Beautycounter Rejuvenating Radiance Face Serum Review

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Beautycounter Rejuvenating Radiance Face Serum Review:
I was a retinol junkie but I’ve been thrilled with this product!

One of the things I LOVE about being a Beautycounter consultant is hearing from blog readers who are looking for help with their skin. I find it so rewarding to be able to help since I’ve struggled with skin issues myself (horrible acne, rashes, sensitivity, you name it). And I LOVE being able to provide recommendations from a brand I trust that’s not packed with toxic chemicals. I’ve always enjoyed sharing what I love with y’all, but something about Beautycounter has been so incredibly fun for me. So thank you for letting me help you!!  <3 (If you want help with your skin, submit this quick questionnaire and I’ll get back to you with recommendations!)

One of the #1 questions I get is what product will help with anti-aging and/or dullness. I was a retinol girl for YEARS…loved loved loved it, so I was really hesitant to give it up once I learned it was on The Never List.

I was skeptical that something “safer” could work as well, but I finally tried the Radiance Serum once I signed up as a consultant since I get a killer discount.
Beautycounter Radiance Serum Review

Why I’m obsessed with the Radiance Serum

  • My skin is brighter, more even, and holy crap, it’s so, so soft. I think the softness is a combo of all the Beautycounter skincare products I’ve been using, but the serum helps with hydration so I know that’s contributing too.
  • Some deep and fine lines that I fully expected to come back once I quit retinol have IMPROVED. I used to have a deep crease between my eyes from squinting and around my mouth. Both improved with the radiance serum. I couldn’t believe it.
  • It’s very lightweight and doesn’t sting at ALL. I know a lot of people struggle with sensitive skin and can’t use many anti-aging products; if that’s you, try this! Seriously, I can’t recommend it enough.
  • I apply it morning and night before I apply my moisturizer.

Beautycounter giveaway

I found the more consistent I was using the Radiance Rerum, the more results I saw (duh). And at first, I wasn’t really sure if it was working but after a few weeks, I REALLY noticed a difference. I started get a LOT of compliments on my skin after two months. And I have NEVER been the girl who got compliments on her skin.

Get the Radiance Serum here!

And if you need help getting a skincare routine that works for your skin type and concerns, fill out this quick questionnaire and I’ll get back to you with recommendations!

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    240 responses to “Beautycounter Rejuvenating Radiance Face Serum Review”

    1. I struggle with acne and use prescription products, so I’m always hesitant to change up my routine when it’s working.

    2. Congratulations!! ? Can’t wait for Facebook live! I’m hesitant to give up R+F unblemish, but am intrigued by Beautycounter.

    3. Oops, posted too soon. I’m hesitant to change anything I currently use because I have pretty sensitive skin, but I definitely need to do some anti-aging stuff and start incorporating that.

    4. Loving the few products that I tried so far and would love to add these to my routine!!!!!! Thanks for the chance :))

    5. Sorry hit post too soon lol. I am hesitant to give up my current moisturizer…I’ve tried so many that didn’t work in the past.

    6. you seem to be really killing it in all areas of life– I’ve been following you for years, and you’re one of the few blogs I kept up with, because you never fell into the ruts (and preachiness…) that a lot of the early HLBers did. I am SO HAPPY you and all your successes in life lately 🙂

      PS- I live in Raleigh now, and as soon as I’m done with my PhD, I’m hoping to move out to your part of the state. I think you found a real gem in NC !

      • PPS : I’m in the process of getting rid of parabens– not hesitant per se, about that, but it is in EVERYTHING. My color products are gonna be the hardest to clean up.

    7. I’ve just started using some Beauty Counter products. I love, LOVE the charcoal soap! And the lip sheer. And the concealer pen. I’d love to try the products you’re giving away!

    8. I have been looking to start a “grown up” skin care routine! Awesome giveaway of awesome products!

    9. I’m hesitant to give up my awesome cleanser– it removes even waterproof eye makeup so I don’t have to bother with an extra step.

