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Last week’s workouts: My Boston Marathon training continues!

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My Boston Marathon training continues! I’m about 8 weeks out from race day and still really enjoying training. This past week was supposed to be a “recovery week” but I probably pushed too hard on some runs. You run and you learn! (You can see what training plan I’m using here.)


Happy Tuesday! I woke up to shockingly cold temperatures – it was 33 degrees after running in 65 degree temps last weekend! While I’ll certainly take 33 over 9 degrees, it was a bit of a shock to break out all my winter running gear again. I was certain I was done with it! I’m already nervous about my 20 mile run this weekend; we’re supposed to have 20-30 mph wind with gusts over 40!! YIKES. I’m praying the forecast changes for the better like it did for my last 20 miler,

Here’s what my workouts looked like last week!

Last week’s workouts – 8 weeks out from the Boston Marathon!

M- yoga (AM) + Crosstraining – weights & core (PM)

I started with 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm up my muscles before lifting, and then did 5 supersets alternating two exercises for 3 rounds.

  • 4×8 squats, increasing weight: 65, 75, 89, 90#. 15 tricep pulldowns between squat set, #20
  • 3×15 upright rows; 60 sec core leg criss-crosses
  • 3×15 bicep curls (12.5# dB); 60 sec bicycle crunches
  • 3×15 shoulder press (15# dB); 12 weighted sit-ups (10# ball)
  • 3×15 weighted hip thrusts (30 lbs); 30 sec planks each side

I’m really trying to work on my core since it’s so essential for running higher mileage and I really like lifting, so I’m trying to fit it in when it works with my running schedule. A few of you have asked why I’m not going to CrossFit lately so I’ll work on a post about that!

Leggings | top | bra, old – similar here | Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit sneakers

T-8.1 miles, 8:26 pace – General Aerobic with Christian

There was a light mist during this run that felt so good!

W-8 miles, 8:27 pace – VO2 Max Intervals, 5×800

3 mile warm-up, 5 x 800 intervals at 5K pace (6:30ish) with 3 minute jog between each, 1 mile cool down. The last two intervals killed me!! I had my hands on my knees trying to breath when I finished. But, I still really love intervals. 🙂

Th – 5.6 miles, 8:50 pace – Recovery run with Cheryl, Keith and Hannah

These miles flew by and the weather and sunset were gorgeous.

F – 8.6 miles, 8:15 pace – General Aerobic Run + 6 midrun strides

I ran into my friends Kellie & Clare at about mile 6 and they were so sweet to do my strides with me. They called them out and it was so nice to just run and not focus on keeping track! Plus, they helped me push more than I would have solo. They are WONDERFUL running friends!

Garmin watch | shoes| Oiselle shorts | shirt, old Lululemon

Sa – 14.4 miles, 8:45 pace – Long Run

I ran the first 9 with Cheryl, Hannah and Keith and the last solo 5 felt rough. (They went on to do 22 miles total!) Part of it was probably not having company and I also didn’t fuel until mile 11. Oops.



This sure didn’t feel like a rest day. I was on my feet for over 10 straight hours with a photoshoot and some house projects and was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day. I fell into bed at 10:15 and feel asleep instantly.

Total Miles: 44.7

How I’m feeling: Last week was a recovery week, although it didn’t really feel like it. To be honest, I think I pushed too hard on Thursday and Friday and went into Saturday’s run feeling wiped. I’ve had to rearrange my training schedule last week and this week to plan for some upcoming travel, but I think the 5 consecutive days was a bit too hard on my body. I should have taken a rest day in there rather than doing the recovery run. You run and you learn!

Garmin watch | Nike Zoom Elite | Swiftwick compression socks | shorts – old Lululemon | tank | sports bra (I wear an XS)

I’m trying to figure out my game plan for the rest of the week to try to get my training in but give my body some extra recovery. One thing that helps is doing a run in the morning and the next day do my run in the evening – that extra 8 hours or so with an AM and a PM run (vs 2 AM runs) seems to help. It may be all mental, but I’ll take it!

Any tips for switching up training plans?

I wouldn’t stress so much if it wasn’t my 20 miler – it’s just such a key week in training!

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    2 responses to “Last week’s workouts: My Boston Marathon training continues!”

    1. If you can postpone your long run to Sunday and either do a rest day on Saturday or just 5ish easy miles, that may help mentally going into Sunday after coming off a “not recovered” recovery week.

      • Unfortunately I can’t since I’ll be in Washington, D.C. for a Beautycounter training event and won’t have time to fit in a long run while I’m there. I typically can switch my long run days pretty easily, but this week I HAVE to do it on Friday since I fly out Saturday. :/

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