15+ Abercrombie Essentials 

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15+ Abercrombie Essentials 

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When I was young, Abercrombie and Fitch was the very last brand I would have worn. The sizing was extremely small, even in my correct size (which was obviously not conducive to a healthy mindset for young girls), and the clothes were always on half naked models. I always had a bad taste in my mouth about Abercrombie– without even mentioning the darkly lit store with a gallon’s worth of men’s cologne clinging to everything. You get it.

But I will say, that’s not how I feel anymore. I’m in my late 30s and I’ve started regularly shopping there. And loving it. Much of the positive change Abercrombie has made can be attributed to their new CEO, Fran Horowitz, who took over in 2017. Abercrombie & Fitch, now has a brand new focus on inclusivity, diversity, sizing that ranges much further, and their models are now…err… clothed.

Their jeans are what changed it all for me. I decided to try them last year after seeing someone post about them on LTK. The verdict? OBSESSED. The short version fits my petite, 5’1″ frame without needing to be tailored. I was shocked! After my pleasant experience with Abercrombie jeans (see my full review here), I ordered a few other items to see if their clothes were as good as their jeans. Turns out, they are! I have multiple pieces from Abercrombie in my closet and I’m always scouring their site for new arrivals.

15+ Abercrombie Essentials

In today’s post, I’m diving into my favorite pieces from Abercrombie. I’ll update this post as the seasons change to include current items, so check back in the fall for more!

Abercrombie Must Haves For Women

I’m linking a few items I already own and love and a few that I’m eying for the winter. I’ll update this post throughout the season as Abercrombie gets new arrivals.

Abercrombie Ultra High-Rise Ankle Straight Jeans

The Ultra High-Rise Ankle Straight Jeans are what converted me to Abercrombie.  I originally ordered one pair that was distressed, and now I own a 3 other washes in the same jeans. They cost $99 and go on sale ALL the time, which is a great deal compared to most jeans that I own in the $175-$225 range.

These jeans come in four different lengths: extra short, short, regular, and long. I’m 5’1″, and having shorter options makes a huge difference since regular jeans don’t always look the same after I’ve had them altered. (BTW, getting your jeans tailored to you is a sure-fire way to get more wear out of them). I order the Short length and I own both size 25 and size 26, which is true to size with the other brands of jeans I wear (Madewell, Joe’s, Paige, and Mother). For sizing help, I’m 5’1″, 116 lbs, and a 25 Short fits me well.

Here’s what I love:

  • high waist / high-rise jeans
  • option of a short length
  • slight distressing
  • loose-fitting on bottom, snug on the butt, thighs, and hips
  • not stretchy but not stiff either – I prefer the structure of true denim (They also make these jeans in a curve love version which has a stretchier fit)

Order them here.

Abercrombie jeans Side-By-Side Comparison

Outfits all linked here

And here are a few more angles so you can see how they fit all around.

Abercrombie denim Comparison

Long-Sleeve Satin Plisse Mini Dress

I just ordered this as a holiday cocktail dress. I love the red color, and the shimmery sheen of the fabric. It would be super cute dressed up with heels, and perfect for Christmas parties. See my other holiday party dress picks here.

Mixed Fabric Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean

I’m, SHOCKED by just how much I love these jeans. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of leather pants all season, and this mixed material is my favorite so far. I like that they feel more casual than full faux leather pants. I got my true size (25S) and they fit right out of the box. I’m 5’1 for reference, so I always by the “short” length at Abercrombie.

One-Shoulder Mini Sweater Dress

I absolutely love that it’s a sweater material.

#LTKxAF #LTKSeasonal #LTKHoliday

Strapless Midi Sweater Dress

Another dress in the order I just got. This is stunning online, and also in person. The sweater material tones it down just enough to make it wear-able for me!

Flannel Shirt Dress

During the holidays, I LOVE a tartan plaid. This dress is a perfect blend of classic plaid, with an easy to wear shape.

Puff Sleeve Corset Sweetheart Top

I LOVE this top so much. The pattern/colorway that I have is sold out, but the same style is available in two other colors. I was surprised that I loved this considering it’s cropped, but when I pair it with high waisted jeans and denim shorts, you can’t tell. Keep in mind, I have a petite frame and my torso isn’t long, so that does help.

The puff sleeves aren’t overwhelming, but they add a stylish flare to a simple top, which makes it super easy to dress up! It’s also incredibly flattering on a larger bust, which isn’t always the case for tops like this. The back is smocked, which makes this top super easy to pull over your head, and is also the reason it works so well with larger busts. The pattern that I have is sold out, but the hot pink and kelly green options are stocked and fun fall colors.

I have it in an extra small, and you can shop it here!