    10. I can’t find an every day spf protection I like. Looking forward to trying out some of the beauty counter options

    11. A product I can’t live without is rosehip oil! Would love to try all this stuff because I’m wanting to explore non toxic beauty products

    12. I would be hesitant to give up my boiree blackhead strips. They work so well.

    13. I honestly don’t use too many products-but I guess if I had to choose one it would be the M61 power glow peel wipes that I use. I love them!

    14. I love the charcoal bar from Beautycounter, but I am hesitant to give up my Olay moisturizer! I have tried so many others that just don’t work for me! Would love to win these other Beautycounter products!

    15. I’m super into my cetaphil acne face wash..but I know it’s definitely on the unsafe list! I’ve been wanting to give BeautyCounter a try for while now!

      P.S- congrats on the engagement!

    16. Thanks for the giveaway! I am definitely afraid to give up retinol. I have switched all my products (but retinol) to a combination of Honest & Juice Beauty products but would also love try Beautycounter. Congrats on the engagement!

    17. I’m hesitant about dropping my Biotherm face cream that I love so much!!

    18. I’m hesitant to give up my face wash! I love the Neutrogena Daily Scrub!

    19. Can’t wait for the post about your skincare routine! I would love to try beauty counter products!

    20. I’ve been loving the Simple brand line of products, and have been hesitant to branch out into more expensive products out of fear they won’t live up to the price.

    21. This looks awesome! In response to the entry question, there’s nothing I’d really be hesitant to give up because my routine is so basic: face wash and moisturizer. I’m not loving any products right now so I’d love to try beautycounter. If I won, this set could give me a boost in the right direction. Thanks for the opportunity!

    22. Yikes-I use retinol as well, good to know I should try an alternative!

    23. I love Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser, I’ve been using it for ages. My skincare routine is very fluid though, I love trying new products!

    24. I have checked out the website a few times since you started talking about it. Seems like great stuff and I may bite the bullet and order something soon!

    25. Would love to try these. Been wanting to check out beauty counter ??

    26. I have started using a few beautycounter products and love them. Would love to expand and try these items 🙂

    27. I’ve definitely tried to switch to a safer skincare routine in the past year but still am hesitant about giving up my face lotion with SPF- I still haven’t found a safer facial sunscreen that I’ve loved. But your skin is flawless so I’m ready to try Beautycounter!

    28. I used prescription acne Medicine for years and was scared to give it up but recently did and my skin is just as clear!

    29. I’ve noticed some new dry patches and some wrinkles. All party of aging gracefully, I suppose, but I’d like to minimize them if I can. I already use Beautycounter, but I think it’s time to step things up a bit and include a little extra ‘help’ in my daily routine.

    30. What a great giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try beautycounter, these products look awesome!

    31. I can’t give up BB Cream. Wish I could walk out of the house with nothing on my face.

    32. I’ve been wanting to try out the beauty counter line! I would love to win!! Also, congrats on your engagement!!

    33. I’ve been looking for something to liven up my dull skin, maybe Beauty counter is the answer! Your skin is to die for!

    34. I do not have a great skin care regime & would love to get started with a safe one!

    35. Even though it’s more makeup than skin care-I am having a hard time giving up my liquid eyeliner. I am loving all the other beauty counter products I’ve tried so far!!

      Congrats on your engagement! I am planning for my August wedding right now and it’s so much fun! Enjoy the process and planning!

    36. I can’t think of a skincare product that I wouldn’t want to give up since I haven’t found anything I love, (ha!) which is why I have been excited to switch over to Beautycounter products. 🙂

    37. I have the Burt’s Bee’s blemish stick that I absolutely love! It stings a little when you rub it on but it heals blemishes super fast!

    38. I’m hesitant to give up my foundation and mascaras–once I find combos that work for my skin/life I’m always nervous to spend money to gamble on something new!

