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Charleston with My Folks

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My parents visited last week. Winston-Salem is great and all, but I decided we needed to go somewhere new-to-them. So we headed to one of my favorite Southern cities (and actually, one of my favorite cities, Southern or no): Charleston.

It’s charming neighborhoods with secret gardens and glorious houses have to be experienced in person.

DSC 0198Walking along the battery is something I would never get sick of if I lived there.

DSC 0192

DSC 0190On our second day, we toured the USS Yorktown.

DSC 0204

THAT is a big ship, my friends.

DSC 0210

And we took a ferry out to Fort Sumter.

DSC 0220DSC 0225

And every night, we came home and cooked a meal together. Fresh red snapper, trigger fish and clams the first night. (With roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes). Honestly, the nights that we cooked dinner and just chatted the night away on the balcony were some of my very favorite moments of the trip. Good, simple food; good conversation; beautiful scenery. That’s the good life.

DSC 0253

Another night, we ate little potatoes, asparagus and bison burgers with caramelized onions.

DSC 0287 My dad’s burger was topped with some habanero cheese. He loves spicy food…and I mean spicy. I kept stealing a few bites of the cheese, even though dairy hates me.

DSC 0288

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you know that we had a couple amazing lunches, including Poe’s Tavern and Taco Boy.

IMG 9168

IMG 9170

On our last full day, we visited Drayton Hall. A total must-do in Charleston, if you ask me. Which you did, right? Right. They’ve preserved the house, rather than restore it. It’s not furnished. It’s not “fixed” or touched up. It’s just left the way it was, rather than trying to reproduce what someone thinks it might have looked like in its heyday. I just love it.

DSC 0267

DSC 0256

DSC 0274And, of course, there was lots of running. The weather was beautiful, there were great running paths where we stayed (Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms) and it was flat! I ran every day while I was there, and ran one morning with my mom….we haven’t done that in years. It was really special, just chatting and enjoying each other’s company. She’s the one that got me into running and I love that I share that with her since it’s such a huge part of both of our lives. (Isn’t she cute?)

IMG 9106

One day, I ran on the beach. On another run, I saw an alligator; on another, two deer. And my mom and I stopped mid-run to swing on a tree swing along the running path. Because sometimes it’s not how far or how fast you go; it’s what you experience along the way.

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    20 responses to “Charleston with My Folks”

    1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Charleston is definitely on my list of cities that I want to visit!

    2. Thank you for posting about this! I am going to Charleston for summer vacay this year and this post gave me some great ideas.

    3. Teri! You sure now how to pick restaurants.. Did you know Poe’s Tavern is also one of my sister’s restaurants?? I love that you went there. I love Charleston! Every time I’m there visiting my sis I’m scheming ways I could move there. Next time Dev and I make a trip we’ll plan ahead and invite you. I love to see your doing so well! Xo

      • hahaha! NO I didn’t know Poe’s was one of her restaurants too! haha! That is hilarious!!! Damn, she has great restaurants! Yes, you HAVE to invite me when you two visit! We’d have a blast!! xo

    4. Sounds like such a terrific, fun-filled, much needed weekend! Might I add, delicious sounding too!

    5. I saw you at Drayton Hall! I commented on your green Kate Spade 🙂 If I was looking at you funny, now you know why, haha…

    6. i lived in charleston for a year after college and worked at wild dunes as their marketing coordinator! charleston is one of my favorite places on earth. i dream of sunday afternoons sitting outside at poes eating lunch and having a bloody mary. so good!

      glad you got away and had a nice time with your parents!

    7. Oh, my goodness, I think this is one of my favorite posts! It makes me miss my mom – even though I know I’ll see her in about a month. She’s moving further (farther?) away from me this summer – 5 hours! – and even though she’ll be on the coast (seafood, fishing, boating, and other wonderful things – woohoo!), it’s still a little sad for me since ‘quick weekend trips’ won’t be as simple anymore. Also – simple food and great conversation = the absolute best!
      That last sentence … I want to post it in my house somewhere.
      So glad you had a nice weekend with your parents! Those of us who have great relationships with our parents are pretty fortunate 🙂

    8. Wow, this sounds like such a great trip! I’ve never been to Charleston, but I’m hoping to convince Seth that we need to plan a visit this summer. I’ll send him this post 🙂
      I want to go on a beach run now!

    9. love traveling with the parents 🙂
      so glad you guys had such a great time in Charleston! We need to make a trip there as it has been ages since we have been!

    10. My parents are visiting Charleston for a few days in the next couple weeks while on a roadtrip throughout the Southeast! I’m passing along this post to them, thanks for the trip ideas!

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