15+ Abercrombie Essentials 

Puff Sleeve Corset Sweetheart Top #LTKstyletip #LTKSeasonal #LTKshoecrush

Outfit linked here

Traveler Polo Mini Dress

The next item I’ve worn nonstop since purchasing is the Traveler Polo Mini Dress. I originally bought it for golf since it had a collar, but I’ve loved wearing it as an athleisure outfit too. The fit is snug enough to be super flattering, but comfortable and giving enough to stay in all day. I love when a dress is flattering and comfortable at the same time. The black is out of stock, but the light grey color they have fully stocked is a great neutral.  Just pair with cute sneakers and you’re set!

I wear my favorite amazon biker shorts underneath since they do not have shorts built in. (Mom fashion hack!) Unfortunately the black is sold out, but the light grey and pink options are both fun!

I have this in an extra small and LOVE it. It’s hard to be the price too. Shop it here!

Traveler Polo Mini Dress | Abercrombie Essentials #LTKSeasonal#LTKfit #LTKstyletip #LTKfit #LTKSeasonal

Outfit linked here

Women’s golf outfit idea Abercrombie Essentials #golf #golfoutfit #LTKSeasonal#LTKstyletip#LTKfit #LTKstyletip #LTKSeasonal #LTKfit

Outfit linked here

Smocked Midi Dress

I ordered this dress in the early fall for an LTK conference. It was the cocktail dress! The only color available now is black, but that’s perfect for the winter months!

LTKCon outfit for last night’s cocktail party. #LTKSeasonal#LTKshoecrush#LTKCon #LTKCon

Asymmetrical Snap-Up Fleece

Now this pullover is so cute! I love outerwear in the winter. It’s rare that I’m not wearing a jacket of some sort, even in my house, every day in the cooler months, so I love finding cute options like this. The quilted detail is fun and feminine and the asymmetrical snaps are also a cute detail. It’s been a top seller from Abercrombie for years!

I always pair pullovers with leggings or jeans.

Asymmetrical Snap-Up Fleece Abercrombie Essentials

Classic Short Cardigan

I’m a huge fan of cardigans as tops these days. They’re a great option for nursing moms, as well! There are 6 color options for this cardigan but I’m drawn to the purple one. I’d pair this with the Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jeans. I love the cropped length with the looser fit –such a cute combo.

Everyday Crew Essential Tee

I love Abercrombie’s basics like the Everyday Crew Essential Tee. I have a few of their tees and they always become my favorites. You can never have too many clean, classic tees, and these are a great affordable option.

Abercrombie Must Haves For Men

Tommy rarely shops and has had the same tops and bottoms for YEARS. Here are some of the items I’ve been eyeing for him to help freshen up his closet!

YPB Training Joggers

These training joggers have a cool, tapered fit and they have a nice amount of room through the thighs. These are made in Abercombie’s core active fabric. The waistband is elastic and perfect for lounging.

YPB 7″ Lined Cardio Short

Other item I’m looking for to help refresh Tommy’s closet is workout shorts. I love the style of these cardio shorts from Abercrombie because of the two-toned colors and the length. Seven inches always feels like the perfect shorts length to me.

YPB Training Tee

Are you sensing a trend here? I’m on the hunt for nice looking lounge and activewear for Tommy to wear on the weekends. This Training Tee comes in tons of colors and it’s made in their core active tee fabric. I like that it’s free of logos!

Lightweight Puffer Vest

Tommy already has a few vests he loves, but if you’re looking for a puffer vest that’s more affordable than North Face or Patagonia, this lightweight puffer vest is a great option.

Abercrombie Must Haves For Kids

I LOVE browsing the kids’ section when I’m shopping to see if there’s anything worth adding to my own order for Thomas. Unfortunately Abercrombie’s kid selection is for ages 5 and up, but if you have older kids, here are a few items I like!

Boys Long-sleeve Preppy Icon Shirt

I really love the blue plaid pattern and colorway in this shirt. It would be super cute for church with khakis.

Boys Long-sleeve Preppy Icon Shirt | Abercrombie Essentials

Boys Puffer Vest

I love the navy version of this puffer vest for little boys. It would look great with the button down from above!

Boys Puffer Vest

Girl’s Pleated Skort

Skorts for kids are the best idea ever. This floral print skort is super cute and a practical item for girls heading to school this fall.

Girl's Pleated Skort

Girl’s Fleece Skort

Another ADORABLE skort for little girls. If they made this in my size, I’d buy it!

Abercrombie Essentials Kids Fleece Skort

Bottom Line

Don’t knock Abercrombie until you try it! I was super surprised by how much I like the items I have, and it’s inspired me to shop at A&F more often. I’ll keep this post updated as Abercrombie continues to upload fall arrivals!

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