibu Night

Malibu Night is a coconut musk and berries scent. It contains notes of sandalwood, vanilla, coconut milk, pear, green lives, and raspberry. It’s light and refreshing, but also very sweet. I like the light muskiness of this but overall found it too sweet for my taste.


ILYSB stands for “I love your smell, baby”. This scent is more of a gardenia and sandalwood scent. It contains notes of peach, raspberry, lily of the valley, coconut water, amber, tonka bean, and vanilla sugar. I don’t like gardenia so this one isn’t my favorite.

6. 7 Summers

7 Summers is a warm cream scent with a vanilla lavender fragrance. It contains notes of pear, champagne, warm sugar, praline, lavender, musk, and bergamot. I don’t like this one alone, but I do like it layered with Lovely Sweet Dreams.

7. Felt Cute

Felt Cute is DIME’s newest perfume launch and I LOVE it. The scent is sweet and flirty with notes of f rich coffee, black vanilla, and musky florals. I do think it’s worth noting that this might not be your favorite if you like clean smelling scents. This one is super sweet!

Dime Beauty Perfume on a foodie stays fit

Are Dime Beauty Perfumes Worth Trying?

In short, yes! The really nice thing about DIME is that they offer a sample pack of perfume scents so that you can try most if not all (sometimes their sample pack doesn’t have the most recent new scent released). Perfume and your signature scent is such a personal decision, so I think it’s super important to try them before you commit to a full size. I can’t recommend buying sample pack enough! It’s how I decided to buy the full size scents in Lovely Dreams and Core Memory.

I’m also very impressed by the pricing. Dime’s perfume is $48 a bottle, for 1.7oz. Chanel perfume, for example, is $95 for the same size. And you can’t beat the sample set for $38!

Dime offers free shipping on orders of $49, so you may want to tack on one extra product to get that. I’d get the their eyelash boost serum and/or eyebrow enhancing gel. Since using them for over a year, my lashes have definitely increased in length and my brows have thickened up, and my bald spots in my brows that popped up as I’ve aged have filled in entirely. (I started to see improvements after 3 months of daily use.)

You can read more about my favorite Dime Beauty products in my full review blog post.

 Use code TeriLyn20 for 20% off your purchase.

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    5 responses to “Dime Beauty Perfume + which scent to buy”

    1. I just bought CORE MEMORY and it smells exactly like D&G Light Blue!

      • Ooooh good to know! I have Core Memory and LOVE it but haven’t smelled the D&G one! Now I want to, ha!

    2. I made my second purchase with you and received it in the mail yesterday I got the merchandise and one bottle was completely broken into pieces and another bottle was cracked and so it was leaking out at that time of receiving it I sent you a picture of the cracked bottle and so forth I have not heard from anyone from your company I’m in hopes that you will replace this I paid $32 and I was supposed to get the five samples as well as a bottle of perfume which I did not get I got a tiny black something it smelled like for men please give me some attention for this missed him thank you in advance Pam Nemer

      • Hi Pam! I actually don’t work for Dime Beauty, but just review their products. 🙂 The best way to get support from Dime is to contact their support team! You can find that via their website or quickly send them a DM on Instagram and their team will get it handled for you.

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