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Healthy Living Summit: The Panel

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The Healthy Living Summit has come and gone. Healthy Living Summit 058I got to participate in a panel with two of the most thoughtful, boldest women I know, Rachel and Dori. The conversation topics weren’t always easy ones to address, the type that have no clear answers, but I hope we shared helpful insights and provoked thoughts in those that attended. It’s so hard to gauge how an audience is feeling but based on the tweets that came through, I think people were engaged.

Luckily Chase was there to capture my panel for me. All these pictures are from her – thanks Chase!! (Chase is one of those bloggers that I’ve always felt a particular connection to and when we finally met it in person, it was like we were life-long friends.)

Anyway, I digress! Onto pictures from the panel.

This is my demonstration that I never keep my elbows off the table. Ever. Even at nice restaurants and during important panels.Healthy Living Summit 059

This is my smile I give when I’m talking about something uncomfortable. Healthy Living Summit 060

And I have no idea what face this is but I’d love to know what was happening at this exact moment since we all have awesome “what the crap” looks going on. ha!Healthy Living Summit 062

I think this is my thinking mid-sentence face. I should think less often.IMAG0062

This was my lovely roomie and partner in crime for the weekend, Holly.Healthy Living Summit 033

Unfortunately, I got pretty darn sick over the weekend and wasn’t able to enjoy the events as much as I would have liked. I nearly ended up going to the emergency room (and if I wasn’t so worried about my health insurance coverage out of state, I would have based on my conversation with my doctor friend). Holly and Rachel and Dori were all so lovely in making sure I was ok, even texting days after the weekend to check in. Thank you friends!

Many of you have tweeted and asked on Instagram if I am ok and have sent well-wishes after I posted a pic at the doctor’s office. Thank you! I (potentially) have a pretty serious upper GI issue that I mistook for dehydration and fatigue. (I’m holding out hope it’s not what they think!) Soooo I’m going to have a little procedure next month to check things out further. I feel OK– just some stomach pain, lightheadedness and nausea. I guess I don’t really feel OK… but it is what it is! 🙂

K, more pictures and HLS recaps later! xo

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    19 responses to “Healthy Living Summit: The Panel”

    1. Poor Teri!! Hope you’re feeling better. Whitney works at Piedmont Gastroenterology and my other bestie Shannon works at Digestive Health. Let me know if you’re going to either and we’ll get you some TLC! Love the conference pictures!

    2. Oh my gosh Teri, I seriously have been thinking about you ever since the weekend. I am SO SO SO sorry we never had a chance to sit down and really dish on each other’s lives. There is so much I wanted to talk to you about! Even if our time was brief, I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was to meet you. You are just as beautiful and sweet as you are on your blog and I will definitely be emailing you soon on all of the things we didn’t get to catch up on! Glad you made it home safe! 🙂

    3. You look gorgeous in our Anacortes Five Bamboo dress as well! I got so many compliments on it today at work (paired it with a blue cardigan and belt to make it more conservative).

      Glad you are feeling a bit better and hope that everything turns out okay. Will keep you in my thoughts!

    4. What a wonderful opportunity – I’m sure you did awesome and I have to say that I love some of facial expressions that were captured!

      Hope you feel better soon and that it ends up being something very minor *sending ya some healthy juju*

    5. Getting sick while out of town is the absolute WORST. Sending some good vibes your way that it turns out to be nothing serious!

    6. I love the thinking mid-sentence face. I have not seen you in forever but I HAVE seen you make that face! We have a friend who is one of the docs at Piedmont Gastro. If that’s where you’re going I’d be more than happy to tell them to take darn good care of you!!

    7. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well, Teri. I hope that you can take time to rest and recover, and that everything goes smoothly for you. Thanks for sharing the pictures from your panel – they’re fun to see! Love all of the facial expressions. Get well soon!

    8. Teri so sorry to hear that you got sick and not feeling well with stomach issues. Michelle and I feel your pain. Wishing you all the best and hope you feel better soon!! xoxo
      BTW- love your face expressions, you are so cute

    9. Teri! You have so many cool blogging opportunities, so awesome. I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well. I’m thinking and praying for you! Keep us updated.

    10. Oh Teri, I hope you feel better soon!! Wish you would have been able to enjoy the weekend a little more.

      Your panel was one of my favorites – each panelist was so refreshing and honest. I didn’t feel like it was a conference session, more a conversation between a few blogger friends. You did a great job!

      I actually ended up running into you – at hotel checkout! Sorry for the awkward “nice-to-meet-you-here’s-my-business-card” I just wanted to say a quick hello 🙂 thanks for accepting my card & being so sweet.

    11. Teri, I totally agree! Long lost friends 🙂 Looking forward to October already! I’m so sorry that you got hit with some sort of thing! Hoping and praying it’s no big deal.

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