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Last week’s workouts + Aaptiv App Cycling

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Good morning! I’m sitting here working on this blog post even though I’d rather be running. It’s a cool(ish) morning with a gentle rain, but since my plantar fasciitis is still being grumpy, I’m keeping my mileage low. I ran a total of 5 miles the week before this last one, and I’m working to gradually increase my distance while keeping my plantar fasciitis from getting worse. Although, I’m honestly not sure if it’s worse, about the same, or if I’m just losing patience with it. I’m definitely missing the mental release and the super sweaty sessions that only running gives me. Thankfully I’ve found something that mimics that feeling a little – Aaptiv indoor cycling classes. More on that below!

Last week’s workouts

M – Top Tier Crossfit

  • 15 AMRAP of:
      • 9 deadlifts, 155#/ 100#
      • 12 push ups
      • 15 box jumps , 24″
      • I got through 6 rounds + 29 reps

This was such a good workout! I probably shouldn’t have done the box jumps with my plantar, but I just love them.

T – 4.2 miles, 8:42 pace

My plantar felt a liiiittle better than the week before, but it was still being a little jerk on this run.

W –  4.3 miles, 8:40 pace

I gave my plantar a B- on this run. I decided to start giving my plantar pain a letter grade after each run so I can better evaluate if it’s improving or getting worse. Yes, it’s a very scientific approach. 😉

I get asked about my airpods on Instagram a lot and I have a LOVE/hate relationship with them. Would y’all want a full post about my experience working out with airpods? I have a full-on LOVE relationship with the new Beautycounter liquid liner though.


Th – Aaptiv indoor cycle class

Since I’ve been struggling with my foot, I’ve been nervous to try cycling since I wasn’t 100% sure cycling didn’t contribute to the problem in the first place. I went to a Cyclebar class right about the time the plantar fasciitis kicked it. But, I also switched shoes pretty dramatically at the same time. It was probably a number of things that contributed to it. Regardless, I was nervous to do cycle, but I thought I’d give an Aaptiv indoor cycle class to test the waters. And my foot felt fine! My calf definitely gets tight after cycling – like feels like a ROCK tight – but my foot doesn’t bother me. I know a tight calf doesn’t help my PF at all, but at least I’m not in pain while working out. I’ve been using my Roll Recovery on my calf more often to help!

aaptiv indoor cycling review

I’ve used the Aaptiv app off and on for a year. I first started using it when I was trying to strengthen my core last summer, but I’d never tried any other workouts. I was honestly skeptical of the cycle classes since I’m very picky about cycle classes (probably from my days as an RPM instructor). And I have LOVED the cycle classes. I usually listen to the start of a few to make sure I like the music and the instructor before I dive in. Then once I get going, the time flies by and I’m a sweaty mess by the end. And since I can do it alone, I get that mental release that running solo gives me. (I go to my gym’s cycle studio when they’re not having a class.)

aaptiv indoor cycling review

I did an Aaptiv cycle class (with the trainer Ed) during lunch and was super grateful for the Beautyocunter makeup remover wipes that basically take care of half my showering needs. 😉 You can read my full review of them here!

beautycounter makeup remover wipes


Sa – Solo strength + Aaptiv cycle

7×3 back squats – ascending & descending weight (95, 115, 135, 145, 135, 115, 95)

After the first three sets of back squats, I did bicep curls, and then overhead tricep presses after the next three.

I did an adavnced 30 min HIIT Aaptiv cycle class after lifting and LOVED it.

Su – 4.7 miles, 8:54 pace

I give my plantar a B+ on this run – definitely better than Wednesday’s run! I ran into my PT mid-run and was so happy to have company for about a mile! And Maizey was happy to have me home, clearly.

garmin forerunner 235

Total Miles: 13.2

How I’m Feeling: I’m super frustrated that my plantar is still bugging me, but now that I’m looking at it, I went from 5 miles last week to 13 this week. I also don’t think I should run two days in a row for now. This kind of stuff is exactly why I like reviewing my weekly workouts!

Would you guys want a full review of the Aaptiv app, including the different types of classes it has and my thoughts on them? What about an airpods review?

Have a great week!

Read this post about how I’ve been treating my plantar fasciitis.

See my full skincare and makeup routine here.

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    5 responses to “Last week’s workouts + Aaptiv App Cycling”

    1. Yes to an airpods review! I’ve had my eye on them and would love to hear your thoughts

    2. Hey Teri, I would love a review of the airpods for working out. I use yurbuds for running but I recently bought a new pair and I don’t love the newer ones as much as I loved the older ones. Plus I’ve been thinking about going cord free and was curious if they would just slide out of my ears.

    3. Sorry about your plantar! Darn it! I’ve been there. So frustrating! Have you considered having custom orthotics made? Taking time to rest and my orthotics helped me finally get over it. Good luck!

      I’d be super interested in an AirPods review!

    4. Try the Peloton app! I just use a regular spin bike but they just added a ton of other digital content

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.