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Gift Guide for Toddlers

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This gift guide features fun gift ideas for your toddlers!

This is the third time I’ve put together a gift guide for kids, and I had the best time making it! Thomas will three and a few months old when Christmas rolls around, which is such a fun age. Over the last year, he’s started to love trucks and cars, ghosts (thanks YouTube) and playdoh. And just like last year, he still loves his his little bike. He’s grown and developed so much in the last year and I know he’s going to be a great big brother to baby #2.

Creating a gift guide for kids is a little difficult because kids are so different, ages matter a lot for toys, and boys and girls may prefer different things. And since I only have a 3 year old, I felt like it made the most sense to create a gift guide for toddlers, since that’s what I have real experience with. But I would LOVE if you’d leave comments on this post with gifts you’re buying or that were a hit with your kids in the past and their ages! That way we can all reference them later!

Okay then, ready? Let’s jump in.

Gifts for Toddlers

Retrospec Walker Balance Bike

This little balance bike/scooter is still one of Thomas’ favorite toys. He’s used it for two years straight and it still fits him pretty well. I personally love the color options and how sturdy/well-made it is. He uses it inside most often, but it’s sturdy enough to go outside too. It’s is $50 and comes in 10 colors. I think gifts like this are always a big hit on Christmas because they can sit right under the tree, unwrapped, and ready to play with.

Pop Up Ball Pit

This pop up ball pit is another gift that’s super fun to leave unwrapped and ready to play with on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, the balls don’t come with this pit, so you’ll want to buy this set at the same time. But for $40 together, you’ve already got your “big gift” for Christmas covered. Thomas loves getting in here and playing with us in the basement. I do have to say, the balls get EVERYWHERE, so just be warned.

Magnatiles Magnetic Building Tiles

These magnetic building tiles are a huge hit in the Adams household. Not only are they fun to use with him, but I love getting to see his little mind world while he builds with these. This set comes with 70 pieces, so you will have plenty to play with. He’s had his set for a year and still plays with it almost daily.

Kindle Fire Tablet

I really love having a Kindle Fire on hand for when Thomas needs a little distraction/down time. While I try not to let him have much screen time, I do think the Kindle Fire is a great option for when he is using a screen. Amazon Kids has great (and easy to use) parental controls, and you can subscribe to Amazon Kids+ for tons of books, games, songs, etc. It has about 10 hours of charge, so I rarely have to remember to charge it, which is also nice. It’s twice as durable as the iPad mini, so that should be the #1 reason you do this instead of an iPad. And it’s way cheaper. It isn’t as intuitive as the iPad but you’ll quickly learn hw to navigate it.

Christmas Pajamas

While holiday pajamas aren’t likely going under the tree (since you’ll want them to have them all season!), they’re SUCH a fun way to get in the spirit with your littles. Thomas has starting caring which PJs he wears and usually picks them out each night, which is super cute. I always thought it was so cute that my sister-in-law gave my nieces and nephews new PJs on Christmas Eve – I want to implement that tradition!

We specifically love the brand Hanna Anderson and LAKE Pajamas. Hanna Andersson has a bunch of cute, festive prints. They use a flatlock seam on all of their PJs, which makes them super cozy for kids since some seams can irritate little ones.

LAKE is actually my favorite brand for my own pajamas, and there’s just nothing like them! The quality is unmatched and they use the softest pima cotton. I splurged and bought Thomas and I matching sets last year, and it made me so happy. His set ran a little small, so size up if you’re on the fence. Their PJs do shrink just a little so I always hang dry his to make them last longer.

Montessori Toddler Tower

This is the exact tower we have in our kitchen for Thomas! He likes standing in this to eat his meals, help me cook, or play at the counter. It’s nice that he can get in it himself now, and he’s less likely to fall since the back rail is at a safe height.

Personalized Kid’s Chair

Thomas loves sitting his own chair. I love that it’s soft and easy to move from room to room. I also LOVE this one which goes with the nursery we’re planning for baby #2.

The Nugget

The Nugget is a REALLY great investment for you playroom. It’s part furniture, part toy. It’s basically a play couch that’s made of 4 foam pieces that can be configured in a ton of different ways. Also, it’s super soft and squishy, so it makes a great place to plop down in our playroom, but Thomas also loves to climb all over it. He has to “go down the slide” every night before bed (usually about 50x).

the nugget on the list for Gift Guide for Toddlers

Little Tikes Trampoline

I’m actually getting Thomas this little trampoline for his birthday next week. As much as I hate buying more toys, all my friends say it’s 100% worth it since their kids use it for years.

Play sink

Thomas LOVED his play sink for two straight years, with or without the water! We used it outside when it was warm out, and we put it in the bathtub in the winter. The dials are all turnable it encourages kinesthetic development, and he actually started drinking out a cup better after playing with the cups in this set, even empty! This was a huge hit around 1 year old, so if you have a little one around that age, snag this for Christmas.

Play sink Gift Guide for Toddlers

Lovevery Play Kits

Thomas (and I) love these. Lovevery Play Kits are designed to be a subscription, and you get a new kit delivered every 3 months. What a great gift – new toys every three months that are catered to your child’s age! You can also purchase the playkits individually rather than the subscription but we LOVE the subscription.

The play kits have age appropriate, adorable toys in each box (but not too many toys, thank goodness), and they quality is really nice. It’s convenient and fun to get toys that are made for your child’s age, and to be surprised when the boxes come each month. This is a great gift suggestion for grandparents if they’re asking what to get their favorite grandkid! 😉

Look how tiny Thomas was!

lovevery playkit one of the items in Gift Guide for Toddlers


What can I say? He’s obsessed with Play-Doh. Since he’s inevitably going to smash every color together in one giant ball anyway (every.time), I don’t get anything fancy.

Wooden Train Set

This train table set is the cutest EVER! I want to get this for Thomas this year. I don’t expect the train tracks to stay put on the table for long, but maybe he’ll like playing with them on the table as he gets older. He loves to play with that exact set at the Children’s Playhouse in Boone!

Kid’s Plastic Golf Set

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this was a hit in our house for a full year. Thomas isn’t quite as interested in golf right now as he once was, but if your little one loves it, this set is perfect and has everything you’d want.


We loveee books in our house! Our favorites right now are from the website PaperPie. I love the books they sell and after buying a few from Amazon that were just so weird and poorly written, I will stick to this company!

This website is another good resource for grandparents. My friend Tracey Markland can help you shop.

FoxPrint Rocket Ship Tent

This is such a fun tent or fort for little boys or girls (two different designs!). I love the idea of reading books to Thomas in one of these. And the price is unbeatable. It would be cute to have to have it set up as surprise from Santa on Christmas morning. I think I’ll put this in Thomas’ room or playroom since those are the biggest rooms in our house!! (Spoiled much, kiddo?)

Keyboard Playmat

Even I want this keyboard mat! It’s huge so your kids use their feet to play each key. You can roll it up and store it easily too.

Children’s Museum Membership

Younger toddler’s won’t understand this on Christmas morning, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving! We have memberships at both Kaleideum Children’s Museum in Winston-Salem and The Children’s Playhouse in Boone and we ALL love going!! This is another great option for grandparents to give!

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Please drop any other ideas you have below!

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