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Last week’s workouts + running in Utah is the BEST

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I spent all of last week in Utah and I am always amazed at just how good running feels there. I’m at altitude (my parents live at 4000+ feet), but the air is so much crisper, which I think plays a large part in how well I run. Plus, I get all nostalgic, the trail I run has the perfect amount of rolling hills and flat portions, and I’m not worried about cars or creeps on that route. (Meanwhile, in Winston, I always feel like I could possibly get hit and the catcalling is out of control, ugh.)

Anyway, it was a great week of running my favorite trail solo and meeting up with friends!

Last week’s workouts: Utah Running & more

  • M – 7.5 miles, 7:41 pace. The Porter Rockwell Trail in Draper is seriously my favorite place to run! Look at these views! 

If you face west, you see this.

And if you face east, you see this.salt lake running trails

  • T – 6.1 miles, 7:49 pace

It was cold & windy but I didn’t even care cuz I love this place. (Never mind that it only got colder throughout the week! I was in gloves and a beanie by the end of the week!!)

running trails salt lake

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  • W – 5.3 miles, 8:25 pace

I ran with my one of my best friends since middle school. Holly and I had never run together, which is crazy to think about, especially considering she’s the race director of the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon! (I’m planning to run it next year, finally!!) We ran the Jordan River Parkway, which is another one of my favorite trails!

  • Th – Draper Crossfit with my Mom

I seriously LOVE her Crossfit gym!! We cleaned up nicely before we each headed off to work.

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And my dad got to work around the farm, building fences, prepping his burn pile and moving some bricks to help make a walkway going to his buddy’s house. (Seriously so cute.)

I love that my parents still have so much land considering the small town where I grew up is now one of the fastest growing cities in Utah.

  • F – 4 miles, 7:27 pace

I did a post-bootcamp run mostly to take in more Utah running views

salt lake city running trails

Before my run, I went to Freedom Fitness Bootcamp in Sandy with my brother, sister-in-law and mom at 6 am. Jesse and Ashly go everyday and love it and I can see why — it was so much fun!freedom fitness bootcamp sandy utah

  • Sa – 9 miles, 7:53 pace

I ran with my long-time friend, Whitney, whom I grew up with and was very close to in high school. She’s a great friend and a great runner – she just ran 3:24 at the St. George Marathon a week ago and then busted out this run!

  • Su – 4.1 miles 7:13 pace

I almost skipped this run since I was flying out that morning and I didn’t want to be rushed, but my mom reminded me that we almost never regret doing a run. and I’m SO glad I did. It just felt so effortless and I was so happy to be hitting paces I hadn’t seen in so long! My last mile was sub 7!


Total Miles: 36.1 miles

That’s the highest mileage I’ve hit in MONTHS!!!! I really want to have a solid base of mileage built before I go full-blown into Boston marathon training and I’m starting to feel hopeful that will be possible now. (TBD if I’ll follow the same marathon training plan as last year or hire a coach. You can see all my posts about the 2018 Boston Marathon here, including my tips for the expo and Athlete’s Village, if you’re running it for the first time!)

How I’m Feeling: Beyond happy!!!! Running felt so good and my body just felt free and loose for the first time in a long time. I hope it continues when I’m back in Winston! By the way, I ran in my apple airpods while I was Utah and they didn’t fall out ONCE. You can read my full review here!

running trails salt lake city

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    3 responses to “Last week’s workouts + running in Utah is the BEST”

    1. Great post with some really beautiful pictures! It does look like a fantastic place to go running. And it looks like you and your mum enjoyed the crossfit. Glad to hear that you’re feeling great about your running goals at the moment – it can get tricky as winter comes in but it looks likes it was nice and warm in Utah!

    2. I’m super curious to hear about your decision to hire a coach or not! Have you in the past? Why would or wouldn’t you?

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