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Another Skin Care Update

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Once again, I’ve switched skin care direction. After I posted my game plan, a few of you pointed out that I would be using a lot of different products and that perhaps I needed to simplify my routine. I also had a facial scheduled around the time I posted last about my skin, so after your comments I held off on buying 718 new products.

I went to my facial and my esthetician said I had serious congestion in my chin. She spent a lot of time steaming my face and doing extractions (ouch!). I also got a mild chemical peel. I ended up buying CosMedix Benefit Cleanser + Purity Moisturizer from my esthetician; she said it if didn’t work she’d refund my money. Sounded good to me! CosMedix is a bit pricey but since I was planning to buy so many different products, I would have ended up spending about the same amount of money, and this is a much simpler routine.






  images from CosMedix website

She also told me that I needed to ditch my current foundation and suggested BareMinerals, which I’ve been loving.

This is a picture just a week after that facial and switching to CosMedix and BareMinerals. There’s a filter on the picture that masks some of the scarring, but my skin really has improved.

I went back for another chemical peel this past weekend and again, she did a lot of extractions on my chin. She asked if I use any heavy chapsticks or cocoa butter on my lips because of all the deep congestion around my lips. I wonder if the Burts Bee’s chapstick was getting slathered around and gunking up my pores. So, I’m working on applying chapstick more carefully now. 🙂

I’m having some minor flaking since the peel but I can tell that my chin is gradually getting better. I’ve had just a few blemishes pop up since I made all these switches. Annnnd I’m thinking they may have corresponded with the few times I’ve had gluten. :/  I’m still working on that. I just keep forgetting!

I’m going to continue to get regular chemical peels for the next few months to work on the congestion and to help with scarring. My esthetician pointed out that a daily routine with good products is the most important step and then facial are just tune-ups (which I should only need a few times a year once I’ve gotten all the major breakout cleared up). I shouldn’t use facials trying to fix my skin; they should improve upon what I’m doing at home. Makes sense.

Thank you again for all your suggestions and help on this journey!

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    22 responses to “Another Skin Care Update”

    1. I used to get acne around my lips until I switched to using aquaphor chapstick instead of Bert’s Bees. I found out that lanolin (which is an ingredient in many chapsticks/lipsticks) was the cause of my breakouts and irritations. Maybe try and switch to a chapstick that doesn’t include this ingredient and see if there is a difference! It worked for me!

    2. I just had my first chemical peel a few weeks ago and love the results! I was a little scared at first – I kept picturing the scene from Sex and the City where Samantha gets one done and when she steps outside a little girl starts screaming. 🙂 But, my face wasn’t even red. So glad you found something that works!

    3. I have large pores, some scarring from previous picking and congestion on my chin. I bought a travel sized kit from Dermalogica at Ulta on a whim after reading stellar reviews and I am amazed. It’s been less than a week and while my skin isn’t perfect (I think I need to get a facial) the improvement has made me so happy. Just a thought if you wanted to try something less expensive! 🙂

    4. Thats awesome! Change in your skin takes time and consistancy,as I know (and I’m sure you do too) all too well, good luck!

    5. Yay that’s great! Facialists have suggested peels to me several times based on the congestion in my skin but I was scared (again, the S&TC scene with Samantha! It’s scarred all of us!). I might have to do it at some point.

    6. Awesome news! I was wondering — what was your process for finding a good esthetician? I live in Chapel Hill NC (word up North Carolina homie!) and I’m trying to figure out a good place to go for my very first facial. I have similar skin problems so I’m thinking of trying a similar approach!

        • I really didn’t have a process. I had a friend who recommended her for threading and I tried her facials when I saw she did a groupon. Try asking your hairstylist though…they are generally well connected with the esthetician world and should have good recommendations! Good luck!

    7. I too have major acne problems and I am 26. It is so frustrating as I have gone down the prescription route and even then nothing seems to help. When you find what works best, please post as I am interested to know if it would help me.

    8. Such a gorgeous picture of you. Your skin looks like it’s glowing! I need to get myself on a skin care regimine. I use Dial Soap right now. Like HAND SOAP on my face. Room for improvement…

      • hahaha! totally cracked up that you use HAND SOAP. but so unfair you use hand soap and you have clear skin!

    9. I’ve never had any facials or chemical peels or anything! I’m too afraid that I’ll end up with some weird reaction. I’ve definitely broken out in hives before from different facial products. Regardless, I think you look lovely, dahlin!

    10. I’m also wondering how you find a good person/spa to get a facial from? And how much you pay? The prices out there range from cheap to WAY too expensive (in my opinion)- so I have no idea what is “average”.

      • I really didn’t have a process for finding one. I had a friend who recommended her for threading and I tried her facials when I saw she did a groupon. Try asking your hairstylist though…they are generally well connected with the esthetician world and should have good recommendations! Good luck!

        I think anywhere from $65-$85 is average depending on the fanciness of the spa and your city. 🙂

    11. Hi Teri,
      I, too, struggle with breakouts and skin congestion. I recently had a facial which included microdermabrasion and a chemical peel. That was very helpful and I definitely noticed a change in my skin. However, the esthetician who treatment me gave me a lot of advice which has really changed my everyday skin routine and personal habits. Maybe you will find them helpful. Her tips include:
      1) Never touch your face during the day – I didn’t realize how often I put my hands on my face, rested my hand on my chin or touched my mouth. Bacteria can spread quickly that way.
      2) Wash your pillowcases at least 1x/wk. Your face spends a lot of time on these.
      3) Don’t use a towel to dry your face when you are finished washing it. Your towel sits in a damp, often dark, bathroom all day (ideal of bacteria to grow) so you shouldn’t use it to wipe your face. I often used mine to wipe my face and the bathroom sink! Instead I use Kleenex to dry my face (they have a “towel” brand that is really nice and hangs right on your towel rack.) I know it’s not exactly “green” but it doesn’t end up being a lot of tissue.
      4) Use lukewarm water to wash your face – never hot as this encourages bacteria.
      5) Exfoliate 1x/day
      6) Drink lots of water.
      I have been doing all of these things and it seems to be working. While diet can often be the culprit for acne, I think there are a lot of steps we can take that won’t encourage it. Anyway, hope this helps!

      • Alyssa, thank you for such a thoughtful comment! I need to be better about all of these! I never thought about the bathroom towel or touching my face all day – I do both of those all the time. eek!

    12. I had breakouts around my lips too until I also realized it may be my Burts Bee’s. Stopped using and within two weeks that area of my face completely cleared! I also use a Clarisonic… best purchase in years.

      • mine has cleared up a lot since I quit Burt’s too! crazy!

        I’m saving my money for a clarisonic! 🙂

    13. Cosmedix is seriously the best and most effective product I’ve used! and those bottles really do last forever, I thought my current one was going to be finished by May and I’m still on it!

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