Tommy’s Favorite Things: Gift Guide for Guys

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I think we can all agree that shopping for men is difficult. The men in my life are really practical, so I either have to think way outside the box, or get them something I know they’ll use or wear but won’t buy for themselves.

This year, I’ve rounded up a handful of the best gifts I’ve ever given the guys in my life, things they own and love, and ideas I have for this year. I hope that these gift ideas help inspire your holiday shopping! And while I do have a little boy in my life to gift for, I’m putting a separate gift guide for kids together so I’ll share my picks for Thomas in there.

Here are my top gift picks for Tommy, my brothers, my dad, and my father-in-law. Lots of these finds are actually on sale for Cyber Week too!

Tommy’s Favorite Things: Gift Guide for Guys

Duck Head Vest

Tommy’s ALL time favorite clothing brand is Duck Head. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen him do a few try-ons (which made us all giggle). Their clothes fit Tommy so well, they’re a nice blend of southern and outdoors-y, which is Tommy’s exact style. He claims their pants are the best fitting EVER. Since clothes are a somewhat boring thing to buy a guy for Christmas (especially khaki pants!), get your guy a vest! Tommy LOVES their vests, and they’re more fun to give than something basic like pants. AND the sizing is simpler. Tommy’s top pick is the Overland Quilted Vest. If vests aren’t your guy’s thing, check out Tommy’s list of favorite Duck Head finds.

Solo Stove FirePit 

I think the Solo Stove Fire Pit is such a good gift idea for a guy. It’s pricey, but it’s something that you can use for years to come with your family. We don’t have a fire pit at our new house, and I’ve really been wanting this. So if I gift it to Tommy for Christmas, we both win! They make a few different sizes, so make sure to measure where you’d be putting this to know which one to order. Hannah (my employee) has the 19 inch size and says it’s perfect. They host friends at their house all the time and have never thought it was too small. She does not have the ash pan or base plate, but her’s sits on pavers.

Hypervolt Massage Tool

We got Tommy’s dad a massage gun two years ago for Christmas and he LOVES it. And Tommy and I actually have one and love ours as well. We originally bought it when I was training for marathons so I could use it on my sore muscles, and now Tommy and I use it equally. It’s truly life changing for getting knots out of your back, glutes, quads, you name it. My sports massage therapist uses this too! It’s a gift that keeps on giving. There are a few different brands that make similar massage guns, but we own the Hypervolt and love it.

Tecovas Weekender Bag

A few years ago, I got Tommy a leather duffle bag from Tecovas and he LOVED it (and still does). Sadly, that bag isn’t available anymore, otherwise I’d obviously link that for you. However, while I was looking for it, I noticed their Canvas Weekender and LOVED the style and size of it. Since we do weekend trips to our place in the mountains pretty often, this bag would make the perfect gift! It’s smaller than the duffle I gave him, and the waxed canvas material is durable and manly.

Ember Mug

Most of you already know my obsession with Ember by now, so I have to include the Ember mug in this lineup. In case you don’t know what an Ember mug is, it’s a coffee mug that keeps your coffee warm, so that you’re never taking a cold sip. So many of us parents know that by the time you’ve made your coffee and are ready to drink it, it’s cold because something else has taken your attention (cough, toddlers!). I ordered this mug for myself a few years ago and now I won’t drink my coffee without it. I gift these to new parents all the time because it made my mornings so much better when I was a new mom! If your husband, dad, father-in-law or brother loves a hot cup of coffee, they will love this thing. They make a travel version Ember as well.

Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera

I discovered the Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera at the Amazon Creator Summit in San Diego this fall, and I immediately thought it would be a great gift idea. My brother-in-law is super creative and would love something fun like this. It’s like a high-end Polaroid, and I love how slim and light it is. You can get a feel for the shape and size in this video I filmed.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Tommy loves a good pair of chukka or chelsea boots, and I’m eyeing this pair of BL585 Classic 550 Blundstones for him this year. These slip-on boots are rugged and comfortable (ideal for Boone trips and just the winter in general), and have a nice simple look to them that fits under all long pants. Blundstones are known for being super sturdy and practical, and they’re also weatherproof! While Tommy loves his L.L.Bean Duck Boots, I think he’ll like these even more because of the slip-on aspect.

L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

Speaking of L.L.Bean, if the guys in your life don’t have slippers or house shoes, then these Wicked Good Moccasins from L.L.Bean would make a great gift. They’re handsome and manly-looking, and they also have a thermoplastic rubber outsole so they can be worn outdoors if needed. I like that they’re under $100 too, since slippers inevitably have to be replaced every so often because they get so nasty inside!

LAKE Pajamas DreamKnit Boxer Set

I did not realize LAKE Pajamas had a men’s set in my favorite DreamKnit material, but now I know EXACTLY what I’m getting Tommy! I discovered the DreamKnit fabirc from LAKE after ordering a few of their other Pima Cotton sets and loving them. I didn’t realize that I had ordered a different material until it came one day, and ohmygosh it changed my life. This DreamKnit fabric feels like a mix of bamboo, silk, and velvet. It’s smooth, cooling, and SO soft. I don’t know a single guy in my life who’d spend over $100 on a set of pajamas, but I can guarantee you that they’ll understand why I splurge on PJs once they feel these. They run true to size!

Old Arcade Retro Classic Game Console

I LOVE this Old Arcade Retro Classic Game Console. I can think of so many guys in my life who would be excited to play old games on this. There are over 800 games pre-loaded on this thing! SO FUN!

Hatch Alarm Clock

This Hatch Restore Sound Machine/Alarm clock has taken the world by storm. It gently lights up your room with a warm, almost sunrise light and then alerts you that it’s time to get up with whatever gentle sound you choose. It also plays white noise as you fall asleep. And if you want to take up a notch, you can pay for the Hatch subscription to get extra sounds/meditations/sleep stories, etc. The idea of being woken up gently with warm light sounds AMAZING. It actually supports healthy cortisol levels too because you’re not waking up to a harsh, loud alarm.

Narada Solid Fragrance

This solid cologne has the best notes ever: bergamot, rosewood, and ginger with hints of black pepper and resin. I’m getting this for my brother in law! He’ll love the scent, but I think he’ll also like how it’s packaged. Very cool.

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