Foodbuzz Day 2: Getting Lost, Playing Hooky & Alaska Seafood

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Saturday morning started at 6:30 AM for a group run.


Janetha and I started with the group but along the way lost the group, got lost, ran up an HUUUUGGGEEE hill but made it home safely. I’m not hard to spot in my Vibrams, am I?


I wouldn’t have minded getting lost all day with Janetha. She is so fun and so easy to talk to. We have so much in common – a fellow Utah gal! – and I loved getting to finally meet her in person. Now I can’t wait to head back to Utah to hang out. And, we are both 5’1”… I just slouch a little. Winking smile


I went to a couple breakout sessions and then played hooky for the last one to head to the Ferry Building. I had a couple things I couldn’t get out of my mind that I saw there the day before: juice, chocolate and bread.

My first green juice…kale, apple, parsley, spinach, lime, and….something else? Loved it!


I saw this sign while waiting for my juice. Ummm… “w/ brain-on” – EEW!


Fancy nancy chocolates. Burnt caramel. Yes. Oh yes.


More Acme Bread. Sourdough this time.


Then it was back to the Foodbuzz Tasting Pavilion. Lots of tasty items, which I’m sure you’ve seen everywhere else. Smile

My highlights: a coconut almond cupcake.


Helping out at the Alaska Seafood table – they were my sponsors! Thanks again to all of you who voted to help me win this trip! [If you know my mom, don’t you think I totally look like her in this picture??]


It was so fun to get to meet so many people and handing out my recipe that helped me win the trip. Thanks to Diana for taking the pictures above and below! Smile


It was fun chatting people up, but even more fun to eat the delicious fish tacos. Foodbuzz3-9

Danielle and Jeremy live in Juneau, AK and work for Schiedermayer & Associates, which coordinated with Alaska Seafood for this event. They were absolutely wonderful. I loved getting to meet them and hang out a bit!


Yay for Alaska Seafood! They also announced another Alaska Seafood contest for creating a fish taco recipe. The winner gets a free trip to LA. Check out more details here!


People were RAVING about the cookie dough balls at the Tasting Pavillion and Diana was sweet enough to get one for me since I was behind the Alaska Seafood table. And it’s a good thing she did – they were all gone by the time I went to that table. Thanks Diana!! They were SO good! I can’t wait to try Mama Pea’s recipe for these!


I also got to see Janetha again! We kind of think we look like we could be related, dontcha think? Or is that wishful thinking on my part?


Before the gala dinner, Megan from Running Foodie and Ally from Living My Whole Life invited me to meet them for some tea. I bundled up in comfy clothes and headed over. I loved this outfit. I thought the fingerless gloves played off the leggings well. Smile


Absolutely LOVED hanging out with these girls! We had a blast at the gala dinner too…but more on that in tomorrow’s post!


Have you ever had a “green” juice? I’m obsessed after just one. I think I want a juicer for Christmas. Any suggestions?

Are you a fish taco fan? I am! Obviously. Smile

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    50 responses to “Foodbuzz Day 2: Getting Lost, Playing Hooky & Alaska Seafood”

    1. I think green juice is delicious! Looks like you had fun at FoodBuzz! Alaska is a beautiful place if you ever get a chance to head up that way… 🙂

    2. I tried E3 for a while. If you search Swamp Thing on my blog you will find my review. I can’t say I had AMAZING results (though my skin looked nice), and it’s mega-expensive. If I weren’t freezing right now, I’d probably go make cucumber/celery/lemon juice. It’s very refreshing.

      Were you behind the fish taco table the whole time??? I swear I didn’t see you, but I have to say my halibut tacos were the highlight of the tasting! With lots of avocado!

      • Not the whole time…maybe an hour or so. Bummed I missed you! The tacos were my favorite too. 🙂

    3. I love green juice! It’s so loaded with nutrients from foods that typically we don’t “eat” enough of. Like cilantro or parsley, algae, kale…and so on. Honestly I think a juicer is a good idea because buying that stuff at a store or a farmers market is so $$$. For now I just blend everything in a blender. Which I think is a good trade off because not only do you get nutrients but you get all the fiber! And we both know fiber can be good for ya 😉 Just like flax seed!

