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Last week’s workouts + another pair of new running shoes!

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A recap of last week’s workouts with running, crossfit and golf plus a quick review of my new Nike Pegasus 34 running shoes. I love them so far and am so impressed with how well they clean up after a major mid-run mud disaster!

Happy Tuesday! I don’t know what it is but I was FRIED yesterday. I hit snooze three times and then sat on the couch for almost two hours after work, watching some of the royal wedding and some of the Great British Baking Show (which Tommy has been trying to convince me to watch for years). But looking back at my workouts from last week, no wonder I was tired! Plus, I really think the golf tournament took more out of me than I expected. Trying to be good at something is hard work! 😉

Last week’s workouts

M – 5.2 miles, 8:02 pace + Crossfit

  • Lifting
    • emom 4 mins: 5 t&g power cleans (keep the same weight for all 5)
    • rest 1 min
    • emom 4 mins: 3 t&g power cleans (increase weight from the set of 5)
    • rest 1 min
    • emom 4 mins: 1 t&g power clean (increase weight from the set of 3)
    • I did 65#, 75# and 85#
  • Metcon (AMRAP-reps) against a 13 min running clock:
    • run 800m
    • 50 bar facing burpees
    • complete as many reps as possible in the remaining time of deadlifts 245/165
    • I got through 43 deadlifts, using 125#

T – 6.2 miles, 7:57 pace with Kim

I was super struggling on this run after Crossfit the night before, but I was so happy to be running with Kim! She’s running the Buffalo Marathon this weekend – she’ll crush it!

W – crosstraining: easy elliptical intervals + full body lifting

Th – 7.5 miles, 7:56 pace – rainy run with 7 or 8 strides (lost count)

This was my first run in my new Nike Pegasus 34. I got another pair of new running shoes since they are all toast from marathon training and it’s been fun to try some new options. I’m trying to get running shoes that have a bit more cushion compared to my Adidas Bostons and Nike Zoom Elites, which are better for tempo runs. I’m still liking the Adidas Aerobounce but I think I like the Nike Pegasus even more. The Pegasus 35 just came out, so the Pegasus 34 are on sale, which was nice. But now I keep reading and hearing how great the 35s are and now I want those too! If you’d asked me 10-15 years ago if I would ever run in Nikes, it would have been a firm no. It’s funny how much I’m liking them now! I feel like they’ve really improved since I first tried them in college.

F – 4 miles, 8:15 pace – lunch run

I have meetings over lunch almost every day of the week and I magically didn’t on Friday. I took advantage of the freedom and gorgeous weather and went out for a quick run. I’m always so much more productive I can get away from my desk for a bit, and ideally get a little Vitamin D at the same time!


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Oiselle Portman shorts | old Lululemon tank | oiselle sports bra | Adidas Aerobounce shoes | Garmin Forerunner 235 running watch | Goodr sunglasses

Sa – 4.7 miles, 8:17 pace with Christian

We ran on the Muddy Creek Greenway and realized just how accurate that description is. The sidewalk under the bridge just looked wet but we very quickly realized it was a thick puddle of mud. I was bummed since it was only my second run in the Pegasus and the hot pink color was so cute!


But I just sprayed them down with the hose as soon as I got home and they’re good as new! Now that they’re dry I can see a few dark stains but you’d have to look hard to see them. Woot!


Su – 7.4 miles, 7:53 pace + Couples’ Golf Tournament

It was so humid on Sunday morning, but I really enjoyed just going out and running for fun. I really didn’t have anything in mind when I left and told Tommy I’d be gone anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. I turned my run into a rollercoaster fartlek run – I pushed the pace on the downhills and recovered on the uphills. It’s a fun way to enjoy my rolling hill route rather than getting frustrated with the lack of flat terrain. While I love a good training plan, I also love the freedom that comes without any prescribed workouts!

That afternoon we played in a couples’ tournament and came home winners! We played with another couple, Alex and Chris, and had so much fun! It a close tournament (and man, people get crazy competitive), but we came home with some pretty hardware! 🙂 I’ve never played a full 18 holes and I LOVED it. Granted, the team format helped to keep moving it along!


Total Miles: 35.2 miles

How I’m Feeling: Now that I caught up on sleep, I’m feeling good! My left hamstring and glute have been bothering me again (same ol’ problem I’ve had for a year) so I need to get into my PT once she’s back in town and go see my massage therapist too. It takes a village! 😉

My left arch has really been bothering me too. I think running in my Crossfit shoes without arch support and wearing my converse sneakers (also no support) to walk Maizey may be causing problems. Google says the pain is plantar fasciitis. Typically that manifests in the heel but it can also manifest in arch pain. So I’m wearing shoes with as much support as I can and not walking around barefoot when I’m home. Hopefully that improves things!

What’s your favorite running shoe right now? And if you’re not a runner, do you have any cute supportive shoes you love??


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    5 responses to “Last week’s workouts + another pair of new running shoes!”

    1. I can’t live without my Birkenstock Arizonas! Best supportive shoe made IMHO!

    2. I just buy the gel arch supports from the drugstore and put them in all of my shoes (sandals and heels included). It really helps! I had foot surgery years ago and my doctor suggested this. I also replace the insoles of my casual sneakers with more supportive ones.

    3. My always in rotation show is the Saucony Ride. Last spring when I was looking for something different to add it, Fleet Feet fit me in the Nike Pegasus. I was SO skeptical. 20 years ago I had Nikes and hated them! Well, I loved the Pegasus and will be getting my third pair soon. But now I’m torn btwn buying the 34s or 35, lol

    4. I need arch support all the time so instead of wearing slippers or going barefoot at home, I wear a pair of Chaco flip-flops as my house shoes/slippers. They are so comfortable, especially since I am on my feet a lot at home cooking, cleaning, other chores, etc. I notice a huge difference in how my feet and legs feel when I wear these versus regular slippers. They were $65, so not cheap, but totally worth it; and I think they will last longer since I only wear them inside. I ordered a few different styles/brands from Zappos and found these had the most comfortable arch support for my feet:

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.