Home Tour: Our Powder Room

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I’m kicking off a new topic on the blog – home! I haven’t wanted to share home updates since nothing is “done” but decided to go ahead with sharing since (a) I always find the evolution of a room interesting and helpful and (b) maybe it will inspire me to get more focused on finishing rooms!

I’m starting with the easiest and the most “dgone” room that we have – our powder room! This is easily one of my favorite rooms in the house (yes a bathroom). I’m in love with the wallpaper and the console and it’s such a dramatic transformation that it’s really fun to look at.

When we bought the house and were meeting with our contractor and designer, we considered moving a wall to make the powder room smaller since it is such a large room (unnecessarily so, for just a sink and a toilet!). Moving a wall would also help open up the hallway so there was more of an open floor plan from the kitchen to the living. Ultimately, we decided the cost wasn’t worth it so we needed to get creative with the design of the bathroom.

Home Tour: Our Powder Room

Here’s a photo of the “before”.

Powder Room before

Home Tour: Our Powder Room

I knew I wanted wallpaper in the powder bath and our designer suggested that a bold wallpaper would actually help the room feel smaller. That, paired with a large sink would make the proportions feel more appropriate.

Graphic Wallpaper

Choosing the finishes for this room was actually really easy. Our designer brought a few and we instantly fell in love with Schumacher’s Queen of Spain wallpaper. It is a pricey wallpaper, yes, but since we weren’t papering a large office or bedroom, we decided to go for it. We also decided that since it would be one of the first things you see when you walk into our house (you can see it from the front door), that it was a worthy investment.

Oversized Sink

When we went to pick out the bathroom finishes, the sink was the first one I saw since it’s conveniently placed by the front door of the showroom. But I fell in love. Tommy wasn’t with me on that appointment, but I knew he’d love it too. It’s the DXV Oak Hill 30 Inch Bathroom Console Sink. We selected gold hardware for the toilet to match the sink’s hardware.

Sconces & Mirror

Our designer found the sconces from Visual Designs, which are interesting the glass design ensures they don’t detract from the sink or the wallpaper. The mirror was actually the hardest part. We originally tried this black Atoll mirror from Ballard, which we loved online, but when it arrived, the material felt and looked cheap, like it was made of styrofoam. So we tried another mirror that had some asian design elements but felt it was too heavy and competed with the wallpaper. We ultimately landed on this simple black and gold mirror and it’s perfect.

Finishing Touches

We added a small vintage rug and called it good!

I’m debating hanging one piece of art – I have a really good silhouette piece of my son, but I think that may be kind of odd in a bathroom. So, I’ll keep my eye out for a simple black and white piece, but I also think it’s fine as is. I do keep a candle lit in there. (I love all the Signature Candles from Fiddle & Fig).

We use the sink to hang a pretty towel (we got a nice white Peacock Alley hand towel) and got a small black soap dish from Fiddle & Fig which sits on the sink perfectly. If I have guests over, I also put a bottle of hand wash on the sink since I know not everyone likes to use other people’s bar soaps. I may get a small table of some sort to put in the corner with a little plant and a candle, but I also think it’s fine as is!

powder room black white and gold
black and white graphic wallpaper

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    1. LOVE HOME POSTS! I had the honor of using this bathroom and it is indeed lovely! I wish we had a powder bath in our house ; )

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