10 Things to Get at Lidl For Your January Health Kick

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We’re lucky to have two Lidl locations in Winston-Salem! They have great prices, a big selection and plenty of healthy items to get your 2018 off to a good start! Today, I’m sharing 10 Things to Get at Lidl For Your January Health Kick!

When Lidl opened in Winston-Salem, there was a LOT of buzz, but I hadn’t checked it out. But as I started to hear more about it and how amazing their cheese section is and the awesome deals in “Lidl Surprise” section, I finally prioritized making a trip! Lidl is a German-owned company and they focus on operational efficiencies in order to reduce costs and pass those savings onto customers while still providing high-quality items. As a Type A, ENTJ, and “Strategic” label in Strengths Finder, the idea of operational efficiencies makes me soooo happy. 🙂

A store that offers affordable, healthy items to customers makes me happy too! And given the time of year where many people are looking to make or improve upon healthy habits, I think it’s great that Lidl has such a wide variety of items to kickstart a healthy 2018. Let’s take a look at 10 items to get at Lidl for a healthy New Year! (Okay, I added a few extras after the 10  because I couldn’t help it)

10 Things to Get at Lidl For Your January Health Kick

1. Spiralizer

  • I LOVE adding spiralized noodles to my salads and I often sauté them for breakfast to eat along side eggs. I’m big on texture and I really like the texture of spiralized veggies vs. chopped veggies. This spiralizer comes with 3 spiral attachments (Tagliatelle 3/8 in, Linguine 1/5 in, Spaghetti 1/8 in), a large collection container, a storage compartment for attachments, and a recipe book! Oh and it’s BPA free! I especially love that this model stores everything so there aren’t random attachments cluttering my drawers (which I would inevitably throw out since I’m a compulsive purger.)

2. Juicer

  • I used to have a juicer years ago and have really missed it. But, I didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on another juicer. I was SO impressed with this juicer and it is only $30! I made juice for a fellow juice-loving friend last weekend and she was also impressed. It has an extra-large feed tube for whole fruits so you don’t have to spend time cutting everything into smaller pieces. The juicer is powerful with 450W and has two speed settings which allow for for optimal juice yield (different produce should be juiced at different speeds). And the juice collector has foam separator, which is really nice. It also comes with a recipe book if you’re new to juicing!

3. Nutri Mixer

  • This is another small appliance that really impressed me. It’s very similar to the Nutri Bullet but MUCH cheaper – only $25. It comes with 3 travel cups if you want to take your smoothie on the go! The cups, lid and blade attachments are dishwasher safe to make your morning smoothie even easier.

4. Balance Board

  • I used to LOVE using balance boards at the gym while I did upper body work but have gotten out of the habit since our current gym doesn’t have them. I’m trying to do more “accessory work” while training for the Boston Marathon and I’ll use this to help strengthen my core. So far, I am…not very good. ha! Tommy said he could also use this to work on some golf drills. It’s nice that it has a pretty walnut wood finish too. The rest of our workout gear that we hide in the corner is a bit hideous (e.g. foam roller, lacrosse ball) so at least one item will look nice!

5. Running gear

  • Lidl sent me some yoga gear last fall and I was so impressed with it so when they told me that they had running gear in their “surprise” section, I jumped on it! The vest and reflective gloves with the fold-over mittens are perfect for my cold morning runs. If you struggle with cold fingers like I do, mittens are the way to go! I love the fold-over option since I usually need my fingers mid-run to pause my music or tie a shoe. Plus, the foldover part is reflective which is awesome given how dark it still is in the morning.

6. Bluetooth headphones

  • Now that I’ve been using bluetooth headphones, I can’t go back to traditional corded ones! Most bluetooth headphones cost around $100, but these are only $18. AND they actually stay in my ears which is RARE unless there are little ear hooks. These also have reflective material – I LOVE that Lidl puts reflective material on ALL their running gear. More companies should do that! It has a rechargeable battery and up to 7 hours of playtime. It comes with 3 different ear bud cushion sizes too (I use the smallest one).

7. Suspension Trainer

  • We have a huge basement and we’ve toyed with the idea of putting some gym equipment down there. This suspension trainer is the perfect start! If you haven’t used suspension trainers before, they are sneaky hard. They’re great for body weight workouts to build strength and can easily be attached to a door and stored away just as easily.

8. Food storage containers

  • Now that Tommy and I are living together (yay marriage!), we’re really trying to be better about prepping food for the week and eating lunch at home more often. He grills a bunch of meat every Sunday and I chop a bunch of veggies for salads and to roast throughout the week. It takes a little bit of time on Sunday, but the rest of our week SO much easier having food ready. These containers are the perfect size and I like that they’re square so they store easily in the fridge. Round containers make me want to die.

9. Organic produce & Organic Snacks

  • I was so impressed with the amount of organic produce that Lidl carries and the prices! They had organic sweet potatoes, berries, apples, oranges, herbs, kale, arugula, spinach and probably even more that I didn’t see. Their organic produce has some of the best prices of any grocery store in town.

  • In addition to their fresh produce, they had a TON of organic snacks, including dried fruit. It’s often hard to find organic dried fruit, let alone organic dried fruit that isn’t crazy expensive. I rely on dried fruit almost daily for pre-run snacks so I stocked up on this!

10. Protein Bars

  • Lidl carries protein bars that would be great for a post-workout snack if you can’t eat a decent meal for a bit or for an afternoon snack. The flavors sound amazing – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate.

Bonus items for a healthy New Year! 🙂


  • Lidl has a Master of Wine who personally selects EVERY bottle of wine that they carry in store. You can read more about his credentials here, but if the wine is good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. Now I won’t have to stand in the wine aisle for 20 minutes wondering what to get and Googling names of wines to see if they’re decent. They have an easy rating system, using a 100 point scale, to help take the guess work out of your purchase. 80=good, 85=very good, 90=outstanding, 95=wow.

Gluten-Free Goodies, Kombucha & Chocolate

They also had a big selection of gluten-free products, which really impressed me. I bought some gluten-free bread, granola bars, cookies (hey, it’s all about balance, right?) and I made a mental note that they carry chia seeds for dirt cheap. I also saw kombucha there for $2.79 and I fully intended to wipe out their stash when I went back to the store, but it was already gone! And, their chocolate is AMAZING. I usually hate milk chocolate, but even their milk chocolate is amazing. (I stocked up on my usual dark chocolate too!) And I love that they sell packages of individually wrapped mini chocolates since I like to have a couple in the afternoon and after dinner. 🙂


If you are near a Lidl, it’s definitely worth the trip! I think the Lidl Surprise section will be addicting – I want to see what else they get in!! (They had fun New Year’s Eve outfits – I even wore one of their sequin dresses on NYE!)

Thank you to Lidl for sponsoring this post! And thank you for getting me hooked on all your chocolate! 😉

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    5 responses to “10 Things to Get at Lidl For Your January Health Kick”

    1. I have to visit Lidl next time I’m up, which I think will be next month! I’m so sad I don’t have one near me. It looks amazing, and my boss in London has raved about it too!

    2. I’ve been once or twice, and I’m inspired to go again! They are both a little off the beaten path for me, but so is my other source for great GF goods, and it’s nearly time to stock up again.

    3. We have a new Lidl right outside Charlotte that is about 10 minutes farther, but honestly, the money saved is usually worth it! I did a HUGE haul of fresh fruits/veggies and meat yesterday and easily saved $20-30 based on what I usually get at Publix. They don’t have quite everything but they have all the basics for sure!

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