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This past week was an intense week of workouts. I’m still loving CrossFit! I even cancelled my YMCA membership after 7 years and am planning to join Metro CrossFit after my intro month is up. I kind of can’t believe I won’t have Y membership!! The Y is an amazing organization and I’ve loved being a member, especially in Winston Salem. But, I’m really not crazy about the Y that’s near my house in Charlotte and really struggled with getting in quality workouts there (it’s very small, gets crowded and doesn’t have a lot of equipment).

The cost of CrossFit is definitely going to be an adjustment to my budget but it’s worth it to me…I am really pushing my body in new ways and I’m actually looking forward to workouts, which is good since I’ve been kind of burned out on the running/Pure Barre/lifting routine I’ve been doing for a couple years.

My workout recap is below. Question for ya: do you guys like when I blog about my workouts? It’s a lot of detail, but if you’re interested, I’ll keep writing about it! Let me know! I always love to know what you guys want to see from my blog! (More running posts? More recipes? Any specific topics? And I know I owe you guys a post on how I curl my hair!! It’s YEARS overdue – I’m so sorry!!! I need help filming it!)

S – rest

M – Murph at Top Tier CrossFit

Here’s my recap of my first Murph if you missed it!

T – CrossFit @ Metro

5 rounds for time: 20 box jumps (20” box), V-ups, 20 calorie row (19:26)

I loved this workout! I was a sweaty mess by the end. The v-ups were deceptively hard; my coach told me to work on V-ups in stead of ab mat sit-ups and it was definitely a challenge. (Here’s a video of what they are…) We started class practicing double-unders, and I wacked my hand with the rope and had some serious swelling so I had to adjust the assigned WOD. I was a little freaked out about my hand honestly – I was nervous I broke it because the swelling was pretty bad instantaneously, and I couldn’t open or close my hand all the way. Luckily it went back to normal after a few days of icing it + ibuprofen. Phew.

The head coach, Matt, helped me focus on my plank technique after class. I rely way too much on my shoulders when I plank and don’t feel a straight line with my back because I don’t fully engage my core and glutes. That definitely explains why my shoulders burn out in planks before my core!

First try… see the big arch in my lower back and my shoulders rounding forward?IMG_3919

After some tips from the head coach, Matt, I straighten out a little and pulled my shoulders back. Still needs some work!IMG_3920

W – CrossFit @ Metro

Strength: 10 minute EMOM of 5 lateral over the bar burpees & 5 deadlifts (115#)

WOD for time: (I finished in 14:26)
50 Wall Balls 20/14 (I used a 12# ball)
200m Run
15 Power Clean and Jerks 115/75 (I used 55#)
400m Run
15 Power Clean and Jerks
200m Run
50 Wall Balls

I was really nervous about this workout because I’m still really new to Clean & Jerks and wall balls are super hard for me since I’m so short. But I ended up loving this workout and got some great tips on my C&J from the coaches.

Th – 4 mile run + CrossFit

2000m row + goat work (practicing a skill you really struggle with or need to learn). Row for one minute and then do one minute of goat work, alternating until you hit 2000m. I alternated between deficit pull-ups and handstand push-ups.

Handstands is another instance of where I need to engage my core more! See my ribs sticking out? I didn’t even realize the coach was taking a picture, but it really helped when he was describing what I need to work on. I appreciate how much the coaches at Metro focus on form and go out of their way to help us improve. (Maybe that’s the norm at CrossFit gyms??) Part of the issue with my handstands is relying on the wall so much, so working on my balance will naturally help me tuck my ribs in too.IMG_3936

F – 5.4 mile run + CrossFit

I ran with Hilary on Friday morning…I love our Friday morning runs, which we do whenever we can. It’s such a nice way to end the week. And I was super excited about CrossFit on Friday night since Tommy was visiting me in Charlotte;I got to show him my gym, and we got to work out together!

The strength portion was working up to a single back squat max – I was only able to go up to 170 pounds this week (I maxed out at 185# previously). But, I was still happy with 170 given how hard I had worked out this week! Tommy maxed out at 295# on Friday; he’s maxed at out 310 before – craziness!!

The WOD was super simple – every other minute, we did two heavy clean and jerks and then rested between sets. I was able to go up to 65# on clean & jerks that night now that I better understand the movement. And I did the last set with 75#. Still need practice though! (Tommy did his c&j with 155#.)

S – rest

Alright, time to go get ready for Monday morning! It’s coming too soon! I had a great weekend – Tommy and our friends that set us up visited from Winston-Salem, and we had so much fun. I posted a few pics on Instagram. 🙂 I can blog a full weekend recap of our Charlotte activities if you’re interested!

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    18 responses to “Last Week’s Workouts”

    1. I really enjoy reading your workout recaps. recipes you create/making (Our tastebuds are alike ;)) Maybe some more posts on romance?! haha

    2. I love your workout recaps! Especially since we’re both runners who are now addicted to crossfit! And I have to agree with the comment above about romance! As creepy as it might sound, we all read and love your blog and love the little glimpses into your life and seeing you happy! Maybe a post about the whole long distance part of things? My husband and I were long distance right up until we got married last summer, and any tips you might have to share for others could be helpful!

      • I don’t find it creepy – that is SUCH a sweet comment that you love seeing me happy. 🙂 Thank you!! A post about long-distance is a good idea! We’re figuring it out as we go!

    3. I found out that my shoulders tend to burn out too when I do planks! I didn’t realize that was because of how I was holding them. Good to know! I like how you lay out your workouts from the week.

    4. I love your workout posts and yes I would love more running posts always. 🙂

    5. I always love seeing the workouts you post! It’s always good to gain new ideas for ways I can spice up my own routines!

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