    39. After being international and seeing how other countries are more restrictive on make-up, I’ve been thinking of switching to Beauty Counter

    40. I love my Poppy Austin skin care regimen: cleanser, Vitamin C serum, retinol cream, and Poppy Austin gold argan oil.

    41. I’m excited to try out BeautyCounter. Just waiting for my current stash of beauty products to run out…..

    42. I’m really nervous to give up my Anastasia eyebrow pencil! It matches my brows perfectly

    43. I use a hodgepodge of products, none of which I am forever tied to. I would love to try Beauty Counter products. I have heard such great things and your skin looks amazing Teri! Congratulations on your engagement! I bet Maizey is over the moon excited too!

    44. I’ve struggled with acne for years and I’ve recently gone back to using the Clinique 3 step skin care line and it has done wonders for my skin! I’m hesitant to switch things up since it’s working, but I’d love to use products that are better for my skin!

    45. I would love the night cream, being in my 40’s I want to take as good of care of my skin as I can. Thanks for the giveaway.

    46. My mascara is hard to give up even though it’s just a drugstore brand but my eyes are so sensitive!! I’m scared to try any others…I’m loving my beauty counter products so far though, so I should probably give their mascara a try!

    47. I’m so curious about these products. I tried to comment above. Not sure it worked. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    48. I’m hesitant to switch my face wash…I’ve been using Purity forever and haven’t found anything that takes make up off as well!

    49. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! So sweet. Very curious to try these products!

    50. I’ve recently seen a change in my skin leading to more breakouts, so I’m interested in trying something new. I gravitate to neutrogena, but I think I’m ready for something different!

    51. I really like my make-up remover, but am interested in trying BeautyCounter!

    52. Bring it on! After swapping out most of my make up products for Beautycounter and loving the results, I can’t wait to try their bath & body line!

    53. I use a cream prescribed by my dermatologist for acne breakouts, so I’m hesitant to give that up since it gets rid of the breakouts quickly.

    54. I don’t know if I could ever give up my Maybelline great lash mascara. This might have been the first piece of makeup I was ever introduced to!

    55. I have already started transitioning to more natural makeup and skin care so I have been wanting to try Beauty Counter for awhile now.

    56. I’d love to try BC products. I love their mission of keeping things safe and clean – something I’d like to focus on more with my cleaning and makeup routines.

    57. I’m not hesitant to give up any skin care product that I’m using. It’s the opposite – I’m more hesitant to try new things because there is such an array of options that it’s a bit overwhelming. Your posts about Beautycounter have caught my attention, though. (Best wishes on the engagement!)

    58. I just started r+f but I’m so hesitant about the ingredients…this is probably a better option!

    59. I’m not sure I fear giving up a skincare product as much as I am anxious to try something new. My skin is incredibly dry. I’ve tried so many products, safe and unsafe, natural and not, and nothing has worked. I’m a future loyal customer to any and all companies with a product that actually moisturizes my sandpaper-like skin and keeps it from peeling every morning! It’s very gross, but real! P.S. Congratulations, you’re engaged!

    60. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations! To be honest, I would give up everything in my skin care routine right now. I have rosacea and some minor discolation plus dry as can be. I would do anything that works and I heard beauty counter is great and better for you. I would absolutely love to win this and try it ?

    61. I’m hesitant to give up my facial sheet masks!!! They’re so hydrating and all of nutrients!

    62. oh, how i’d love to try these products! I am in major budget mode and have been eying the beautycounter line 🙂

    63. Congratulations on your engagement! Such an adorable couple. I’m actually hesitant to give up Olay moisturizer. I can only imagine how many bad ingredients are in my cheap moisturizer.

    64. I’ve been using philosophy for 2 years for but I’ve heard amazing reviews on this brand! Just a little pricey.

    65. Embarrassed to admit I’m still washing my face with neutropenia since 1998 and using whatever lotion I have on hand. Maybe this would open my eyes to a whole new world.

