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Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote Review (the only oversized tote I’ve loved!)

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I originally bought the Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote to carry my laptop to and from my coworking space, but even since I moved back to working from home full time, I still use it! It can hold a LOT but even if it’s not overfilled, it still looks structured. And I’m especially fond of the price (more on that below!), since I’m not a person who buys purses often. Rather, I prefer to have a few that I can rotate among for all four seasons and in a few different sizes. This tote is the perfect option for traveling or carrying your work things.

In today’s post I’m reviewing this Barrington St. Anne Tote and a few other products I love from the same brand (which is Dallas-Based, BTW). I now own three products from Barrington and I wish I had bought matching patterns for all three, so that’s something to think through if you think you’ll eventually buy more than one Barrington bag. (Trust me, after you see the quality, you’ll want to!)

Okay, let’s jump in.

Barrington Gifts St.Anne Tote Review

Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote Review

It’s the perfect size – big but not overwhelming

I hesitated to get this tote since I don’t typically love an oversized tote. When I saw in other women carrying large totes, they always seemed like a black hole of stuff. But this tote is large without feeling like a magic bag with no end. It’s large enough for my laptop, charger, a couple regular purse items, and a few snacks (necessities for me). The dimensions of the St. Anne tote from Barrington Gifts are 20″L X 13″H X 5″D.

I opted for the non-zip top but they sell a zippered option as well.

Barrington Gifts non-zip tote

Exterior fabric stays clean and is very durable

The Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote is made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas with leather accents. The interior is twill. I especially appreciate that the Axis collection (the pattern I have) is not faux or genuine fur, since that would a nightmare to keep clean.

And while I was worried the nylon canvas might make it feel cheap, that’s not the case at all. It looks and feels very high quality and I love that if I spill on it (which happens a lot), I can easily wipe if off.

Another perk is that is weighs less than 2lbs which is really lightweight for a tote of this size.

Can you wash Barrington Bags?

Barrington recommends you take a small amount of powder detergent, such as Oxy-Clean, mix it with warm water and use a clean toothbrush to scrub the soiled area. They also say you can use wipes such as “wet-ones” on the printed part of the bag. It’s totally fine to scrub the printed part, since this is a nylon canvas material. I’d stay away from the leather parts, though.

More affordable than many popular totes

The St. Anne tote costs about $200, depending on the customizations you add. (More on that below.) A new Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote costs $1,500 and a Tory Burch leather tote costs around $500. So immediately, the Barrington bag has those beat.

Super customizable

I love that Barrington Gifts lets you pick the pattern of your bag with 50 options (I know, FIFTY!). And you can also add your monogram to a leather patch, add a stripe or choose to get a tote with a top zipper.

Interior pockets

The Barrington Gifts St. Anne tote has a few pockets inside of it which are absolutely crucial if you’re bad about throwing everything you own in your purse. I appreciate having pockets so that I don’t have to dig into the tote to find something. Even though I’m not the person who crams my purse full of things, I appreciate the organization. And I love that it’s also big enough for a diaper bag organizer.

I use my Freshly Picked diaper backpack most days right now since my hands are full with a two year old, but when I’m going to a coffee shop to work or have a meeting, this is the bag I always grab! It fits my laptop, no problem.

Makes a great gift

I gave a Barrington Gifts tote to both my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. It’s perfect for any age and not too trendy, especially since I was able to customize each tote! Since it’s also under $200, it’s a great price point for a nice gift.

St. Anne Tote vs. Savannah Tote

I eyed both options and ended up getting the larger St. Anne Tote. But, I got my mom the Savannah Tote since she definitely doesn’t like an oversized tote. The Savannah Tote only comes in a zipper top, and the dimensions are a bit smaller.

St. Anne dimensions: 20″L X 13″H X 5″D

Savannah dimensions: 17.5″L X 12″H X 5″D

The Savannah has an exterior zip pocket, while the St. Anne does not. They both have the same interior pockets – one large zip pocket and four slide pockets. And with both, you can  choose between a patch or a stripe on your pattern.

Other Barrington bags 

The St. Anne Diaper Bag 

This St. Anne Diaper bag is just like the tote I have above, but is made with a few more pockets which are great for holding bottles, diapers, wipes, and all the other essentials. I like that you can customize these because they have a couple really cute patterns that are pale pink and pale blue. Perfect if you wanted to grab one based on your baby’s gender. If I was new to Barrington and didn’t already have the other tote, I might get this (even if you don’t need a diaper bag!) since it has great interior storage!

I do highly recommend this Freshly Picked diaper backpack too. That’s what I’ve used most for Thomas.

Barrington Gifts St.Anne Tote Review

Catherine Crossbody

I LOVE the look of this crossbody bag. The fact that the exterior is a bit structured looks more polished than many cross body bags. And I like the gold hardware accents!

Weekender Bags

The Captain’s Bag

I bought the Captain’s Bag as a weekender and also used it as my hospital bag! See what I packed in it here. The size is great for a few nights away – not huge but not small either. The exact dimensions are 21″L X 14″H X 10″D. See it beside my feet here:

Hospital bag packing list for mom, baby and dad
The Belmont Cabin Bag 

The Belmont Cabin Bag is such a gorgeous travel duffle bag. The dimensions are slightly smaller than the Captain’s Bag (21″L X 12″H X 10″D), but the shape is a more traditional duffle size.  Like all of Barrington bags, you get to customize the outside. You could get a similar pattern to your St. Anne tote to create a cute travel set.

Hanging Toiletry Kit 

A hanging toiletry kit is a must-have for me. I really wish I’d bought it years ago, when I was flying multiple times a month, every month. I HATE fiddling around for skincare and makeup or worrying that something will break. This kit has multiple pockets, folds unfolds neatly, and helps protect my skincare products. I branched out and got this one in a blue Zebra stripe pattern.

Buchanan 15″ Laptop Case

I love how sleek this laptop case looks and it’d fit perfectly inside my St. Anne to keep my laptop free of scratches or scuffs.

Barrington Gifts for Men

I’m always looking for gifts to give Tommy and my brothers. The Barrington gift’s men’s selection is SO impressive. It’s all genuine leather and looks so sharp.

Croc Original Money Clip 

This Croc Money Clip is very practical (and very handsome) gift for guys.

St. James Expandable Folio 

This Expandable Folio is a super handsome gift for any men in your life who work at an office or need to carry files back and forth between the office and working from home these days. It’s such a gorgeous leather too.

Men’s Captain’s Bag 

If you’re looking to splurge on a really nice gift, go for this Captain’s bag. For a guy, I’d order the 100% genuine leather bag – it’s so gorgeous.

I’ll be saving these ideas for Christmas gifts (hard to believe we’ll be Christmas shopping in just a few months!!!) And in the meantime, maybe I’ll just buy myself another tote in another pattern. 😉

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