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On Saturday morning, I went to the Foodbuzz content session. I attended a Q&A panel with some bloggers who’ve made it big time. (Joy the Baker recapped the panel’s best tips here. Definitely worth reading!)

I also attended Ashley’s photography session about moving out of Auto. After her informal session last year, I switched from Auto to Aperture Priority. This year, I moved from A/P to full Manual. I was so proud of myself. Ashley really is such a great teacher.foodbuzz-1

I skipped the last session and went to grab a bite to eat with Kath, Ashley and Mama Pea before the Tasting Pavilion. I knew from last year’s experience that there wouldn’t be a lot of real food (other than the Alaskan Seafood stuff) – mostly sweets, beer, cheese and snack stuff. So I filled up on a salad and some soup at a cute little French restaurant.foodbuzz-2

We dined al fresco with a great view. Gosh, I love San Francisco.foodbuzz-3

After eating quickly, I headed up to the Tasting Pavilion to help out at the Alaskan Seafood booth. We had a great view behind our booth!foodbuzz-4

And a view of great food in front of us! It was so fun to see one of my recipes being served to a crowd! Even more so since I didn’t have to prepare it!foodbuzz-5

I was so excited that I got to hang out with Danielle from Alaskan Seafood again. She is so cool. She lives in Alaska now, but actually went to high school with Ashley from The Edible Perspective. Small world!foodbuzz-6

Given that Ashley won Foodbuzz award for the Best Photography Blog and did a photography session, she got stopped for camera help quite a bit. She was so nice and willing to help everyone. Of course! She deals with fame quite well. 😉foodbuzz-7

Tyler Florence deals well with his fame too. foodbuzz-9

These biscotti were incredible. So perfectly crumbly without being too crunchy. They’d make awesome stocking stuffers. foodbuzz-8

I also tasted some chocolate that was made that very same day. Man, it was good. It’s crazy how chocolate comes from something like this. Shore is purdy though.


The Bloom Gin booth was my last stop in the Tasting Pavilion. This little concoction was delicious. foodbuzz-12

It was a good thing I grabbed the gin last…it got me through a much-longer-than-anticipated walk. We mapped a route to get to the Ferry Building and were expecting a 1 mile walk. It must have been at least 3 miles of walking. In the rain. Uphill both ways.

Ashley, Mama Pea and I had a great time chatting and taking in the sights though. It was a perfectly overcast day.foodbuzz-14


We finally made it to the Ferry Building.


It was totally worth the walk. Vegan donuts and Blue Bottle Coffee were awaiting for a little pick-me-up. My legs were pretty tired after walking in my boots for that long!

I bought two – Kaffir Lime and Green Tea. One for a midnight snack and one for a breakfast snack the next morning.foodbuzz-16

And a beautiful soy cappuccino hit the spot on the dreary day.DSC_0745

San Fran, you saved me. Or at least your food did.

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    19 responses to “Save Me San Francisco”

    1. It’s so fun seeing my favorite bloggers all hanging out together in real life. It looks like you all had a fantastic time 🙂 I’m glad since San Francisco has been on my must-visit list for quite some time. I’ve gotta get a taste of it!

    2. I am so upset we did not get to hang out more! I know we would just get along so well, its hard at things like this to hang with just a certain person or group : p

      I loved the donuts! I got the salted caramel one, to die for!!

      I had no idea that was your recipe! It was great! Congrats to you on that!


    3. That’s so cool that one of your recipes is being served. Pretty impressive!

      I have to visit this place, if only for the food alone…

    4. Loved this recap! And I must say, you food bloggers are such a gorgeous bunch of girls! Must be because food people are happy people and happy people are pretty people. Sounds like you had an amazing, amazing time in SF!

    5. I would love to go to San Francisco again! My husband and I went during our honeymoon. Such a beautiful city!

    6. Tt was so nice to meet you this weekend – I heard rave reviews for your AK Seafood recipe. Glad you could join us!

    7. Oh this looks like such a great experience, definitely looks like you had lots of fun!
      The food looks so good, I love tasting events.
      Those doughnuts look unbelievable!
      I’d love to go to a conference like this, maybe one day 🙂
      Love all of the recaps!

    8. two things:

      (a) that gorgeous orange jacket thing you are wearing. tell me about it.

      (b) your handwriting is adorable. i totally am obsessed with cute handwriting, and you totally have it.

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