The Best Clear Crossbody Bag That’s Stadium Approved

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Football season is in full swing, and I’m here for it! While we don’t hold season tickets for any college teams nearby, we do go to a few App State games in Boone each season. I love a fall football game, especially in the mountains!

I shared a full blog post with my favorite cute (but still practical) outfits for football games. I thought one game-day outfit essential needed it’s own blog post: clear crossbody bags. So that’s what you’re reading today!

If you’ve been to a football game (or concert) recently, you probably noticed that your purse had to be clear, or if not clear, super small. That’s because most large stadiums have started implementing clear bag policies. The goal is to make sure people aren’t bringing sketchy stuff into games. It makes sense to me, but it can still be a pain to have to find a game-day-specific-purse that’s cute.

The good news is that I’ve found a few really cute ones and they’re all from Amazon! There’s no sense in investing in an expensive game-day bag unless you’re a college student who’s going to games every weekend. If you’re only using a clear bag a few times each season, then one of these Amazon purses will do the trick just fine.

Best Clear Crossbody Bag That’s Stadium Approved

My #1 Pick – Clear Crossbody with Fabric Strap

This clear crossbody bag with a detachable fabric strap is far and away my favorite game-day bag find this year. Not only does it look more expensive than it is, but it feels that way too. The size is substantial as it’s much larger than most crossbody bags I own. There are two pockets so that you can keep things organized (the top is zippered, which I also love).

The fabric strap is removable if you wanted to swap it for a different one you had. I honestly LOVE the strap as-is, and the length is adjustable so you can wear it long or short. Khaki is the only colorway I’ve seen in person. It’s super cute, but I’d imagine the other colors are too. This is the one I just bought since the original one I ordered (pictured above) had a strap that was weirdly long.

#2 – Colorful Crossbody with Chain Strap

Next on my list is this colorful crossbody purse. It’s mostly a clear vinyl material. There’s a removable storage pouch inside that can give you a little privacy for items like tampons, pads, medication, etc. which I appreciate. This purse has a long chain strap with a vegan leather detail at the top. The leather sits on your shoulder. I like this for comfort purposes–– chain straps dig into my shoulders without leather details like this.

I also like the square acrylic buckle, and the fact that the strap is detachable. You could easily carry this bag by the top handle if you wanted to ditch the crossbody look altogether. One bonus of this bag is that you could get it in your team colors. There aren’t a ton of options in primary colors. However, you’ll see yellow (for ASU or Wake Forest), light blue (any UNC fans out there), black, white, and leopard print options, just to name a few.

#3 – Vegan Leather and Clear Crossbody with Gold Details

I had the hardest time deciding if this should take second place. However, ultimately I knew the team color option of the bag above was the deciding factor. However, this vegan leather option looks so high end with the gold hard wear and strap details that it made it a hard choice!

This bag comes with two removable straps, and you can wear it short or long.

#4 Non-Zippered Clear Crossbody Bag with Leather Strap

Now this clear crossbody bag is super fun with the colorful leather strap and knotted details, but it’s a little less practical since there’s not a zipper. If you plan to keep it on your person for the entire day and don’t leave too many valuable things in it, I love this option. The light pink color is super cute!

#5 Clear Semi-Leather Crossbody Bag

I’m putting this clear purse at the bottom of the list because I had a variation of this and just wasn’t obsessed, although it does get the job done. The only issue I had was that when the strap wasn’t doubled up, it felt way too long. But it’s also important to note that I’m 5’1″, so it wouldn’t be that long on everyone. And doubling the strap is also not a big deal.

If you like the look of a more minimalistic and feminine design, then this is a great game-day option.

If you get one of these clear bag for stadiums you’re heading to this year, will you snap a picture and tag me on Instagram? I’d love to see it!

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