Last Week’s Workouts: 40 miles (including 16 miles on the treadmill!)

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A recap of last week’s workouts, including a 10 miler and a 16 miler on the treadmill. I also tried new-to-me workout clothes from Zyia Activewear and loved them!

Hi guys! You know those weeks where you feel like it should be Friday, but it’s only Tuesday? (Scratch that, it’s now Wednesday – I started this yesterday morning and never finished it.) That’s where my head is at this week. We had a lovely weekend in the mountains, but when we got home on Sunday at 9pm, we smelled gas in our house. We called the gas company and they sent out an emergency technician and we had a gas leak AGAIN. In the same spot where we had it before. So…now I’m not even sure the company fixed it the first time. UGH. (Note: if you are local, do NOT use Advanced Appliances. We’ve had so, so many issues with them.)

The gas company came at 9:45pm shut off our gas so we got to bed late by the time that was resolved. Then Maizey was up at 2 am, 4 am, and 6 am whimpering. I could hear her stomach growling so I think she must have had a stomach ache from not eating much while we were in Boone. (She is super finicky and doesn’t eat well when we travel.) But, I got some SOLID sleep last night, Maizey’s been eating like a champ and we’re getting our gas leak fixed today so things are looking up!

Anyway, here’s a look at last week’s workouts. The snow meant that I spent a lot of time on the treadmill. We got 6″ and Winston just doesn’t have the equipment to clear the roads, so all the side roads were terrible. And I definitely didn’t want to run on the main roads and deal with terrible drivers and black ice. So to the treadmill it was! (If you missed it, read my post about how I deal with treadmill boredom.)

Last Week’s Workouts

M – Crossfit 

  • 6×4 back squats with a 3 second descent, 1 second pause at the bottom, 1 second pause at the top. I used 125#
  • Metcon: Two-5 minute AMRAPs
    • row 500m, then complete 10 touch & go cleans + 10 front squats (I used 65#), with max reps bar facing burpees in remaining time

T – 9.2 miles, 7:50 pace

  • This was a Lactate Threshold run (described in this book that I’m mostly using for my Boston Marathon training plan). I warmed up for 3 miles, ran 5 miles at half marathon pace (7:15ish), and then cooled down for about a mile.

  • The first few miles were rough since my legs were pretty dead. My gear was bugging me too. All three shirts kept riding up and bunching (so many layers in the winter) and my earbuds kept falling out. I finally got in a groove around mile 6.

W- 5 miles, 8:48 pace, recovery run

  • The roads were terrible, but Tommy drove me to the gym in the morning so I could get my run in. (His car has all wheel drive, mine does not.) At least I had a pretty view while I was on the treadmill!

Th – 10 miles, 8:40 pace. I was back on the treadmill for this run since the road were still bad.

  • I ran in new-to-me capris and tank and LOVED them both. It’s a small company out of Utah and I’m so impressed with the quality and price.

Tank | capris | shoes

I love this jacket too!

F – 16 miles, average 8:22 pace. I got my long run out of the way a day early so I could enjoy our weekend in Boone!

  • Pacing: I warmed up for 3 miles, then ran 10 miles at goal marathon pace (7:40-7:50 min mile) and finished with 3 miles at an easy pace.

  • Fueling:

    • Pre run: 1 RX bar + coffee

    • Mid run: tailwind throughout (a perk of treadmill running!), took 1/2 gu at mile 7. Water at mile 7 and 10. I started to fade hard at mile 12 and now realize I probably should have taken a full gu. (I get nervous with my finicky stomach.)

  • Shoes: I ran in my Nike Zoom Elite 9s for my 16 miler (after testing them for a couple shorter runs) and I am IN LOVE. I think I may like them more than my beloved Adidas Bostons! My first impression was right!


Su – 3.8 mile hike/nature walk on the Glen Burney Trail in Blowing Rock

Total Miles: 40.2 miles (not counting the hike 🙂 )

How I’m Feeling: My 16 miler gave me a lot of confidence doing some miles at goal race pace (which I’m not really sure about to be honest – more on that in another post!). But, I had to miss my needling appointment because of the snow and I can definitely tell that my glute and hamstring miss it. I have an appointment this Friday though!

My weekly workouts this month are hydrated and sponsored by Primo Water! Thank you for supporting the brands that support me and help me keep this blog running!

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