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Last week’s workouts + I think I strained my back from deadlifts (eek)

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Happy long weekend!!! YAY! I was working today but it was such a quiet day with zero meetings, which was nice. I started my day with a 9 mile run, which was totally unplanned. I was thinking I’d run 4-6 miles and after about 2 miles, I almost turned around since it just felt terrible. My shin was hurting, my glute was tight, my lower back was aching. And then, I don’t know what happened, but everything loosened up and I felt amazing. And I just wanted to keep running. So I did. I eventually turned back because (a) I didn’t have any fuel and (b) that whole work thing. 😉 I was so happy (and insanely sweaty) by the time I finished. It was 77* by the time I finished and 75% humidity so I’ve been hydrating all day (I love nuun tablets on days I need extra hydration help!).

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I haven’t done a weekly recap lately, but I’m really enjoying my combo of running and CrossFit. I’m loosely following a Strava half marathon training plan for a race at the end of August, but it’s such a hilly race that I’m not too worried about training too hard for it since I know I won’t PR. 🙂

Last week’s workouts

Top: similar here | shorts | shoes | socks: similar here | watch

M-7.5 miles, 8:33 pace + CrossFit

  • Holy perfect weather, but the first mile felt awful. The top of my foot has been bugging me lately. I think my Birkenstocks have been digging into my foot and I wear those ALL the time walking Maizey.
  • 5×3 deadlifts at 195#
  • 10 minute AMRAP: 10 handstand push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 10 slamballs. I got 5 rounds + 5 HSPU.

T-5.6 miles, 8:27 pace

  • I went nice and easy (slowing increasing pace) since we had done deadlifts the night before.

winston salem running

Top | shorts | shoes | watch

W – 4.2 miles, 8:37 pace

  • This run felt awful. On Monday night, my partner and I were loading up our bar, gradually increasing the weight to get to our working sets. Well, we made too big of a jump (went from 135# to 205#) and when I went to lift it, I tweaked my back. 205 is an okay weight for me, but the jump was just too big and I wasn’t warmed up for it. Lesson learned. Unfortunately, I’ve been aching ever since. Walking seems to help it, and sitting makes it worse, so I’m hoping it’s nothing major.

Th – REST / Deep Tissue Massage

  • Tried to be smart, given my achy back, and I took the day off. And, even without that, my body just needed a day off. I had a massage that night, which felt amazing. She focused on my glutes and hamstrings, and I think it’s a major reason my tempo run the next day felt so good.

F-8 miles, 7:29 pace

  • 2x2x1 mile repeats with 400m recovery jog between each + warm-up/cool down

  • This workout felt amazing! I did the 2 miles/1 mile at a 7:00 min/mile pace (and did one mile at 6:40!). While I really love tempo workouts, once I’m in the middle of them, I almost always dread them. I read in a running book once that if you don’t dread your hard days that they aren’t hard enough. 🙂

Sa-5.7 miles, 8.34 pace

  • I ran with a new friend, Christian (we met via Instagram!)! I really don’t know how I would make friends without social media. 🙂 I loved running with her and can’t wait until she moves to Winston-Salem full-time.

new balance zante women's

Shoes (on right): similar here | socks: similar here

Su – elliptical

  • I walked Maizey at the park and since that made my back feel better, I hopped on the elliptical to try to loosen it up some more. It didn’t really work so I didn’t stay on long.

Total Miles: 31. 1 miles

How I’m Feeling:

Overall, I’ve been really happy with my running lately. I think I need some new shoes though – my feet have been hurting and lots of aches and pains are popping up, which is usually a sign my shoes are getting worn out. I’m close to 300 miles on each pair, so I definitely need to start rotating in a new pair. But overall, my runs haven’t felt too taxing and I’ve just been enjoying the miles (for the most part!). And the sunrises have been AMAZING lately, which makes it easier to get up. I love pulling up my shades each morning to see what the sky will look like.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! 


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    4 responses to “Last week’s workouts + I think I strained my back from deadlifts (eek)”

    1. I’ve been wanting to try NUUN for a while! Do you do a tablet a day? I’m always in need of more hydration!

    2. I’ve always been a Nuun fan. Now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant and continuing to run and crossfit, hydration is even more important. I asked my doctor and she saw nothing wrong with the ingredients or me having multiple tablets a day. I was getting awful leg cramps at night and have had them so much less adding Nuun to my day. I just can’t have the caffeine ones. But for anyone that’s not pregnant, that shouldn’t be an issue

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.