    66. I get these little red, itchy bumps on my cheeks around my nose and Cetaphil has been the only thing that has gotten rid of them! Nervous to give that up.

    67. I have been using a combo of Beauty Counter samples, but have yet to pull the trigger because we are in a saving phase. I have loved the day cream so far!

    68. Ahh, I have been dying to try those for ages! I currently use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer and I am afraid to switch to anything else! Fingers crossed!

    69. Rose hip seed oil. It’s the best! I would love to try more of Beautycounter’s products.

    70. I would love to try a serum as my next beauty counter product! The rejuvenating night cream I’ve used for a month now is such a solid product.

    71. I am hesitant to switch SPF products because I am fair-skinned. Always searching for new products but hesitant to switch!

    72. I’ve been using Proactiv for years, but still don’t have good skin — I’d love to find some way/product to change that!

    73. I need and want to get on the Beautycounter wagon. I keep saying it, just haven’t taken leap. I’m nervous about giving up my pore filler/primer, but it’s a fairly recent discovery so I’ll probably quickly forget about it, right?!

    74. This is intriguing. I have switched to some beauty counter products because of you and do love most of them, but I am very hesitant to give up my retinol too! Maybe I should try this!

    75. I use a gentle aveeno cleanser and serums with no sulphates. Trying to fight wrinkles and acne.

    76. I’d like to find a good eye cream from BC. I’ve been slowly switching all my products to more natural brands.

    77. I don’t really have a skincare routine yet and I’m 30!! So, maybe I’m nervous about giving up that I currently don’t have one 🙂

    78. I’m hesitant to give up my AHA exfoliating serums. I feel like they take my skin to another level! I’m definitely interested in trying Beauty Counter though!!

    79. I’m hesitant to give up my spf daily moisturizer. It’s the only one I’ve found that isn’t greasy and works well under makeup.

    80. I switch up my beauty products all the time and try different brands once I finish a certain product. But the one product I keep going back to is kiehls daily moisturizer. It’s lightweight, smells good, doesn’t make me feel greasy, but still moisturizers my skin well.

    81. I’m a product junky so never hesitant to try new things! I’ve heard good things about beauty counter and would love to give a try!

    82. I love my Clean & Clear moisturizer from the drugstore – would definitely be hard to switch!

    83. I’m hesitant to give up by Spectro cleanser… I’ve been using it since I was 18 when my doctor recommended it for some minor breakouts and it has been so effective. I’m scared nothing else would deliver like Spectro has but I know the ingredients are not the best. I would love to try some BC products!

    84. I will be interested to read your reviews of Beautycounter mascara. I have found only two kinds that I love: Cover Girl Exact EyeLights (waterproof) in Black Gold (for hazel eyes) and It Cosmetics Tightline waterproof. Has to be waterproof–otherwise it all ends up under my eyes and I look like a raccoon.

    85. I’m hesitant to give up my daily (or rather multiple-uses-a-day) moisturizer. I have really dry skin, and I have found a MAJOR improvement in my skin’s health with being aggressive about upgrading to a heavy duty moisturizer and applying it frequently.

    86. I ordered the Dew Skin per your recommendation and love it! Really interested in getting into their skincare line now but I’m hesitant to give up my clinique redness solutions daily moisturizer. I have redness on my cheeks and nose, and this is the only product that has helped.

    87. Clinique moisturizer- it’s the only moisturizer I have ever used that actually moisturized and didn’t break out my skin.

    88. I have ordered several Beauty Counter products recently as per your recommendation and so far, I am very pleased! I really need to start working in some anti-wrinkle/fine lines product into my routine. That serum sounds like a good option for me!

    89. I am almost out of my last retinol cream, so this must be perfect timing! I am all about some anti aging help, too. I’ve only been using Olay products so far, but as I’m getting older I think I need to be a little more proactive!

