Celebrating National Get Outdoors Day with Maizey

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I feed Maizey Wellness CORE Dog Food because it’s high in protein & grain free. She’s still very active and healthy at age 8! 

A few Saturdays ago was National Get Outdoors Day and since it was too blazing hot to really take Maizey on a walk, I told her I would make it up to her during our weekend getaway in Pinehurst.


Since I currently live in an apartment building, I bump into other people a lot with Maizey when I taking her out and I’m asked almost every day how old she is. And they are always surprised when I tell them her age – she’ll be 8 this year, but she is still really playful and energetic. I think part of the reason that’s the case is because I’ve always kept her active by taking her running or on walks, even when I had a yard, and by feeding her high-quality dog food.


I’ve always fed her food that is grain-free and high in protein since she is such a lean muscular dog who is very active. I’ve recently starting feeding her Wellness CORE dry dog food again (she was on this as a puppy). IMG_6579

She is eating it really well — and she is a SUPER finicky eater. Having a dog food table also helps with her eating habits. She was throwing up a lot or just wouldn’t eat for days and my vet recommended elevating her food so she didn’t have to bend over and strain so much.


On the days I want to spoil her (more than normal of course – she is already spoiled rotten), I top her food with CORE Air Dried food, which she LOVES. I also use the Air Dried food for small treats at home or on walks or hikes. I try to reward her when she makes good choices 😉 – like going to her room (errr crate…she knows the word “room” not crate haha) when I put on my heels to leave without being told, not pulling towards another dog/not trying to eat other dogs, sitting when I tell her to on our walks and hikes, etc.

When we were in Pinehurst, I took her on an hour walk everyday. She loves walks, being outside, and being active – she takes after me. 😉 And when it’s not too hot and/or humid, I love taking her running.


An exercised dog = good dog.


Although she can be a bit dramatic with her recovery…

And a bit feisty when I don’t take her out when she wants to go…

But I wouldn’t trade her for the world! And I’m pretty sure she has Tommy wrapped around her paw too. They are seriously so cute and ridiculous together – follow me on snapchat (username terilynhutchie) for regular proof.


I would love to hear about how your spoil your dog or anything you’ve done to keep him/her healthy so leave a comment and share! Not that Maizey needs more spoiling…but some new ideas wouldn’t hurt, right? 😉

This post was sponsored by Wellness CORE, and all opinions are my own. I love their products and have spent my own money buying their products and will continue to do so. Thank you, Wellness CORE, for your support! And thank you, readers, for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! 

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    6 responses to “Celebrating National Get Outdoors Day with Maizey”

    1. SUCH a boxer! She’s so cute. I think I’ve commented this before, but aren’t boxers just the best? Mine loves to be outside too. He gets so excited at just the mention of the word “walk”. It’s hard to deny him! 🙂

      • They really are the BEST! She’s so funny! I hate that I don’t have a yard for her to sunbathe in but she always finds the sunspot insight. 🙂 Maizey gets excited when I say, “Do you wanna….” because it’s always followed by “treat” or “go on a walk”. 🙂

    2. I love Maizey getting sponsorship from the blog, lol. She’s so cute and deserves all the swag!! I am right with you on grain-free dog foods. Dogs don’t need fillers in their food! I’ve checked out Wellness before and meant to grab a sample.. I will definitely try it soon!

      • haha I know! It’s about time she start contributing to the household. 😉

        I hope you like Wellness! I feel so much better when I feel Maizey food without fillers and crap – just like I feel better when I eat good food.

        Give your pup a pet from me and a lick from Maizey. 😉

    3. Such a cutie!! That’s a good tip about elevating her food. I have a 9 year old Weim/Lab mix. He’s had a few rounds of mast cell tumors and is on regular medicine to keep his stomach happy (the tumors cause an overproduction of stomach acid) but he still throws up or avoids his food sometimes, which he used to love. Will try that tip!

      • Oh, poor guy! I bet a table will help a lot! Let me know if you have trouble finding one – I bet the pet store where I got mine would ship! It’s a great little family owned pet store in Banner Elk, NC.

        BTW, I just googled a Weim/Lab mix – SOOOO cute!!!!

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