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What to Wear to the Masters Golf Tournament (and what NOT to wear!)

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I attended the Masters for the first time last spring, and it was even more fun than I had predicted. My father-in-law has been going to Augusta for the Masters for decades (he is a PGA golf professional) and Tommy has been dozens of times too. I cried when my father-in-law called and asked if I wanted to go. Not kidding.

If you know anything about golf, then you know that the Masters is iconic, and getting tickets is no easy feat. The tournament is steeped in tradition and history, and there are lots of things to know before you go! My first question when I got off the phone: “What do I wear?!” Thankfully, I had lots of Masters veterans to ask.

In today’s post, I’ll share exactly what I wore plus a few outfits that were approved by my husband and father-in-law (and a few items are aren’t approved), in hopes that it gives you a little inspiration and guidance when it comes to dressing for the tournament. I sadly won’t be attending this year but I think it’s a good excuse to have a golf-themed party! (I should bust out the caddy outfit from my son’s 1st birthday party that was golf themed!)

I’m no Masters expert but my father-in-law and husband are so feel free to ask questions if you’re attending this year and I’ll get them to weigh in!

What to Wear to the Masters Golf Tournament


The first thing my father-in-law said to me when he saw some of the pictures I sent him was: “sandals are a rookie mistake”. Note taken. I should have figured, considering I knew we’d be walking for HOURS and standing on our feet most of the day. Another follower of mine said that sandals are not only a rookie move, they’re also a diva move ;). She said wearing comfortable sneakers (or even golf shoes) shows you’re really there for golf. Don’t believe me? Just google photos of Meredith Scheffler at Scottie’s matches. It’s always sneakers. When we were at Augusta last year, we saw a woman walking in giant platform sandals and even heard a couple players making fun of her. Yikes but hilarious. (Unless you’re the woman trying not to break your ankles all day.)

I wore my favorite Veja sneakers since I had already broken them in (you can see a glimpse of them in the photos above), and I was confident I wouldn’t get blisters in them. As much as I LOVE my espadrille sneakers (shown below), I hadn’t worn them enough to verify that they’d be blister-free after hours of walking. Plus, I was worried I might roll my ankle in them since they’re platforms.

The outfit below is a great option for The Masters, and everything I’m wearing in the photo is still available. The blue dress is a linen blend and perfect for spring weather, the platform espadrilles are a great combination of cute and practical for walking, and my Le Specs sunglasses are really affordable (and SUPER durable).

woman sharing  What to Wear to the Masters Golf Tournament

Masters Approved Sneakers


One of the things I love about golf is that it’s a “dressy” sport. Wearing a polished, appropriate outfit is important, and the Masters is no exception! A nice sundress is a perfect option for a day at Augusta. Just be careful not to wear something too short, since you may end up sitting in the grass for some of the day. Since the weather is usually in the 70s or 80s, a lightweight dress in a cotton or linen blend will likely be perfect.

Pro-tip: wear a pair of short biker shorts underneath your dress. This way, you aren’t concerned about your underwear showing if a gust of wind blows your dress, or if you’re sitting on the grass. This is also a toddler-mom trick for wearing dresses at home.

TeriLyn Adams wearing a dress and sharing What to Wear to the Masters Golf Tournament

Before I share all of my favorite Masters approved dresses, I wanted to call out this PERFECT dress from Byrdie Social. How ideal is this color!? It buttons all the way down, and has contrasting floral shorts that come with it too. How cute!

Masters Approved Dresses

Matching Sets

If the idea of wearing a dress all day feels out of your comfort zone, a matching set is a good option. One of the outfits I considered was this purple short set since it’s still feminine and looks put together, but it’s a little more casual than a dress. A set like this looks natural with sneakers and a golf hat too, making it a great option if you prefer to wear something a little sportier. If you know you’ll be sitting on the grass, then shorts are an easy choice. This matching set is one of my favorite outfits and perfect for the Masters. The Rails top comes in multiple colors, as do the matching shorts. The Rails top is available in a berry color on Revolve, which ships in two days for free, so if you’re a pinch, order from there.

