The Weekender + Plants Even I Won’t Kill

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Ahhh I love sunshine! I’ve been outside nearly all afternoon. I went to Lowes and picked out lots of plants and flowers for my house. Most found their homes outside, including this Boston Fern and pot of flowers (calibrachoas). I got both of these types last year and had good luck keeping them alive.
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And I bought that big plant over in the corner for the inside. The plant that is closest is one that I’ve kept alive since last spring! I moved it inside over the winter and it’s flourished. I put the pot in a candle holder that I wasn’t using and love the look! (Well, I loved it after I sent Crystal a text to confirm it looked OK. She has a fantastic eye for interior decorating. Cough, start a business Crystal, cough! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
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I seriously love having plants in every room; they brighten my mood. Plus, they create fresher, healthier air in the house.
Maizey supervised the afternoon’s activities.
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Alright, here are some links for you! Happy Weekender!
  • Cut tomatoes like a ninja! I tried this and I think it could have work if I had a sharper knife and someone to hold the top plate for me; it was slipping as I cut.

And, the winner of the Speakable necklace isโ€ฆSusan B. who wants the Let It Be Speakable necklace! Susan, I’ll email you shortly! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to everyone that entered!

Have a great week friends!

Do you have a green thumb? If so, any keep-plants-alive tips? If not, are there any plants you have had good luck with?

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    11 responses to “The Weekender + Plants Even I Won’t Kill”

    1. I need a plant I can’t kill. My husband jokes with me I kill every plant I’ve ever had. Which – is true, really…

      • seriously, i feel your pain. This past year has been my turning point. I’ve learned to water consistently (i.e. don’t go a week or two without watering…oops!) and to keep the plants in the same spot. They like to make a home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Try a begonia. I’ve had such good luck with that!

    2. oh my gosh, i have a black thumb! seriously, i’m so bad at keeping indoor plants alive and it’s all i can do to keep my yearly herb garden kicking outside. my parents are SO into working in the yard and plants. i missed that gene.

      have a wonderful week!

      • I swear it’s an acquired skill. I’ve always killed everything (and I still kill airplants which are supposedly impossible to kill). But I’ve slowly been getting better! Try a potted begonia; I’ve had great luck with that thing inside!

    3. I love having plants too… My husband doesn’t enjoy having them around as much, but like you, they brighten my mood. I have a Philodendron that just won’t die. I swear there have been so many times that I’ve forgotten to water it for extended periods or didn’t have it in the sun, but it continues to keep on growing!

    4. Thanks for sharing the okcupid article. My boyfriend and I met using that site and I always appreciated the statistical analysis that goes into their match process. We have a 96% compatibility rate (not too shabby), and I’ve never been happier!

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