    90. I have been using beauty counter for the last 4 months and I am so in love! I haven’t tried the serum yet!

    91. I haven’t even looked into the ingredients list, but if someone took away my Rosebud Salve, I would quite possibly panic. It’s simply the best for EVERYTHING.

    92. This is sort of related – but i can’t imagine giving up “normal” deodorant even though the natural stuff is supposed to be so much better for you. I’m always trying new skin care and have been waiting to run out of a few things before I tried beautycounter.

    93. I struggle to give up my Philosophy face wash. I have used it for years but know that I could do better.

    94. I’m already addicted to beauty counter! This would help me get my fix 🙂

    95. I have really sensitive skin so I’m hesitant to switch my moisturizer but I’ve been really tempted to try the Beautycounter products!

    96. Like most people who have commented, I have sensitive skin. I love skincare, but I’m often hesitant about trying new products in case my skin doesn’t react well or I just don’t love the new product as much as an older one. I don’t use any serums consistently, so I’m most excited about trying BeautyCounter’s!

    97. I’m a chronic product hopper who is trying to be more consistent as I age. Micellar water has been a great addition to my routine – so easy and my skin loves it.

    98. I’m hesitant to switch up my eye makeup. It looks like Beauty Counter has some mascara options that might be worth trying, though.

    99. I’m 34 and just started using retinol. I guess since I’m late to the anti-aging game I should just try something more natural based lol. This whole line sounds awesome.

    100. Despite my age, I still get a few nasty zits every once in a while. I would hate to give you my zit cream without a grear replacement.

    101. I’m hesitant to give up rose hip oil because it makes my skin glow but I’m curious to try these products!

    102. I’m hesitant to give up my mascara – I’ve finally found one that stays put and gives me great length.

    103. To be honest, I use practically no good facial products but I desperately need to start-I’m overdue and my skin isn’t happy with me!

    104. I love my Dr Dennis Gross peel pads – I can’t find anything that compares!

    105. I really like my daily moisturizer, it has UPF 18 but doesn’t smell/feel like sunscreen AT ALL!!

    106. I’d just heard that retinol was GOOD, so I’m intrigued to hear it’s on that list. I’ve also always used Cetaphil for gentle cleansing but heard that wasn’t great either. It’s sure hard to know what’s best! Posts like these are so helpful.

    107. I’m always hunting down new skincare products! Would love to try these!

    108. I take Spironolactone for my skin, which my dr says I will need to try going without eventually. Not looking forward to that.

    109. I’ve been using Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and have seen improvements so I’m nervous to give that up. I’ve been looking into Beauty Counter products for a while now, but haven’t tried any yet. This is a great giveaway!

    110. I don’t really have any beauty products to give up!! LOL! But I would love to try some new ones! 🙂

    111. I don’t know that I could give up my beloved mascara! I recently purchased a few beauty counter items and I am loving them. The rejuvenating serum is next on my list to purchase!

    112. Currently I’m using Rodan & Fields Unblemish regimen – but what I really need is something to help with scarring at dark spots. So I’d be willing to give it up 😉

    113. I would be afraid to give up my oil of Olay, but I have been trying to find a good anti aging cream

    114. I totally neglect my skin so don’t have much to give up. I guess my face wipes ’cause they make mornings easier.

    115. I use Rodan + Fields right now. But unlike a lot of people, I was not blown away by the products. They work ok but I am very ready to try something else. I’ve heard great things about this product line!

    116. I’m hesitant to give up my Clinique moisturizer – its just one of those products I’ve been using forever with no real issues but I know there’s definitely safer alternatives!

    117. I am hesitant to give up Rodan & Fields as it’s the only thing that remotely works for me!

    118. I feel like my skin would be a big pimply mess if I gave up my salicylic acid serum. I refuse to look at the “never list” in case it’s on there!!

    119. Amazing giveaway! I’m way more into skincare than makeup these days (is that called getting old?), so I’d love to try these!

