My Hospital bag checklist list for mom, dad and baby

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Here’s what I packed in my hospital bag for my c-section and post-delivery, along with what I packed for our baby and what my husband brought.

Our baby has arrived and we‘re totally in love! Below I’m sharing what I packed for our hospital stay. I ended up having a C-section, so while I’m leaving the labor-specific things in this post since I still packed them (and loved them for my first delivery), I am also including a list of C-section essentials, now that I have that experience too. And if you want to read my C-section specific packing list blog post, you’ll find it here.

Packing for the hospital this time around was much less chaotic. As a first time mom with Thomas, I had no idea what I’d need and so I consulted as many people as possible. I ended up mostly referencing the hospital bag packing list from my doula since she has been along for thousands of births and it was SUPER helpful.

For this go ’round, I felt more equipped and had a better idea of what I wanted to have with me. My list didn’t change a ton, but there were a few additions which I’ve noted below. I have a video of packing below or if you prefer, you can also watch the hospital bag packing video on YouTube itself.

I shared my postpartum essentials in this post too, if you’re interested.

Hospital bag checklist for mom, dad and baby

Something I learned from my doula last time was to pack two bags: one for things I’d want during labor and one for things I’d use after delivery. That way, if/when you move rooms, it’s less to pack up. This time, instead of two separate bags, everything went into one bag, but I used two different packing cubes to keep things separate. The weekender bag I brought is bigger than my bag last time, so I just didn’t need two full bags. I also knew I was going to use some things for both labor (or in my case, C-section) and post-delivery, so one bag was a little easier.

All of my thing for the baby went in another separate bag, but I didn’t bring a lot for baby boy #2 since I knew I’ve have a lot of hospital supplies to take home (postpartum things). Tommy packed a bag as well, so we had 3 bags in total.

Okay, here’s what I packed in our hospital bag for baby #2! If you’d like a PDF checklist that you can print emailed directly to you, click here!

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom

Weekender Bag

I brought my favorite Weekender bag from ShortyLove as my duffle. It’s VERY big – like actually big enough to fit things you’d need for a few nights away. The quality is top notch too.

Here’s what went in it. Some of these things the hospital does provide (like a labor gown or peri bottle), but I learned last time that I preferred mine over what the hospital had.

What I packed for Labor

What I packed for my C-section



All of these items are going in my beloved Amazon Toiletry bag. It holds SO MUCH STUFF.

Some of this (e.g. makeup and dry shampoo) is for post-delivery, but I want all my toiletries in one place in my toiletry bag.

Miscellaneous Items

Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby

Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad

  • Toiletries + toothbrush
  • PJs
  • Pillow with non-white pillow case
  • Change of clothes
  • Slippers
  • Wallet

I hope this helps if you’re planning for your upcoming delivery and your newborn’s arrival! And if you have any questions, leave a comment and I’m happy to share my experience!

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    3 responses to “My Hospital bag checklist list for mom, dad and baby”

    1. Hey Terri, this list is awesome. Thank you! What size would you recommend for the Bravado nursing tanks after delivery? One size up from normal size?

    2. Hi there!
      I loved the Frida disposable underwear for after my c section, especially when I got home. Wearing anything with a waistband that hit around my incision, especially two things (underwear + pjs) was a no go. I liked the boy shorts cut so I felt like I was still going to sleep with something on. They also held the huge pads in place better than the hospital mesh undies.

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