TeriLyn Adams wearing set in purple and sharing What to Wear to the Masters Golf Tournament

Masters Approved Sets

White Jeans and a Blouse

If you happen to go to the Masters on an unusually cool day, a pair of white jeans is an appropriate outfit choice. While blue jeans, in general, aren’t golf appropriate, white jeans are an exception. My white jeans are by Madewell and fit TTS. My floral blouse is old J.Crew from last year, but this Tuckernuck find is very similar. The shoes I’m wearing below are the same Vejas I ended up wearing the day-of.

TeriLyn Adams wearing white jeans and a blouse and sharing What to Wear to the Masters Golf Tournament

Masters Approved Cool Weather Outfits

Golf Attire

Another appropriate option for the Masters is true golf attire. You’ll see some women wearing a golf dress or skort, with a collared top tucked in. If this sounds most comfortable to you, then go for it! This post has cute women’s golf clothes.

Masters Approved Ladies Golf Attire


Since you’ll be outdoors all day, you will want a hat — even if you don’t plan to wear it all day. Some women will wear dressier sun hats, while others will opt for a traditional golf hat (this is more my style). If you do opt for a golf hat, buy a Masters hat at the tournament instead of wearing a different brand. The same friend who gave me the sandals-are-a-diva-move tip also said that wearing another brand (or golf course) logo, is bad form. It would be like showing up to a fashion show wearing another brand on your chest. Choose a golf hat that’s unbranded, or buy a Masters hat at the tournament.

Masters Approved Hats


Practical, and a cute accessory. I wore my tried and true Le Specs Bandwagon sunglasses, but I also love this super affordable pair of retro sunglasses from Amazon.

Sunglasses I’m Loving

A small purse

There is a small bag policy at the Masters, so you’ll want to do some quick measuring before you show up. Bags must be 10” x 10” x 12” or smaller, so a small crossbody bag is a great choice. You’ll want to carry your sunglasses, a small bottle of sunscreen, your wallet or card holder, and maybe a lip gloss or too. Since you can’t bring your phone in anyway, don’t worry about it fitting. This Caterina Bertini shoulder bag would be really cute, or this belt bag from Byrdie Social Wear.

I have blog post with my favorite stadium-approved bags that may be helpful as well.

Masters Approved Purses


Like I just mentioned above, throw a small bottle of sunscreen in your purse. You’ll be outside in the sun (assuming there’s no rain…), so you’ll want to be prepared. I was NOT prepared last year and ended up with a pretty bad sunburn. This is my very favorite face sunscreen.

What NOT to wear or bring to the Masters

Your cell phone

One of the iconic traits of the Masters is that cell phones are prohibited. But no need to fret if being out-of-reach makes you nervous. There are banks of free phones you can use right off the first fairway, and then a second set near the eighth tee, so write down the phone numbers of anyone you plan to call. As heavenly as it was to be cell phone free for an entire day, I wanted to check in on my toddler a few times, so we just let our nanny know to accept phone calls from Augusta.

Other electronic devices

This includes cameras (unless you’re there for the practice rounds).


Like I said above, rookie move. I am SO thankful I wore sneakers last year.


Strollers aren’t allowed at the Masters, so this is a great time to have an adults-only getaway, or to bring your kids once they’re walking and will enjoy a full day of golf.

Food and drinks

There’s no need to bring your own food or drinks anyway, since the food at the Masters is truly iconic. I got a peach ice cream sandwich and a club sandwich. And of course, be sure to wash those down with an Azalea cocktail. I really loved the beer they had and I’m not much of a beer person!

Fun fact: did you know that the prices of the food at the Masters are intentionally cheap? I LOVE this. Considering how expensive tickets are for the Masters itself, the affordable concessions are a welcomed bonus.

For now, that’s all I’ve got!

If you’ve been to the @themasters, share your pro tips in the comments. And if you know a friend who is going, be sure to share this with them!

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    1. Your post about the masters was simplistically perfect! Thank you!! I have thumbed thru it a couple times as this is my first time attending. I have a fun green scalloped dress from Nordstrom but one gust of wind and I’m flashing everyone…. LOL. I want to be comfortable but also look sophisticated which is my style anyway! I appreciate the tips 🙂

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