    120. I’ve been transitioning to cleaner beauty products for a while now and have enjoyed the samples I’ve tried of Beautycounter products. I actually haven’t felt like I had to give up anything! You just adapt to the different formulations. The one thing that has been the hardest though is finding a sunscreen I actually like.

    121. I’m kind of ashamed to say this, but I currently don’t really have a skincare routine. I don’t like to use a ton of products but I’m starting to notice the effects of my lack of routine.

    122. My derm started me on retin-a a few months ago and (aside from some initial dry skin) it’s made my skin so smooth! I’d be hesitant to give it up…

    123. I need to find a better skincare routine, and I keep hearing great things about beauty counter!

    124. My concealer and bronzer. I feel like they make my skin look so much better but maybe better skincare would do that!

    125. I’m hesitant to give up using Proactiv cleanser. I’ve tried in the past because I wish I could use something gentler, but my acne came back with a vengeance.

    126. oh man, like you, my retinol cream. I have a prescription for it, I don’t like my doctor, but I go once a year just cause he renews my retinol cream………. this post, is making me break down……….

    127. I can’t think of anything that I feel so strongly about that I wouldn’t be willing to give up to try something new. I’ve been dying to try BeautyCounter!

    128. Eeek- retinol is on the naughty list? I didn’t realize. I’m nearly 40 and just started using an organic retinol serum that is super gentle. I thought it was better than nothing but maybe I’m wrong. Would love to try more of the Beautycounter line as I’ve liked the few things I’ve tried!

    129. For me – it is eyeliner and mascara. I do not like BC or any other safer brand’s eyeliner and mascara as much as Bobbi Brown! I keep trying – and I am sticking it out with my new BC mascara, but it’s just not the same.

    130. Didn’t know retinol was on the naughty list! I’ve been skeptical about trying anything else but I am trying to clean up my skincare and makeup.

    131. I use the Bioelements line that my esthetician recommended and it’s great for my skin, but I’m very intrigued by this line. I LOVE that it’s all natural, so I’d love to try a few things out before spending the money to switch it all over! Thanks for the opportunity to try it!

    132. Loreal Sublime Bronze self-tanner! Love it but know how terrible it is!

    133. This is an amazing giveaway! I love using dove soap. So basic, but it gets my face so clean. Lately though it’s been drying out my skin. I can’t wait for the products I ordered to come in! I would love to win these

    134. I’m not attached to anything I use, so I would be willing to give it all up. The signs of aging are creeping up on me, and I am starting to experiment with new products. Would absolutely love to try Beautycounter!

    135. Not totally skincare, but I’m super hesitant to give up traditional deodorant!

    136. Look at all these entires! lol – awesome! I could use this giveaway because I don’t really have a skincare product I’m hesitant to give up – but I need some! I just started using a natural, tinted moisturizer with some spf in it; I love the slight tint and glow and knowing that it protects my face, so probably that!

    137. I don’t use any products now, and i’m hesitant to start! There are so many options, it can be overwhelming!

    138. I would be semi nervous to give up glycolic acid. I just started using it to try and help clean up my skin’s texture but it seems harsh so while i think it’s working, i would also like to try something more gentle.

    139. My face wash – Origins Checks and Balances. It makes my face feel so clean!

    140. I love Skinceuticals products and I’m not sure I could part with their CE Ferulic!

    141. I’ve been using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer forever, so I’d be hesitant to give that up – I’ve got sensitive skin and I’ve struggled with acne for a long time, so I get nervous about changing products. I’ve been meaning to add retinol into my skincare routine, but this radiance serum sounds a lot better!

    142. I use Cerave cleanser and I have found whenever I try to switch, my skin freaks out. I am really interested in trying BeautyCounter as I have heard great things, though.

    143. I would be hesitant to give up my rose water toner – I’ve recently found it and it is so much gentler on my skin than other toners!

    144. Yikes, I didn’t realize retinol is on the NEVER list. I guess that’s the product I’m hesitant to give up. I would love to try that serum to replace it!