    4. OK, here’s the plan. You enter the fish taco contest and WIN. Then you fly out to LA to do your winner thang in the taco truck and I meet you there and we cause a ruckus for a few days. Yeah?

    5. 1. I just love your style.
      2. I think your new brownishy reddy hair look so cute on you!
      3. So glad I found your blog. Did I mention that? 🙂

    6. I love green juice! You should get a juicer- fresh juice anytime you want! ***Look for one that’s easy to clean

      • Sweet, thanks for the link! If I decide to buy that brand, i’ll definitely call during that time! 🙂

    7. I was looking at getting a juicer recently and did some research on the compact Breville juicer. It gets great reviews and I asked around on Twitter about it. A few people said they have + love it. It’s a great price! So, the Danielle girl TOTALLY went to my high school. She was a year younger. I saw her behind the Alaska tables and KNEW that I knew her. I even told Mama Pea! And now that you called out her name, I know that HAS to be her. How crazy is that? Why didn’t we talk today? Oooops!!!

      • I’ve heard that Breville is great. I didn’t know they had a compact one! sweet!

        That is hilarious about Danielle!! She was SO nice!

        Yeah, i totally spaced it and was on my laptop all day yesterday! booo!

    8. What a small world! Janetha and I used to live a few houses from each other in SLC & she’s good friends with my friend Jaime. I <3 how connected we all are. Looks like you had a blast!

    9. Yes, you definitely look like your mom! I think your hair like that really made me realize that. Looks like a fun trip!

    10. It was so great meeting you at FoodBuzz! Hehe, my favorite cupcake was the banana one.

      I’m not a big juice person in general, but I do like green smoothies sometimes. I’ve actually been craving them this week, since I got my wisdom teeth out Monday and can’t chew anything tougher than ice cream. A combo I really like is spinach-green apple-cucumber. Very refreshing!

    11. I’ve tried making a couple green juices myself, but they were both fails! I think I just need to buy one from a place makes it for me (and knows what they’re doing 🙂 )

      I love fish tacos. They remind me of summer, sitting outside at a restaurant, overlooking the water. Ahhh, I miss summer already!

      Congrats on winning the trip!

    12. Love the recap! 🙂 And I especially love your outfit with the leggings + fingerless gloves – absolutely adorable!!

    13. Love your re-caps!! I need to try out those Vibrams! I want that green juice 🙂 Growing up we ate fish tacos, my older sister makes a really good one with avocado and mangoes in it 🙂

    14. LOVE fish tacos as long as the fish is grilled, not fried.
      I’ve never had green juice!! Our Whole Foods doesn’t make them!

      And LOVE the fingerless gloves. So edgy! I want to try it!

      • they fingerless gloves are so functional; i love them! they keep me warm but I can still use my phone and such. and they do make me feel a little edgy. 🙂

    15. you are the dang cutest thing ever. i so enjoyed meeting you, and i am so glad alaska seafood sponsored your visit. have a fantabulous weekend new friend 🙂

    16. You’re hair is so cute… just to let you know… again.

      I am so glad we got to meet last week! You’re adorable! And I’m so sad I couldn’t come to Saturday’s FB stuff but the food looks incredible! Glad you had a good time!

      • Lori, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m so glad I got to meet you at the dinner. I was bummed you couldn’t come on Saturday but at least we hung out on Thursday! 🙂

    17. It looks like you had such a good time!! I didn’t know you were going already! You should call me when you get home and fill me in with all the details!

    18. Yes! I’m definitely a fish taco fan! I’m hoping to try your recipe some time soon.

      Glad the photos worked out for you and I was happy to help you get a taste of those delicious dough balls…man those things were GOOD! 🙂 Have a great weekend and please visit soon!

    19. Where are your mittens from? I’ve been looking for a pair just like those!

      • I got them at It doesn’t look like they have those exact ones anymore but do have some similar ones… they have great customer service so maybe if you email them, they can get them in stock again??

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