Spontaneity is a Good Thing

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Yesterday morning one of my coworkers came around and said he had two free tickets to the Train concert that night in Charlotte. I’ve always been a planner and value my sleep. So a last minute mid-week concert totally goes against those two things. But I was feeling adventurous. Heck, it’s been a beautiful (i.e. relatively cool) summer, it was an outdoor concert, the line-up was good and the tickets were free. All positive things! So, my boyfriend and I decided to be spontaneous and head to the concert after work. It was just over an hour away at the Verizon Amphitheater and we arrived just as Gavin DeGraw was wrapping up his set. 

The Script came on stage next. I like some of their songs but mostly I liked their Irish accents. Plus the guys were hilarious! It was fun because they still seemed kind of in awe of their fame and were really engaged with the crowd.

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We sipped on Corona Lights (my first beer from a can!) and promptly texted a picture to my neighbor Blair who is a big fan of beer and teases me for my wine-snobbery ways. I knew she’d be so proud. 🙂 ) 

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I wasn’t totally feeling beer despite the gorgeous evening. But alas, no wine at this event. However, in between The Script and Train I went to the restroom and stumbled upon Crispin on tap! Love that stuff!

Train put on a great show. I’m not a crazy huge fan, and while I don’t dislike their music and do really like a couple songs, they’re probably not a group I’d go out of my way to see. But, they put on a great show. They sounded awesome live which isn’t always true of performers! They also had a girl named Ashley Monroe perform a few songs with her and she was AWESOME! She is a country singer and I LOVED her voice. I’ll definitely be checking out more of her music. 

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I’m so glad we decided to be spontaneous. Some of the best memories aren’t planned; they just happen. And you just have to be open to letting life happen. 

If you could pick any concert to go to, what would it be? I’d pick Garth Brooks or Coldplay. I’m sure there’s others but I’m too sleepy to think right now. We got home after midnight last night (waaaay past my bedtime) and it’s 10 PM right now and i’m about to crash. 🙂

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    20 responses to “Spontaneity is a Good Thing”

    1. During my senior year of college, Garth Brooks came and did NINE sold out shows in Kansas City. We scored tickets to one of them, and before the show, a roadie came and gave my friend and I two tickets for seats in the SECOND row, front and center. Most incredible experience. Highly recommend finding a way to make that Garth Brooks dream a reality. I realized I haven’t been to a concert since then (2007! I guess I didn’t think anything would live up to it) but am “chaperoning” at a Taylor Swift concert this weekend!

        • Taylor was just awesome. Huge theatrical production. Of course she was a little cheesy, but she was targeting a mainly under-18 audience…yet those of us a decade over 18 still thought it was SO fun 🙂

    2. Ashley Monroe is great! She’s part of Pistol Annies with Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley too.

      Last minute gigs can be great experiences, I did it twice in one week earlier this summer and felt like such a rebel. Both were great too, so glad I made that choice.

      Any concert… Oh my so many, but I’d have to say Fleetwood Mac, but on the Tusk tour in 1979/80, never mind that I wasn’t born. 🙂

    3. I love train! That sounds like it would be a great concert! I am a big fan of all country concerts. When I lived in Raleigh, NC we would go to as many as we possibly could – hoping to go to Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry here in October – it wouldn’t be my #1 concert of all time but I think anything live is so much fun!

    4. I would pretty much die to have been able to go to the Spice Girls reunion tour a few years ago… no I’m not ashamed 🙂
      Like a lot of people, I have to make an effort to be more spontaneous during the work week. The weekends are one thing, but since moving, I’ve had the momentum to make the weekdays more fun, something I hope I can maintain!
      The Script sounds like a really fun show to watch!

    5. Train is FANTASTIC live! I got to see Pat Monahan perform on his own at a private concert a few weeks back. Probably best live performance I have ever seen.

    6. Bummer you didn’t get to see much of Gavin– he’s actually AWESOME live. I saw him once and my sister has seen him at least 3 or 4 times. I’m going to see JT and Jay-Z next week and The Backstreet Boys (yes!) in a few weeks. The best concert I’ve ever been to, by far, was Lil Wayne, though! I think it was at this exact same venue in Charlotte!

    7. I love being spontaneous! Two months ago we were invited to a friend’s wedding in Spain and I said, “lets go!” It was a hectic two months of planning and prepping but we had the most amazing time. Sometimes you just have to jump in!

    8. How about a Zack Attack reunion from Saved By The Bell? Slater on drums, Lisa on bass, Screech on keys ….. Friennnnnnds Forevvvvverrrrr. That would be epic.

    9. Yes there is! But I don’t think we’re making anyone’s “concert bucket list” anytime soon

    10. I’m not a very spontaneous person either. (I’m a Type A planner.) I’m trying to be more spontaneous & also do things that may be a little outside my comfort zone. I find that sometimes those are the most rewarding experiences.

      I would kill to see Garth Brooks live! Been wanting to go for YEARS!

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