    145. I struggle with finding a face wash and lotion for my sensitive skin. I’d have a hard time giving up my foundation or under eye makeup.

    146. I’m hesitant to give up my Dr. Lancer skincare line, The Method.
      However, I am very versed on the danger that lurks in a lot of conventional products and am pretty conscious of the decisions I make with my personal care products. I’ve been wanting to try beauty counter and see if I can replace my skin care 🙂

    147. I’m hesitant to give up my eye cream and foundation but I love the Beautycounter products I’ve tried. Thanks for the opportunity to win more products!!

    148. Sorry for the duplicate…
      I’m hesitant to give up my eye cream and foundation but I love the Beautycounter products I’ve tried. Thanks for the opportunity to win more products!!

    149. I’ve been using a Clinique gel type moisturizer but don’t love the benefits!

    150. I have been DYING to try Beautycounter products!!! I have used Origins products for years and years, and although they have worked for me, I am ready to try something new!

    151. I have heard about beauty counter many different places and id love to try it!

    152. I’m not attached to any skin care products, so there’s nothing I wouldn’t give up! I’d love to try these products!

    153. I am hesitant to give up most of my products particularly my tinted moisturizer since I have sensitive skin it’s hard for me to find products that I don’t react to but I am very intrigued by beauty counter!

    154. First… CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT! I feel like I could never give up witch hazel and coconut oil. I like to scrimp when it comes to beauty.

    155. Ahh girl. Retinol for me as well. I’ve been using religiously for the past 7 (!!!) years! My skin is way less sensitive now, but I still haven’t found a “clean and safe” alternative treatment to replace…maybe this is it?!?

    156. I don’t have anything I’m hesitant to give up. I like trying different products and most of the time I don’t use beauty products. Since I am getting older I’ve decided to find what is best and get a beauty routine started.

    157. Definitely hesitant to give up my anti aging and acne spot treatment products, but have been using the beauty counter cleanser and love it!

    158. I’ve always struggled with acne so I’m hesitant to give up my prescription products since I’ve finally gotten to a place where I’m confident in my skin!

    159. This may a slightly unconventional answer to that question but there’s actually nothing at this point that I’m reluctant to give up! I spent close to 3 years slowly replacing all my traditional products with cleaner alternatives and I’ve been able to find products I like that fit my needs in all categories, which is exciting! Using Beautycounter Tint Skin and powder bronzer these days and would love to try more of their skincare line.

    160. Congrats on your engagement and good luck on your marathon! I don’t really have a product I’m hesitant to give up. I’m more hesitant to spend money on a new product that I won’t let like. I’ve been wanting to try beautycounter products and winning the giveaway would be a great way to dive in and give them a shot!

    161. Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy for you and Tommy.

      I am hesitant to give up my Olay moisturizer. It’s the only one I’ve found that doesn’t break me out and doesn’t feel greasy when I put it on.

    162. My cold cream cleanser. It removes everything, but I am concerned by the ingredients.

    163. I bought the dew skin and I love it for all the reasons you talked about in the video. I also love the smell? Not sure if that’s weird? I am hesitant to give up my NARS blush though.

    164. I’m hesitant to give up my Neutrogena moisturizer. I finally found one that is both hydrating, but also doesn’t feel heavy, greasy, or give me unnecessary shine. I keep seeing Beauty Counter everywhere though so it may be time to try it given the amazing reviews!

    165. Honestly I’m not hesitant to give up anything. I am always open to trying different things that are natural and helpful. I would love to try Beauty Counter. Thanks for the opportunity!

    166. I’ve decided it’s time to stop using drug store face wash. I need to grow up and treat myself and my skin! Your skin looks amazing!

    167. my face gets suuuuper dry (but in patches) in the winter so i use the yes to coconut souffle moisturizer morning and night (in addition to some other stuff to keep it from drying out). i would be hard pressed to give this up, and hope i won’t really have to ever! i’ve never really looked into the ingredient list though…

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