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Thomas’s First Birthday Party – a Golf Themed Par-Tee

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We had the BEST time at Thomas’ 1st birthday party (which we called a par-tee, of course) a few years ago. I’ve linked everything we used below, in case you want to host your a kid’s golf themed birthday party in the future (or maybe an adults Masters Party)! I got almost everything from Amazon, so I’m proof that you can absolutely create a golf-themed party on a budget.

A little backstory: Tommy and I love golf. Tommy’s dad is a golf pro, and Tommy golfed in college. I played a bit in high school and then started playing more when Tommy and I started dating. Playing nine holes is one of our favorite things to do together, and now Thomas loves joining us on the practice putting green in Boone, where Tommy’s dad works. While Tommy and I don’t get to golf together as often as we used to, I still try to golf once a week! (Here are some of my favorite golf outfits).

Back to the birthday party… I’ve seen some pretty elaborate children’s birthday parties on Instagram and Pinterest over the years, and that was NOT the plan for Thomas’s party but I wanted to do something sweet and special for our loved ones to get together and celebrate our favorite boy! My mom was in town from Utah for the week, so we thought it would be fun to put together a little party with family and some close friends (not tons of guests!) at the playground. All I really wanted was to let Thomas enjoy the chocolate cake that I made for him (and I was satisfied by the results).

Easy Kid’s Golf Themed Birthday “Par-Tee”

Hannah (my content manager) loves to plan parties (in fact, she was actually planning her wedding at the time!), so she helped me come up with the whole idea! I told her that I wanted to do something cute for Thomas, but nothing that took too much work.

She pitched the idea of a golf party or “par-tee” and found everything (except one or two details, which I’ll share below) on Amazon two weeks prior to the party. I sent out an evite (they also had a par-tee themed invitation) and that’s it!

The idea was to have one long table with all the cute decorations and food, and let that be the only thing we really “set up”. It was super easy because it didn’t take a ton of thought, and everything was super cute paired together! This was very “diy”ed, and easy! And while we did have our party at the playground, you could easily do this in your backyard.

Golf Party Decorations

This is what we ordered on Amazon:

Another party idea was to have golf ball cake pops. That would have been super cute if we had time!

We didn’t have party favors, but this set would be super cute if we had them customized. It comes with a custom golf ball and golf tees.

Golf Party Themed Food and Drinks

Kids Golf Themed Birthday Food and Drinks

There are a few ways you can go with this! We wanted to have food people could snack on and eat standing up, and so we went with a golf club themed menu.

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  • Club sandwiches
  • Pimento Cheese sandwiches (a Master’s special!)
  • House chips (you could label these chip shots!)
  • Sugar cookies (made by Caroline’s Cookie Company)
  • Arnold Palmers (a perfect beverage cart drink for a party!)
  • Beer
  • Lemonade
  • Water (or you could do water-bottles with logos on them!)
Kids Golf Themed Birthday Food and Drinks

Kid’s Caddie Outfit 

This was a little bit expensive for a child’s costume, but lucky for us, it was too big so he can keep wearing it AND it doubled as one of his Halloween costumes. (We dressed him up a few times – see here and here.)  The velcro name and the number one on the caddy outfit are both removable, so we could also easily share this with friends if they wanted to use it for a similar party! And since it only has our last name, and not “Thomas”, we can use it again if we have another child.

I got this caddie jumpsuit on Etsy, and the vendor shipped it really quickly! It was absolutely a hit, and although not the most comfortable for Thomas all day, worth it for the cute pictures ;). Make sure to take it off for cake time! If you want a cheaper caddie outfit, check out this and this.

What to wear to a golf themed party

Obviously Tommy and I didn’t wear anything special, although Tommy wears golf clothes pretty much everyday anyway as a golfer himself, but if you really wanted to ALL out, I love this tennis dress from Tuckernuck. Pair it with a visor and sneakers! SO cute.

Here are a few other cute golf appropriate outfits that would look really cute for a par-tee:

Golf Themed Games

We didn’t play any golf games (other than Thomas swinging ;)), but if your child is older, putt putt would be such a fun place to host this party! You could play golf ball relays (hold the golf ball on a spoon, like an egg relay).

It was quite the celebration! We had so much fun.

If you host a golf or Masters themed party, I’d love to hear about it and any other cute finds you have!

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    6 responses to “Thomas’s First Birthday Party – a Golf Themed Par-Tee”

    1. Lovely, doable birthday party idea. I am sick of the Over the top parties I see on Instagram. My little guy turns 1 this weekend and we are having a pug dog theme as the name of our own pug was one of my guy’s first words. Love the golf theme though and would be great for older son’s summer birthday. Thomas is such a cutie. Love seeing you “morning with Thomas” insta stories

    2. Hi! Doing this theme for my little guy this April. Where did you get the adorable high chair banner?


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